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Synergie Skin Eyeshadow Base Brush

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Synergie Skin Eyeshadow Base Brush is a dense eyeshadow brush, designed for applying eyeshadow all over the eyelid as a base.


Synergie Skin Eyeshadow Base Brush


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Professional finish for eyeshadow

This is a really high quality brush. The bristles are firm enough to pick up product and spread and blend it yet it’s quite soft on my eyelid. I love that this brush doesn’t shed bristles, the bristles are silky and the shape I’d perfect to spread eyeshadow easily right across my lid. I can then add colour and highlight for a really professional looking finish. I love synergie products and have used quite a few, for anyone looking for a high quality professional eyeshadow brush I would recommend this and at under $30.00 it’s great value for the quality. I will be buying more synergie brushes as I am quite impressed by this brush