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SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+ is a light, oil-free moisturising sunscreen with a sheer tint for an invisible matte finish. It is non-comedogenic so it won't block pores, dermatologically tested and fragrance free to reduce irritancy. It has high SPF 50+ UVA and UVB protection. Nicotinamide and vitamin E help improve the appearance of skin tone and elasticity, while improving the appearance of age spots and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Ideal for normal to combination and oily skin types, it is ideal as a facial moisturising sunscreen and can be worn alone or under make-up. Fragrance-, PABA- and lanolin-free. Aust L 257412.

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SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+


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This is a high protection SPF 50+ tinted face sunscreen. Like other Sunsense sunscreens, it contains 3% niacinamide. It is not as light as some other face sunscreens and better suited for normal to dry skin. The tint is fine for light, neutral to pink skin tones. This used to be a staple in our household but for some reason while using the current tube we have, the formula now pills when applied on top of moisturiser. The tube is still within it's best before date. Unfortunately it's not usable.


I really do want to love this product but for some unknown reason to me after application the "tint" seems to ball up and create a peel on my skin :( I like to think that I look after my skin very well so I cant see the link it could have with my skin or my application technique ? All seems to be pointing to the actual product ...which I'm dissapointed about as I really REALLY wanted to love this product. If anyone out there has any tips or suggestions that may help please let me know :)
Sunsense make great high-protection face moisturisers, and this is one of them. It has a slight tint that is not obvious, and men can safely use it. I'd say that it's more suitable for lighter skin tones. It doesn't leave any white cast but it is a bit on the rich side, so it would suit those with normal to dry skin more. It contains 3% niacinamide which is a great bonus. On my combination skin, it doesn't give the desired matte finish even though it is oil-free.
This is a fantastic facial sunscreen. It is fragrance free, contains B3 which is beneficial to the skin and applies smoothly. I love the matte finish especially in summer. I have dry, sensitive and mature skin and find this not too matte or too greasy. It gives a very sheer tint which is enough coverage for everyday wear but is perfect for under foundation.
This sunscreen is a great base under foundation or can be worn alone and I used it daily during summer to protect my skin. It is a light formula that quickly absorbs and doesn't leave skin greasy. The pump makes it easy to dispense  the correct amount and is much easier to dispense than tube sunscreens are.
I have really oily skin and this did not work for me unfortunately. The bottle is a great design, no mess, no spillage/wastage of product which is great. The product applied really well but because of my skin type it didn't dry matte as intended and made me feel really oily. Definitely better suited for dry skin types. I would LOVE if they brought out one for oily skin.
Sunscreen is the number 1 priority in my skincare regime, and the best protection against ageing skin!  I used to use this product every day in high school. It gave me sheet to light coverage, SPF and moisturised my skin. It doesn't ball up when applying and great as a primer under your makeup. I love using this on days when I'm just home or pop on some eyeliner and a sweep on blush if I'm heading out to do chores/shops. My skin looks vibrant and fresh with this product. Best thing about this product is that it doesn't eave a white wash over your face like some sunscreens can do, and doesn't feel thick on the skin at all. 
This product is an absolute must for summer, the spf 50+ is a huge bonus for total sun protection. I love the nice light tint and I often wear this product on its own, however its also great under my foundation. The scent is minimal, not overpowering like some sunscreens. The handy pump applicator distributes just enough product and eliminates mess. I dont need to use a lot and at the price point of $26.00 its great value for money. The product feels nice and light to wear and sinks into skin immediately without a heavy greasy feel. The only downside was that my skin felt a little oily at the end of the day. This is a great product for protecting skin and preventing premature lines and wrinkles and warding off skin cancer. I highly recommend it
The SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+ is a nice sunscreen that also moisturises your skin. This is my go to sunscreen in Summer because of its high  SPF 50+ protection and other benefits such as being oil free because my face tends to get sweaty in Summer. This product is fragrance free (although has a slight sunscreen scent as expected) which is a big plus for me because I don't like a strong scent in my facial/beauty products. This sunscreen is very light and has a thin-ish consistency for a sunscreen which I preferred compared to other thick sunscreens (which are hard to spread and blend evenly over your face) and found it very easy to apply to my skin. You don't need to use a whole lot to cover your entire face so would last for a while and is value for money. It also doesn't clog my pores and I can use it daily without any irritating effects on my skin. I like the handy container it comes in and it is easy to pop one into your handbag to reapply to your face during the day. The sunscreen has a sheer tint to it but once applied to your skin the tint is invisible and you can't see it.  I would apply this product to my face than wait a couple of minutes for the sunscreen to sink into my skin before applying the rest of my makeup. I even use it on my neck area for extra protection from the sun. The good thing about this product is that it can be applied/reapplied over makeup. It doesn't seem to dissolve/mess my makeup up. This sunscreen doesn't make your face look ghostly white like other sunscreens can. The only negative is that the sunscreen claims to have a matte finish but I found it leaves my face a bit shiny. Overall this is a nice sunscreen from an Australian company that has a high UV protection and is a good product to use to protect your skin from the harsh sun. It also has lots of positives such as it is moisturising and contain beneficial ingredients such as Nicotinamide and vitamin E.  I would recommend that this sunscreen is suitable to be used by everyone.
With its high SPF and skin-friendly formula loaded with nicotinamide and free of irritants, The Sunsense Daily Face has been my go-to sunscreen for the past two years. This nifty multitasker offers broad spectrum sun protection, hydration and sheer coverage. So anytime I need to travel light, I just carry a tube of this and gladly leave behind my day cream and BB cream, and I don't feel like my skin is shortchanged. This does it all, and does so beautifully! It comes in two sizes, a 200mL pump bottle and a 75g tube, both of which are sleek enough to carry in my bag. The texture of the product is slightly runny and a bit tacky to the touch, but it spreads evenly without streakiness, and the tackiness disappears within minutes. It looks beige and opaque, like foundation, but it applies sheer and blends into my fair-to-medium skin tone perfectly. The best part is that the nano-sized titanium dioxide, instead of imparting the dreaded white cast, imparts a slight glow and blurs any imperfection and unevenness in my skin. I have combination, ance-prone skin, and I find this to have a dewy, not matte, finish, which I actually like. Unless it's a hot, humid day. Then I do look more greasy and less dewy. Not a good look. Another flaw in this otherwise amazing product, and it is a major flaw, is that it is not even remotely waterproof. My eyes water easily, whether from the wind or dust, and when that happens, this product pills and I end up with streaks down my cheeks, necessitating immediate reapplication. I really do love this product, though. The 3% nicotinamide it contains is an effective concentration to be beneficial to skin. Just to share a little anecdote: A few months ago a day cream I'd started using caused my skin to react angrily in a terrible breakout. So I pared back my skincare routine and instead of using a different daycream, i just used this. My skin cleared up in record time, and one month later, my skin only has the monthly hormonal spot or two, and my acne scars had faded dramatically. Pros: - SPF 50+ - A mix of physical and chemical filters - Contains nicotinamide - Free of fragrance and common irritants - Great price point - Cruelty-free - Aussie-made and -owned Cons: - Not mattifying as it claims - Not water- or sweat- or tear-resistant As a sunscreen that not just protects my skin, but also improves it, this is a staple in my skincare routine. People with dry to normal skin who are not sensitive to chemical UV filters will like this.
The SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+ is a product we have been using in our household every day for over a year.  My husband has particularly very dry,sensitive skin and applies this sunscreen every day after his shower and before dressing as part of his morning routine, and takes a bottle to golf.  SunSense is a lifesaver for him on a hot, windy day on the course.    One huge benefit of this product is the pump dispenser on the bottle which makes it so easy to use without any mess.  The 200ml bottle makes it an economical product because we use so much of it.    I find the sunscreen to be more like a lotion consistency and it is very light compared to a lot of sunscreens.  For this reason it is the perfect sunscreen for the face as the name implies.  The lotion glides easily enough over the skin and, although the sunscreen is tinted, once applied it doesn’t leave any tint on my skin.  I would definitely say the finish is more dewy than matte, but this suits me because my skin leans more towards being dry than anything else.  The lotion dries quickly and does not feel at all tacky or heavy.     SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+ will continue to be a staple product in our household.   
Verging on apocalyptic....that has been the extremity of the heat lately around my area (ummm,47 a couple of weeks ago...for days),so trying to stay upright has been a battle,let alone trying to protect myself from hospital admission inducing illness due to that weather. Of course,with temps around 30 from break of dawn,my commute to work in the car has meant that a sunscreen is not just is almost illegal not to use it (by the bottle full),so whilst i am committed to wearing a sunscreen,i am NOT committed to looking like some overly greasy,Casper stunt double. Many products claim to be for the face,but how many realise that what is perfect for the bod,just won't cut it for the visage ? FEW seems to be overall experience...meaning that we either go for a lesser SPF product for the face OR we go with that "Snow White" effect and pray it sinks in enough to ward off people wanting to call Ghostbusters.Thankfully, SunSense took on the task of fixing this issue and came up with it's Daily Face SPF 50+. This HUUUGE 200ml bottle is the ultimate SPF,is lightly tinted to give a soft,matte,skintone evening finish that is the perfect base on which to apply makeup...without risking melanomas in order to achieve that much sought after finish,and is non greasy in all aspects (no excuse for oilier skinned mavens OR those who live in humidity that results in face melting perspiration),however, there’s no need for concern over the tint as it disappears on your skin...quickly,and it means that no colour matching for your skin is required. Sunsense Daily Face is ideal for use as a protective daily moisturiser,all year round (beauty 101 people) for both sexes and,as mentioned,ALL skintypes.The oil free base also makes it suitable for acne prone skin (so if you are a teen or have one in your life,using this or giving it to someone is a sure fire way of instilling habits that last a lifetime) blocking UV-A and UV-B rays,whilst also screening out infrared and visible light.The formual does not contain PABA, PABA derivatives,lanolin or heavy scents,so the more sensitive skinned among us also have no excuse to not at least try this (those ingredients have been claimed to be a factor in sensitivity in some),and it doesn't seem to clog up pores (i had a terrible experience once on holidays,were i had been wearing a non - face only product for days,and i broke out in painful pimples that took weeks to dissipate...very attractive when sunning oneself up on the Whitsundays) when used daily and applied as directed (every few hours OR immediately after when sweating,been for a dip in the pool / ocean or towel drying face). The packaging ? This is a MASSIVE a summertime's worth for two people (yep,hubby approved of this...and he HATES sunscreen,naughty boy) and it looks quite elegant with it's neutral hued bottle and gold accents / lid / pump.It also comes in a much more portable 75ml tube that can be thrown in your bag for on - the - go reapplication. The pricepoint ? under $30 for 200ml of potentially lifesaving,luxe feeling skincare...priceless (and a bargain) TIP:Use this on your entire bod when you are wearing a floaty,gossamer weight dress and you don't want it to stick to you...the matte feel will ensure that you are protected from the harmful sun,but comfortable that you are wearing your clothes...not your clothes wearing you.
I received this in my Marie Claire Summer Ageless Parcel and I am so glad I did.  It comes in a rather large 200ml bottle with a great pump dispenser.  I love how easy it is to apply, it has a real lotion consistency so it spreads easily.  After a minute or two when it settles I then apply another layer so I can get maximum protection as I am very very pale and burn so quickly.  This product has never let me down over the hot Australian summer and I am very impressed with how light and comfortable it feels on the skin.  I often get reactions to sunscreen products for the face but I have had no itching or bumps appear like I have with so many other brands.  The tint is quite noticeable on my pale skin, I have to be careful to blend all the way down my neck to the decolletage so it looks seamless (I do this anyway for the sun protection of course!).  The only issue I had was the bottle claims to be a matte finish, it is really quite satin or even dewy on my skin (normal-dry).  To fix this I just give a light dusting of mineral powder of it and that really helps keep it dry and comfortable and stops my hair sticking to my face.  I found no issues with it pilling off over my skincare and when I apply further layers of sunscreen as the day progresses it similarly doesn't pill off or start slipping.  Great product for the summer months for me because it protects my skin and gives me a bit of a healthy glow.  I have even used it on my legs to give them a little colour and protection, very versatile product!
Received this in my parcel and I just love it. Easy to blend into the skin, economical and does make my skin look "finished and smooth". I have been putting some on my legs if I am wearing a shortish dress at night and I think it smooths them out nicely. I have no problem with purchasing another bottle when I finish this one. An excellent, economical product.
I got this sunscreen in one Marie Claire Parcels and I have been using it ever since. I must say I like it. The packaging is pretty convenient, quite a big bottle with a pump. I use two pumps to cover my face and neck area, I use the product as the last step in my routine. The formula feels lightweight, doesn't leave a greasy film on the face but unfortunately I can't say it gives any matte finish because on me it is quite shiny. I do not mind it though, especially when I am a stay at home mum. This sunscreen makes a nice make up base too as I noticed no rolling or balling of any foundation used on top of it. The SPF 50 provides some serious protection and I haven't experienced any sunburn whatsoever. I also use retinoids so I want to trust my sunscreen, this one I can. My only negative thought about this product is the packaging. First, the bottle seems huge for a face sun protection, I don't think I will be to use it during one season. I might just pop it on my entire body as the tint factor of this product is extremely sheer and wouldn't be problematic. I would love to see this product in a smaller bottle.
This sunscreen comes with a gold pump which dispenses a little bit of product at a time. It is not as thick and heavy as other sunscreens and I also found that it didn't have a scent which was great.When applied, it feels like a lightweight serum or gel moisturiser. The SPF level is definitely a positive. Once applied, there really isn't any tint at all and it gives a dewy finish, not a matte finish. When the sunscreen is dispensed, there is a visible tint but once it's applied, this tint is non existent. It just blends away and disappears! Some may like this but I was hoping for a little bit of tine like a BB cream. But because no tint is visible, my partner uses this and he loves it compared to other thick sunscreens. I did find that my combination skin became oily throughout the day. I wouldn't wear this if I was going out because I don't want to have a shiny face halfway through the day but I use it in the garden or to run errands when I don't really mind how I look. Pros -SPF 50+ -affordable -good dispensing pump -fragrance free Cons -dewy and not matte finish -no tint visible
I received this in a recent Health Parcel and was quite excited as it sounded like a product that would help make my morning routine easier. I MUST wear sunscreen on a daily basis as I get lots of pigmentation/freckles soon as I step outside basically.Problem is, in the before school rush in the mornings its been so time consuming applying my usual serum,sunscreen,moisturiser and foundation.  This product basically does it all with its B3 niacimide,spf,moisturiser and light tint so I was incredibly hopeful it would work for me. The Sunsense sunscreen comes packaged in a white plastic pump bottle with a classy gold lid. The sunscreen itself is very mild in scent and a thick creamy texture. The label says to apply a teaspoon of product but honestly I had issues doing this. Half that amount made my face feel greasy and it wasnt absorbing very well at all on my already somewhat oily skin. I did as directed anyway and found my face looked very shiny, felt quite greasy and I couldnt apply my mineral foundation over the top to lessen the shine as it didnt work well with this sunscreen. Unfortunately this did not dry matte for me and after a few uses I just couldn't continue using it . I'd personally recommend this for dryer skin types. Pros  Has skin beneficial anti aging ingredients  Very high sun protection  Nice , natural sheer tint  Hydrating An all in one product Very well priced Cons   May not be suitable for combination and oily skin types as it is very rich and creamy and doesnt dry matte
I've previously tried sunscreens that were thick, gloopy and hard to apply so I gave up on sunscreens for a while. That is, until I came across the Sunsense Invisible Tint SPF 50+ which has been a game changer for me. I bought a tube of this (also comes in bottle as seen in pic above) and now my friends make fun of me for using copious amounts of sunscreen because this stuff is that good.  The boxed tube is squishy and the surface has an iridescent sheen. The label is in navy with gold trimmings. The tube has a flip-tab lid to dispense the product and I find I need to squeeze the tube the teeniest amount to get the perfect amount of product. The tube rests on its lid and I've never had any issues with product leakage even while travelling.  The moisturising sunscreen has a thin, sort of slimy texture with a barely there hint of the scent of sunscreen. It is easily spreadable and applied and the invisible tint is indeed sheer enough that I can't see any discernible coverage. It's a relief because I was worried the tint would not match up with my skin tone but its a nonissue. The product also contains nicotinamide (B3, niacinamide) which is skin brightening and anti aging. The product is hydrating, keeping my skin hydrated all day long. I love that I don't have to use an additional product as this is both moisturising and provides sun product in one tube.  My only issue with this sunscreen is that on the box the company claims that this is an oil free, matte finish sunscreen but I don't feel its the case. Once applied, the product leaves a greasy residue and makes my face look greasy. If I apply mattifying facial powder, the oils resurface in about half an hour. For this reason I've switched to using this moisturising sunscreen on my neck and decolletage instead of my face. I've switched to another Ego Sunsense sunscreen product for my face which ticks all the boxes for me.  I find the more expensive a product, the more I skimp on the amount I apply of the product but its not ideal when using sunscreen because we need a good amount of sunscreen to provide protection from the sun. Because Sunsense has an affordable price tag, I have no trouble using at least a teaspoon for my face and more for my neck and decolletage.  For a high spf broad spectrum sun protection, this moisturising sunscreen is a good choice. The sunscreen is hydrating and the hydration lasts all day. I would happily purchase this product or other Sunsense SPF product for everyday protection from the sun. The added anti aging and brightening ingredient niacinamide is scientifically proven to benefit skin and I'd happily recommend this product for anyone looking for hydrating, sun protection with anti aging skin benefits.  Pro  Easy application  No white cast Hydrating  B3/niacinamide/nicotinmide anti aging ingredient (infor only available on their website, not on box for some reason) No fragrance Affordable  Cons  Oily finish 
I have had this product for over 6months now and have been using it on-and-off due to many reasons as I can say there is some definite pro’s and con’s to this face sunscreen.... PACKAGING: I initially bought this face sunscreen just over a year ago, and back then it was packaged in a squeezy bottle but I was glad to find this time around that Sunsense have changed it to a pump bottle. I find the pump bottle much more convenient than the tube, as then you have more control with a pump so that you are not wasting excess product.  The packaging is also fairly sturdy,I  have taken it on holiday with me and found it held up well and did not leaking my bag (which if this has ever happened to you, you know the struggle ofsunscreen-drenched clothes!). EFFECTIVENESS: This sunscreen-face product has an extremely high SPF OF 50+, which I find is a very true claim as when I wear this sunscreen (and I have worn it in over 35 degree heat) I NOT do get burnt. Which is why I find that for holidays and days at the beach where you need that sun protection it is a very useful, effective product. However, there are other qualities of this sunscreen which I think make it not my favourite day to day sunscreen…. USE ON DAY TO DAY BASIS: I find that I do not ever reach for this sunscreen to wear on a day-to-day basis (i.e. underneath my makeup as an SPF). This is because I find it to be a very greasy product even though the packaging claims it is “oil-free”and a “matte finish”. Unfortunately, I don’t find this claim to be true. I have found that although this product is quite light and not at all thick, it does not seem to sink into my skin, which leaves my skin looking quite greasy, and not in a nice dewy finish. For you reference I actually have rather dehydrated and dry skin so for this sunscreen not to sink in and look greasy is rather strange. As I said before I use this product if I’m on the beach however for everyday I prefer an alternative (Clarins do a lovely one, as well as Natio if you are looking for a more affordable day-to-day sunscreen). OTHER NOTES(TINT, SMELL, ETC.) I do find this product is also quite nice for wearing on the beach if you are wearing no other makeup because the slight tint in it can help add a little coverage and blur your imperfections slightly. The formula of this sunscreen is also moisturising, which I find nice as it means after a long day out in the sun and in the water, my skin still feels quite hydrated and not dried out as much as I have found with other face sunscreens in the past. This product claims to be “fragrance free” however I think it does contain a little fragrance but only slightly and it is honestly not an offensive smell and is rather pleasant. I also really like the quantity of product you receive in the bottle of 200ml for such an affordable price of $25.95. I use mine quite liberally whenever I’m out and about (tip: it also works well on the body in a pinch, not just the face) and one bottle has lasted me the whole of last summer!
This product is honestly one of the staples in my household, the whole family uses it on a daily basis and is great for people of all ages. The smell is quite mellow so there have been no complaints from my family and it settles nicely onto the skin and provides a a sheer coverage because of the tinted formula which gives a nice glow to the face. It does however get oily towards the end of the day but this doesn't bother me as I like to reapply at least once throughout the day so auto be sun safe.  I couldn't recommend this product highly enough.