Sunsense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+

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Safe enough for infants aged six months and up, Sunsense’s Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ sunscreen provides up to four hours of water-resistant protection from UVA and UVB rays. The fragrance-, alcohol- and lanolin-free formula is non-comedogenic and contains zinc oxide and vitamin B3 to soothe and protect skin.

Price above is for 75g. Also available in 200g.


Sunsense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+


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I purchased a tube of SunSense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ for hubby who has extremely sensitive skin.  He had been using another SunSense product but I thought this one might be better for him, and I thought I’d try it as well.    The sunscreen isn’t as thick as I thought it would be, more like a medium consistency.  When applied the sunscreen leaves a white cast but it soon settles and becomes invisible once it has absorbed into the skin.  I also like that it leaves more of a matte finish rather than a shine and it doesn’t feel greasy.    I hate the feel of sunscreen, especially on my face, so it’s important to me that the sunscreen doesn’t feel clogging.  I’m happy that I can apply a BB cream over this sunscreen and that it feels comfortable to wear.    I always double cleanse at the end of the day starting with an oil or gel cleanser and I’ve had no problem with removing this sunscreen.    Hubby loves this sunscreen as well, especially as he hasn't experienced any irritation.  When he applies the sunscreen before playing golf he loves that not only does it prevent him from getting sun burned but that the flies don’t stick to him.  The SunSense Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ definitely lives up to its name as a high protection sunscreen so we will continue to use this with confidence.   
I would absolutely recommend this sunscreen for anyone with sensitive skin. It’s super gentle and provides spf 50 protection so skin is super protected from burning and premature ageing. It’s suitable for the whole family and comes at a great price so it’s great value for money. This lotion is super easy to use, it smoothes on with ease and sinks straight in. It lasts really well, even when swimming. I love that it doesn’t leave a thick white layer that’s hard to remove like some spf 50 products do and it also smells quite pleasant. I also love that it contains vitamin B3 and zinc oxide to soothe and protect. A great product overall that I would buy again and would recommend.
I would 100% recommend this sunscreen for anyone serious about sun protection and anti ageing . The sunsense sensitive spf 50 is a physical sunscreen purely based on 15% zinc. Its been tested safe on children, babies and eczema prone skin. This sunscreen applies in a white typical zinc mediumly thick lotion. On application to skin the sunscreen actually feels quite creamy and smooth. It applies easily and after a few minutes it disappears and ends up clear. There is a slight whitest tint but most of it fades. The end result is lightweight and doesnt feel heavy. Although creamy this sits on skin nicely - it feels comfortable and doesn't clog pores. Theres no nasty ingredients in this sunscreen including no parabeans and chemical ingredients and thus it has no burn or sting factor on application. Ive tried under foundation and it works nicely. My makeup goes on smoothly. Theres a slight fragrance, very light and smells like sunscreen which fades eventually. The added bonus of ninacimide makes this an all around brilliant sunscreen and stops skin getting overly dry from the zinc. Removing is easy. You do need a good cleanser but an oil based or cream cleanser removes all the zinc and product. It feels incredible on the face and body and gives beautiful physical sunscreen thats invisible. Ill be using this affordable sunscreen all summer. Any Tips?:  Physical sunscreens are the most important for protection.Apply onto skin all over blend and wait till it becomes clear. Reapply after four hours Those that like physucak sunscreens but hate the zinc white base look. Ideal For...:  Sensitive skin and also tested safe for babies!
As someone with skin that gets pigmentation, freckles and sunburn quite easily ,sunscreen is an absolute must for me before I go outdoors each day. The problem is,I also have very sensitive skin that reacts to basically everything it seems and I tend to get bumpy,congested skin from wearing most sunscreens. Not only that,most feel so greasy and pore clogging that I feel uncomfortable and can't wait to wash them off. I got a sample of this sunscreen months ago with the Marie Claire Parcel. I immediately liked that it was a zinc based sunscreen as opposed to chemical as I find the zinc products to work best with my sensitive skin. The sunscreen was packaged in a cute little plastic tube with a twist off lid that can be turned around and used to reseal the product. The product itself was a rich moisturiser like texture and a bit thicker than most standard sunscreens (as expected from a zinc sunscreen).  It is scent free and easily applied though it does take a little longer than a chemical sunscreen to absorb properly. There is a bit of a white cast initially but that disappears after a few minutes entirely on me as I have quite pale skin.  It didn't feel uncomfortably thick after application and I could even apply my mineral makeup over the top without it clumping or creasing throughout the day. The sunscreen kept me protected throughout the day,didn't irritate my problematic skin, provided a great base for my makeup application and didn't feel greasy or heavy while wearing. I love that it is chemical free and safe to use on my whole family. Pros *Zinc based sunscreen so it shields face and body from harmful UV rays as opposed to chemical sunscreen that absorbs and scatters UV rays *Gentle and non pore clogging *Can be used for the whole family *Well priced *High sun protection  Cons *May leave a white cast for those with medium to darker skin tones I'd recommend this to those who want an effective and gentle sunscreen that is free from nasty chemicals and safe for the entire family.
After trying so many sunscreens over the years, I have finally found my holy grail! So easy to apply, smooth, medium consistency and not too thick, gentle on skin, not drying, high sun protection- the list of positives goes on and on. I have dry and sensitive skin, and find this doesn't irritate me and feels light and fresh once rubbed in. There is a white sheen at first, but it fades quickly. 
This is so ideal for sensitive skin as it not only has a gentle formula but it is also SPF50 which protects skin further again from extra irritation (from sunburn!).  I love the little convenience tube - perfect for travel or keeping in the beach bag so I don't have to lug a huge sized bottle or tube of sunscreen down to the beach.  It's just the right amount and then can be thrown out if finished.  I love that the nozzle bit that comes off after being twisted off can be turned around and plugged into the nozzle to keep the rest of the cream fresh and safe if not all of this is used at once.   This is easy to use and easy to spread.  It's awesome that it's four hours water resistant and non-comedogenic as I have pimple prone skin and this doesn't cause congestion for me.
My go to sunscreen for my toddler who reacts to most other sunscreens. I was so happy to have discovered it. No turning back!
Gearing up for Summer is fun, but skin cancer and sun damage aren't! SunSense's newest release is one of my favourite things from them ever, and it's not hard to see why! Their Sensitive Invisible SPF 50+ for sensitive skin has a pleasant non-greasy feel to it. This comes in a tube with a flip lid, making it easy to get the product out of it, as well as fantastic for travel or just for chucking into your bag for an on the go sort of sunscreen. This has a medium consistency and will come out white, and it spreads over the skin easily, getting absorbed relatively quickly. I don't get a sunscreen type of smell from it, given that it's fragrance free, and this is also great in that this is appropriate for both face and body. Best of all, this is one that both you and your little ones can use! On an outing recently, my best friend and her little tykes all needed some sun protection, and this particular sunblock came to the rescue! Having sensitive skin as babies, she expected potential issues, but as per the label, it definitely is safe for babies over 6 months of age - everyone was well protected with it! It is water resistant for 4 hours, afford UVA and UVB coverage and contains Nicotinamide. Vitamin B3 reduces skin sensitivity and maintain normal skin barrier function - all of which come together to help keep your skin happy! Overall, this gets two thumbs up from me! This comes in two sizes, retailing for $10.95 for 75g and $18.95 for 200g, and it can be found in various different pharmacies.
My dad was recently at the skin cancer clinic and gave me as sample size just as pictured. I have sensitivity to most sunscreens, other brands really aggravate and irradiate my skin very easily I was over the moon to find Sunsense is the only brand I can wear now it's not thick its thinner and easier to rub in and it feels great on the skin and spreads evenly which is perfect under makeup, while out and about and great for a fun day out in the sun.
It does not feel heavy on my skin which is the best thing about sun screen and it gives me great sun protection for my skin. I did not get any red blemishes which I usually get after tanning under the sun. I will definitely repurchase it later and recommend to everyone especially once who has sensitive skin.
This product is without a doubt my holy grail of sunscreen. I use it daily without fail and have never experienced any undesirable effects.  As someone who does get occasional eczema flare-ups, I have to be mindful of what I put on my face (and body) each day. After much trial and error, I can safely say this SPF is suitable for sensitive skin and I can even comfortably wear it during one of my flare-ups as it does not irritate my eczema.  The formula is much like other sunscreens out there, but this one does not feel thick and heavy. It doesn't leave a white cast when applied and does not smell overly of chemicals.  I prefer to go as make-up free as I possibly can, but I really like that I can still apply foundation over the top of this product. I definitely recommend this to anyone concerned about experiencing possible reactions to an SPF, and others like myself who have sensitive skin. 
This would have to be one of the best SPF products I have ever used. As I have started to age I up the anti on my SPF and have read that 30 SPF is just not enough!! So off I went trudging looking for a 50 SPF by the way did not even know they existed. So tried a few others all a bit thick, stick and just plain yuck!!!  Had used other products in the Ego range and really like them so gave it a go.  The texture is smooth and creamy. I always put it on after my cleanse, wait 5 minutes and then put on foundation or a BB cream. I think it has definitely slowed down the aging process for me. I wear it every day winter/summer does not matter.  I have also started putting on the tops of my hands when driving as I am starting to see some of the dreaded sun spots!!!  I am trying to ride the wave of aging and trying to do the best with all the lovely products that are out there!! this has definitely won my loyalty. As I always have a couple of tubes around I get my kids to put some of their faces too, trying to teach them young!! YOU ARE NEVER TOO YOUNG TO SAY YOUNG.....thanks