Sukin Sensitive Soap Free Body Wash

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Sukin Sensitive Soap Free Body Wash is a non-drying, soap free body cleanser enriched with soothing aloe vera, cucumber and calming chamomile to leave skin clean, soothed and balanced. Suitable for normal to sensitive skin types.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, sustainably-sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, recyclable packaging, non GMO, carbon neutral.

Available in 500mL


Sukin Sensitive Soap Free Body Wash


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I love the Sukin brand and their sensitive soap free body wash is one of their best products - i love that the whole family can use it regardless of their skin types and issues as it's so gentle!  It leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and super refreshed - i can't recommend this product enough and i'm planning on sticking a bottle in with everyone's Christmas presents this year!  Overall a really impressive product from one of the best brands on the market.
I absolutely love this soap free body wash from sukin. As I have sensitive skin the soap free formula works perfectly for me. I often use dove soap as it is so gentle but this is a great alternative. The aloe vera, cucumber, green tea and chamomile sooth and nourish skin with a calming quality, with no added nasties this is great for my sensitive skin. it leaves skin super clean and hydrated and will not dry skin out. I love the pump bottle to eliminate mess in the shower and at a great price of $11.95 this is great value for money. I buy this from my local health food store, even though it is soap free I still get a little lather and it cleans effectively and gently. this is a great product for those with sensitive skin and I highly recommend it
Sukin is a favourite Australian brand of mine, offering high quality, natural products at very affordable prices. Soap Free Body Wash is designed for sensitive skin & comes in a generous 500mls size pump bottle for around $12.00.  Our bottle has lasted through months of use by a number of family members.  The bottle design is leakproof, sturdy and the pump dispenser is effective until the bottle is almost empty. The cleanser is natural, soap-free, non-drying, and minus anything that could be nasty or irritating on the skin. So important when family members have skin conditions that need gentle products. It's enriched with soothing cucumber, chamomile & aloe vera plus green tea, to give a soothing, gentle wash experience. I have a family member with psoriasis, and he experienced no adverse reaction using this. Other family members, including myself, have used the cleanser regularly and really enjoyed the mild suds formula and gentle cleanse. It has a very faint scent, and is suitable for both sexes. Being soap-free, it has a subtle lather, but it still imparts a feeling of overall cleanliness & freshness. We'll be repurchasing, this is a really great product. Highly recommended
I really cannot fault this Australian brand body wash because it's low priced, isn't harsh and works well to keep my skin feeling soft and clean. I can trust the Sukin brand to have products that are affordable, chemical free, paraben free, smell great and be gentle and effective on my skin. This body wash is a mild gentle body wash that leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. It lathers just enough to let me know that it is chemical free and it is perfect for the entire family. It is also soap free and has a very subtle natural scent which is very mild. The pump bottle makes it easy to use, especially when I want to apply it onto a loofah because I can control how much I'm using. After use, my skin feels soft, clean and is not dry.  Pros: -low priced, soap free, gives me a fresh clean feeling, Australian brand, chemical free Cons: -none Tips: -this body wash is gentle enough to use daily and for the entire family  Recommendation: -this gentle body wash is suitable for anyone who wants a refreshing everyday body wash to clean and freshen the skin and keep it feeling soft