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Synergie Skin LipService is a daily lip treatment that helps protect lips from the effects of environmental ageing while providing intense hydration for plump lips. The lip treatment can be used as an overnight treatment or as a multitasking gloss during the day. It contains hydrating hyaluronic acid, lanolin and a tripeptide complex to protects against free radical damage and prevent premature ageing, while stevia and spearmint oil add a natural minty flavour.


Synergie Skin LipService


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A great lip product for night time!

With this products thick consistency I find that it compliments well into my night time routine, being a product I rely on before bed. It has a sweet minty smell, and with its thick texture it delivers with great hydration, leaving behind soft lips when I wake up. Though it is a heavy product in terms of it’s consistency, it can be difficult to release it from tube when in use. Despite this, it is a refreshing lip product that I look forward to using at night after my skincare or my lips are in need of extra hydration.