Swisse Manuka Honey Glow Boosting Moisturiser

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Swisse Manuka Honey Glow Boosting Moisturiser is a supercharged moisturiser to help plump and hydrate the skin, for a more supple and radiant complexion. It features stabilised vitamin C, grape seed oil and shea butter for added goodness. Key ingredients: Manuka Honey, Grape Seed Oil & Glycerin.

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Swisse Manuka Honey Glow Boosting Moisturiser


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I love Vitamin C in this moisturiser

I love this moisturiser and I have bought it three times within the last six months. I prefer to use it every nigh. So, each night, I clean my face and apply it . Immediately I feel smoothness in my face and each morning my skin looks glowing. I bought it because it contains vitamin C, and I know vitaminC can make my skin brighter and softer during the time. I was patient to get a good result which I was looked for it. It doesn’t have strong smell for me and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I love it and recommend it.

Great non greasy moisturiser

I loved this product. Manuka honey has so many healing health benefits and having it in a moisturiser is beautiful. The handy pump is easy to use and I don’t need a lot. It smells amazing and is great value for money. I love that this moisturiser does not irritate my skin, it’s super gentle and non greasy which I love. It’s gorgeous at night and goes equally well under my makeup. It’s also great for hands and elbows. I love that it’s full of goodies that are awesome for my skin, a real treat that I highly recommend
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Great product, good all-rounder

I really liked this product! My skin can be quite fussy as it's prone to hormonal breakouts and I get a bit of a rash around my mouth. This was an easy to use product which soaks right in - it has a bit a glow to it which I love because my skin favours a dewy finish. The size is also very generous.
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Good for everyday

Love it! A nice and light moisturiser for everyday use C x
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Not just for your face

Soaks straight into your skin and no greasy feel afterwards. Moisture in your skin lasts all day. I even used it on my hands, elbows and feet, great moisturiser all round.

Not Bad For a Glow

I didn’t have much time to trial this product, but in saying that, I did enjoy using it. I liked the fragrance of this product and the consistency of the product. I did not have to use much on my face and it left my face feeling hydrated
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A great everyday moisturiser

Love the feel and smell of this product - I used it not only on my face but extra dry body areas like hands and elbows. A good general moisturiser for everyday use and a big tick that it has vitamin C!
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Feels great on my skin!

I enjoyed the smell of this moisturiser! I usually use a serum and a moisturiser + eye cream. However during this trial I simply washed my face and applied only the moisturiser day & night. I liked how it was easy to apply, was not too thick or thin. The moisturiser seemed to absorb right into the skin. Leaving my skin feeling hydrated. I like the fact it has added vitamin c for brightening as well as natural hydrating ingredients. I will continue to use to see the long term affects.
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Good daily moistuiser - long lasting hydration.

I get quite dry skin so was excited to use this product. Its easy to pump and it controls the amount you need so don’t over use, it’s a creamy colour and is quite a thick texture, I did finds it takes a while to rub in, but then for the rest of day your skin feels really hydrated. Its good for sensitive skin and doesn’t have any strong fragrance so feels like the ingredients are all natural. I must admit I didn’t get the glow look it described but as daily moisturiser it did the job.
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Great moisturiser and easy to use

I quite liked this moisturiser and have generally been happy when I have purched the Swisse's range of products. this was no exception. It comes with a very handy pump so that you can use it one handed and control the amount of product you want. I would say its medium thicknes so it wouldn't be one i'd wear on very hot/humid days but fantastic for in between seasons and slightly less thick than my night moisturiser. It was easy to apply and a few slicks of the palms allowed it to melt into the skin. It got rid of any tight feeling straight away after I use toner. It is also good to bear in mind that it does have a fragrance which i personally loved but i understand it won't be for everyone. I love that this contains vitamin c and will keep using it to hopefully see some more benefits in the near future.
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Amazing product

This is definitely my new favourite moisturiser. Some products can make me break out, however this moisturiser provides a fantastic level of hydration without feeling greasy or like it’s sitting on top of my skin. Perfect if you have dry flaky skin, my makeup has been sitting so much better on my skin since I started using it. Definitely recommend if you have dry skin like I do
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Hydrating and affordable

This moisturiser felt lovely on. Quite hydrating and lasted a long time. Love the packaging it’s very easy with the pump. A little goes a long way. Mild yet pleasant smell. Price point is great value. Didn’t give me a glow as such but I would purchase this again for sure.
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Great Product!

Absolutely LOVED this product, it is easy to apply and my skin feels very soft and hydrated after application. Overall, my skin became more radiant and the flaky skin on my cheeks cleared up. I would recommend this product to anyone that has dry skin and needs a hydrating boost. When I run out, I will be restocking.
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Great product, loved them smell and sat nice on my face
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Lovely product

I found this product to be very effective as a moisturiser. The fragrance wasn't over powering and the product went on smoothly, leaving my skin looking fresh and glowing. The pump action bottle made it easy to use with no wastage. Would definitely recommend.
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Perfect size

It’s the perfect size! Feels great on the skin the only downside is that is can sometimes feel a bit heavy.
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Great product

I quite liked this moisturiser. I only received it a week or so ago so can’t comment on the long term effects of it but in my experience so far it goes on very easily and seems to absorb into the skin very well leaving it looking and feeling moisturised. It also has a lovely subtle scent to it. The packaging and price is also very appealing. I’d certainly continue to purchase in the future.
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So, so

A bit thick for my liking and the smell is quite strong. I applied before bed and used as a night time moisturiser. A bit thick and greasy for day time use.
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Smooth and refreshing on the Skin

Size of the bottle was great and i love the pump! It smells amazing. The product is smooth and a little goes a long way. I found it to be a little light for my skin but it moistures well.. think im just use to a thicker product.
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It goes ok.

This moisturiser has a very nice smell and feel to it however I did not notice any of the "glow" it claims to give. before bed, I like to use a heavier, thicker cream to really lock in the products I use before it. in saying that I did like it as a light cream to use in the morning or days when I'm not wearing makeup. I will use the rest of the bottle however, would not be my first choice to buy again.