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Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails+ is a premium quality beauty formula with vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to support collagen production, and assist in the maintenance of glossy healthy hair, radiant skin and strong nails.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.

Ingredients: BIOTIN 2.6 mg; SILICA (as colloidal anhydrous silica) 85.56 mg; ZINC (from zinc gluconate) 30 mg; IRON (from ferrous fumarate) 5 mg; VITAMIN C (ascorbic acid from calcium ascorbate dihydrate) 50 mg; MILK THISTLE (Silybum marianum extract 14.29 mg) equiv. dry fruit (standardised to contain flavanolignans calculated as silybin 11.4 mg) 1 g.

AUST L 226228


Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails+


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Works for me.

I always take this whenever i notice my nails getting weak, bendy and dry. Also whenever I feel that my hair is falling out more than usual I turn to this supplement. It works , I can see a difference within a month of taking these supplements. They are easy to swallow. they do not cause a reflux and no bad after taste left in my mouth. After taking these supplements, I notice my nails get stronger and do not break off easily. My hair fall reduced. These are economical to buy and are available in my local supermarket so easily available.

swisse hair skin and nails

i had purchased this product about a month ago, due to the thinness of both my hair and nails, as i went through the bottle i started to realise the difference throughout my hair and nails. this product has certainly made a positive difference throughout my body both mentally and physically. i am now confident to show my nails and hair through many different styles. although the product needs to be used continues in order for the magic of it to work, as it is not an overnight quick fix. the product is easy to digest as pills are not that big. although you cannot feel the product working as quick as a nails or hair mask, it creates longer lasting effects for both hair and nails

Good supplement & results

I have taken these for now 2 years and it has given me great results especially with hair and nails. I have fine hair and it was falling out a lot secondary to stress and the lack of sleep and nutrition. My nails looked unhealthy and weren't growing. Both of those things were a sore point for me and had great impact on my confidence. But after taking this, my hair is stronger and growing. My nails look healthy and growing evenly. results however did take 4 months before I really noticed a difference. The table is a little big but you can break them in half. i would recommend this product and persist with it.


I’ve used this since 2016 till now. My hair is below my hip thick and healthy nails is awesome strong. But i can’t see any difference in my skin . Saved me from hair loss due to stress.

Effective supplements!

I bought this a while ago and whilst taking the supplements I didn't 'think' I noticed any changes to my hair, skin, nails etc. However since I finished the bottle and haven't taken the supplements for a month or so, I've definitely noticed that my nails are thinner and my cuticles are back to being quite dry and brittle. So I'm confident to now say that these supplements were effective and made a positive difference!

Great skin supplement that works!

These really work. You have to take them for at least 3 months but trust me you will notice a great difference. My skin is so much clearer, hair has grown and nails aren't breaking as they used to before taking these. Make sure you take them every morning with breakfast as they have zinc in them and can cause nausea if you take on an empty stomach. Very good value as they go on sale quite often give them a try.

Noticeable hair and nail growth

This product works when taken for more than 2 months. I started to see noticable difference in hair and nail growth and condition after the 2.5 month point. This works well but as with all hair, skin and nail supplements need to be taken regularly to ensure continued benefits. In terms of improved skin, I didn't notice any real difference, but definately it worked well for hair and nails. Easy to swallow and easy to find. I would these.

So far so good!

I have weak nails and my hair is falling out so I decided that I needed some extra help. I take one Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails+ daily with my breakfast (or I forget!). The tablets are purple/grey in colour and have no after taste. I have almost completed 60 days and my hair loss is slowing down, which is great! My finger nails are a little harder but I expect to see a bigger improvement in the next few months so I will continue to use them.