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Synergie Skin Concealer Brush

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Synergie Skin Concealer Brush is a small concealer brush, essential to achieving best results from your Synergie camouflage and concealer’s when covering small areas.


Synergie Skin Concealer Brush


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Applies concealer perfectly

I love this brush for using concealer. It has just the right amount of stiffness to apply concealer and blend it in for a seamless finish. The bristles are silky and high quality and synergie brushes don’t shed at all. The black handle not only looks classy and sophisticated but it’s easy and comfortable to hold and use. The brush is quite soft on skin and doesn’t irritate yet it’s easy to camouflage imperfections on my skin with a good concealer ready to apply foundation and get a flawless finish. I love this synergie concealer brush and would highly recommend it