Sukin Super Greens Facial Recovery Serum

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Sukin Super Greens Facial Recovery Serum is a refreshing daily facial serum with natural actives of kale, spirulina, parsley and acai fruit extract to restore a healthy glow. Grape seed oil, avocado and vitamin E help lock in moisture for a dewy complexion, and added acai berry promotes youthful looking skin. The serum is scented with cranberry for an invigorating fragrance.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, sustainably-sourced ingredients, vegan, cruelty-free, Australian made, recyclable packaging, non GMO, carbon neutral.

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Sukin Super Greens Facial Recovery Serum


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This is one of the first sukin products I tried, and to be honest, one of the only ones I haven't loved. I do not enjoy the scent at all, and find it lingers on the skin for a while after application. It is very lightweight, so absorbs quickly without leaving any unwanted residue on the skin, but unlike others I have not noticed any improvement in the appearance or feel of my skin. It didn't irritate my sensitive skin, so that is a positive. I wouldn't repurchase as I feel like I got nothing out of it, and it seems a little overpriced compared to the rest of the sukin range (which I love).
My favourite product at the moment, all natural & so light on your skin I can't believe the difference using this at night along with the antioxidant eye cream how I now don't wake up with puffy eyes each morning. I can highly recommend this after using many night creams for years thinking I needed the heavier products in my older years - couldn't be happier with these two fabulous products & my skin has never been better.
I really like this serum! I was surprised with how soft it made my skin feel and it didn't react with my sensitive face. I wouldn't use it by itself, it definitely needs a moisturiser over the top but it is a great hydrating serum to put straight on after toning the face. Great budget product to include in your face routine.
This is a very average serum that I can’t say I’d buy again. The serum is very lightweight and absorbs rapidly but it just isn’t hydrating enough for dry skin, it’s better suited for oily types. The serum has a herbal scent that isn’t overpowering but you know it’s there. My skin feels nice and soft when I use it but that’s about it for me.
I purchased this product from a pharmacy when I ran out of my serum in hospital, thinking ‘oh it’ll do’ and not thinking it would do much for my skin. I found it really lightweight and comforting, even though my skin tends to be on the oily side. It has a milky consistency and absorbs beautifully. Only one pump was required to cover my face and chest. I noticed that over the time using this, I didn’t experience any breakouts and would wake up with smooth and hydrated skin. I love that Sukin is all natural, yet an effective skin care line without breaking my budget. I’d definitely repurchase in the future.
Great serum for the price! Natural products being a bonus. Serum feels lovely on the skin, and you don't need to use a lot - a little goes a long way! The only thing is that I like a serum to be richer than this is, yes it feels like its moisturising, but not to the degree of other serums I've used. Sits great under makeup and has little to no scent. Would recommend!
I love a great serum, so effective under my moisturiser for gorgeous soft skin. this sukin super greens facial recovery serum is amazing for hydration, i can alamost feel it doing my skin good. its super hydrating and i only need to use a little so its great value for money. it never leaves my skin feeling greasy, (who needs that?) it feels super light to wear and doesnt clog my pores, huge bonus. i love that this product is full of antioxidents, vitamin E and all nice goodies, no nasties for keeping my skin youthful. it actually diminishes the appearance of my fine lines. i love this product and would highly recommend it.
This serum from Sukin is a must try if you are wanting an affordable, natural option to supercharge your skincare regime! I am on my second bottle of this and still use it a few times a week.  I originally bought it to help put some life back into my dry skin.  It actually ended up helping to clear my acne and minimise pre-existing scars! It is an interesting crossover product. I would not recommend as a main anti aging product, nor would I recommend as a stand alone acne treatment.  It just helps improve your skin by giving it a little extra love.  I love to use this at night time along with a thin layer of Sukin Rose hip Oil.  Also wears well under makeup. I use after cleaning and toning, before moisturising.  I also like to gently pat this under my eyes to help with puffiness or dark circles. This serum is simply an excellent multifunctional product. 
I ran out of my regular serum (Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Complex II) a few months ago, and looking a more wallet-friendly replacement, decided to try the Sukin Super Greens serum. The impressive ingredients list is what attracted me to the product: An antioxidant-rich blend of kale, spirulina, chlorella and parsley to add evenness and radiance; grape seed oil, avocado and cocoa butter to seal in moisture and hydration; goji and acai berries to keep skin looking youthful; carrot seed oil and vitamin E are both antioxidant-rich which help to diminish fine lines. The thin, runny consistency of the serum is unlike what I'm used to finding in other serums. It applies silkily, and leaves no greasiness or stickiness behind. And oh, the scent! It's fresh and herby and just so beautiful! While it's not an overpowering fragrance, it is a tad intense and it lingers for a few minutes after I've put it on. Having used this consistently for three months, I do find my skin looking bright and a bit more even and dewy, though not necessarily radiant. I can't comment on its effect on fine lines since I don't have any, but my skin feels "healthy", the same way that my body feels healthy when I'm feeding it good, nutritious food. I have slightly sensitive skin that reacts to irritating ingredients, and this was very kind to my skin and didn't break me out. Pros: - Mostly natural ingredients - Leaves skin feeling healthy - Brown glass bottle with pump dispenser to protect the integrity of the ingredients - Great quality for the cost - Aussie-made - Cruelty-free Cons: - Not rich enough for a serum - Contains fragrance, so very sensitive skins may not agree with it All in all, I really like this serum. I'd repurchase it and use it when my skin needs some healthy, clean, nourishing ingredients, but I wouldn't use it as my primary anti-aging serum.
This serum is literally like a detoxifying green smoothie for your skin! It smells fruit-ishously amazing too! A summer skin care must have- perfect for the drying effects of the sun and works well when followed with an application of moisturiser. The texture of the serum is more towards the liquid-side, meaning one pump goes a long way and is more than enough to cover the whole face. I use this product morning and night as I also find it creates a nice base underneath my make up. This product was one of my first Sukin purchases and has persuaded me to buy more! Great product; great brand; LOVE!
I love this serum so much. After washing my face in the morning or night I apply this all over and under my eyes too. It makes it so soft without a greasy feeling like some do that are hydrating. It brightens the undereye area and helps reduce scarring. Highly recommend for sensitive skin like mine prone to breaking out so easily, also don't need to apply a lot of the product. Comes with a pump and is a glass bottle, packaging is great!
This serum is a really nice alternative to a moisturizer in summer or as a base to your regular moisturizer. It offers great hydration without leaving the skin feeling greasy. Pros  - It didn't break my skin out.  - It has a nice clean fragrance.  - Leaves skin glowy and supple.  Cons  - The only issue I had was that I found myself running out of it quite quickly. 
The Sukin Super Greens serum is like a vitamin pill for your face. While you may not see revolutionary results, you know deep down it's doing you good. As a regular user of stronger anti-aging and acne products, this serum offers some welcome relief when my skin needs a break. The thin, water-based milky liquid spreads and absorbs easily with no residue. It's light and very refreshing. The natural herby scent always makes me feel happy when I pat it on. I find this serum also plays well with other products. Layering serum, moisturiser, sunscreen and makeup can sometimes feel heavy and congested - but never with the Super Greens. 
Moost of the serum I have previously used, left a stinging sensation. this one feels soft on the skin, no stining and is abosrbed very quickly. I use it during the day underneath my mosituriser, as well as night time. for the price, it is good value and a  little of this product goes a long way.  I wou defintely recommend t
I love this product. It leaves my skin feeling amazing. I was skeptical about using a serum on my already oily skin but this product has done wonders!!  For a natural products it smells great and a little goes a long way! 
I love this light and natural serum! I only use 1 pump and warm it between my hands and pat it onto my face and neck. This serum is an exceptionally light serum that works well as a "base" for my day time moisturiser. Once I apply this lightly scented serum onto my skin, my face feels soft and lovely to touch. It is non greasy and doesn't clog my pores or dry out my skin. I use it daily to help maintain a soft natural radiance and glow. This is an affordable natural Australian made facial serum that assists in keeping my skin looking refreshed and smooth. Pros: -Australian product, natural ingredients, works without irritating skin Cons: -slightly expensive but since you use only 1-2 drops, it lasts a long time Tips: -warm it slightly between your hands and gently pat it onto your face to immediately feel it soften your skin Recommendation: -this is a smooth, cool and light serum that works beautifully to keep my face feeling soft and supple and look healthier