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The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate is a certified organic anti-ageing serum that contains 99 per cent natural ingredients and is silicone and paraben free. Using plant stem cell technology, the formula works to enhance surface skin renewal to revitalise the skin, leaving it hydrated, smooth and radiant.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants and cruelty-free.


The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate


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Love the natural and organic ingredients in this Youth Concentrate. It has a lightweight texture and absorbs onto my skin almost instantly without feeling sticky or oily on my dry skin. I use it to prep my face before applying makeup and my skin remains hydrated throughout the day. I also use it in the evening and again, my skin looks hydrated the next morning but that's where it stops for me. I can't see any improvement on my fine lines or dark circles.
I love love love the body shop products!  This concentrate is a key part of my nightly routine, I swap between this concentrate and two oils depending on my skincare needs.  It has a slightly thick or gel like consistency that is easily absorbed and leaves no residue on my oily skin.  I use this concentrate when I feel I’m having a ‘good skin’ moment to assist in keeping it hydrated and plump.  The morning after my skin feels and looks great and lasts through the day.  I feel like over time I’ve had less of a need to exfoliate my skin and I believe it’s due to its stem cell technology to aid in skin turnover.  A little goes a long way and the dropper ensures you use just the right amount of product.  All key ingredients are ethically sourced and certified organic.  Yet again a wonderful product from an amazing brand. 
I have sensitive/dry skin and this serum helps my skin stay hydrated and fresh. I use it every morning and evening and you only need a tiny pea drop so the bottle will last you for a while! Good price too and not tested on animals which is great!
I love The Body Shop, every product I try or buy from them is amazing and gets added to my daily routine instantly -  drops of youth concentrate is no different! I love how hydrated and fresh my skin feels after using this product, it really is a miracle worker! I use it in conjunction with the daily cream and overnight cream from the drops of youth range, they all compliment each other so well and leave me feeling young, awake and ready for the day!
I have used this product now for over a year and I LOVE IT! Its hydrating, refreshing and cooling at the same time. It gets absorbed into the skin in a jiffy, leaving no residue or oiliness. The skin feels "plump" and hydrated. I use this at night and I like the mild fragrance. It feels posh and really has helped my skin. #loveit #recommendit #beautycrewreview
I was given a sample of this with one of my other purchases from the body shop and went back to buy the full bottle. Really good product. I like having that fresh faced feeling. Makes my skin feel so smooth and hydrated. I am often weary of skin products as I tend to break out and this didn’t irritate my skin at all.  You only need to use a little bit. It does go a bit tacky and feel a bit sticky for a little bit which was the only downside! But great product !
I fell in love with this product after trying a sample from The Body Shop. I have now finished a whole bottle. It is so refreshing and moisturising. I don't believe I have seen a huge change in fine lines however, it has helped clear my acne scarring. The main downside to this product is the price.
I absolutely love this serum. I first tried this as a sample and fell in love with it so much I bought the full size. I get really dry skin around my nose especially during winter. This serum really calms my face down. I also love using this as a primer because it helps put a barrier between my dry skin and the makeup which makes my foundation look really nice and it does not stick to the dry patches. I have been using it for nearly a year now and would definitely repurchase.
I have been using this serum for a few weeks and I quite like it.  It has a thick consistency but applies really well and is absorbed into the skin quickly without being sticky or greasy.  I find it helps to moisturise my skin, but I didn't notice any difference in any fine lines or enlarged pores.  I have dry and sensitive skin and it works well for me, but people with oily skin may have trouble with it.  It is expensive which is a downside, and I also think that there are better serums available at a similar price.
I received a sample of this with my Parcel subscription. My skin is a combination of oily and normal. This serum made my skin feel amazing after application. The drops absorbed into my skin leaving it feeling smooth and soft. I was able to moisturise after application without it leaving any residue or leaving my face oily. It just left my skin feeling soft and smooth. It is a little on the pricey side and I'm not sure I would spend that much. I have other serums I probably like more and would spend the extra $$ on them. It was, however, a very delightful product to use. I would recommend to anyone looking for a serum that leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised without looking or feeling like an oil slick
I got recommended after I had a skin consultation at The Body Shop and there is no doubt I will get recommend their own product but what I was interested in was what they recommend. Since I wanted a firm and young skin, so they recommended this youth concentrate serum to me. Now I have already used this for around a month, I do like how it feels on my face but it does not look so much different or younger. My face feels very firmed, smooth and bouncy after I put it on which I quite like about. However, I would like to look younger too but this product does not do what I want after using it around a month. I will continue using this product until I finish the whole bottle but I probably will not purchase it again unless it has a huge change when the time I finish it.
Drops of Youth - Youth Concentrate - is a serum on the lighter end of the scale I feel; mind you I have really dry skin that is very responsive to serums.  I used this Body Shop product twice a day rather than once as it went so well under both day and night moisturizers.  Typical of Body Shop products, it has a delightful scent and you feel reassured that you are lessening the amount of harmful ingredients you are absorbing into your just cleansed skin. As far as it a Youth Concentrate; it felt great on my 40+ year old Australian skin. Did it go the hard yards to reduce lines and the appearance of ageing?  Not really - maybe my smile lines are just too deep now around the mouth and I kept it away from the eye region. As a step in your moisturizing routine, it has its place but probably works better as a primer rather than as a product that is going to be intensively working on your skin as you sleep. I don't think it would suit ladies with oily skin as it does take some time to be absorbed.
I received a sample of this product and used it over the course of a few weeks. It left my skin feeling soft but didn't leave a lasting impression on me and I didn't see any difference in the condition of my skin. I did only use it for a few weeks but usually when trying a product I see some signs of improvement within the first couple of weeks. It was great as a moisturising serum as my skin felt soft after using it but I did not enjoy the sticky sensation it left. A little goes a long way so it has very good longevity.
I received a sample of this in the Marie Claire Parcel and i was so excited to try it initially as I had heard good things about it, but unfortunately I don't think it's AS good as it's hyped up to be. The sample size came in  small green glass jar with a dropper applicator which I love for serums as you have more control over how much product comes out. I only need two drops to cover my entire face so this product would last a while if you bought the full size. The serum itself has a nice sweet earthy scent, and has a lightweight consistency that I found non-sticky for my normally very oily skin.  It absorbs very quickly after application and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, however I feel as though a lot of serums do this for half the price (hence why I don't think it's a standout product).  I'm prone to break outs and this didn't irritate my skin at all - I do believe that the natural ingredients make a difference in this. However,  I didn't notice any difference in my fine lines and large pores. Overall, I think it is a nice serum that is definitely hydrating and smoothing, but I am not convinced that it is a 'miracle' anti-ageing serum. I would recommend to friends only if price was not a concerning factor of theirs. Pros - Natural ingredients so non-irritable for the skin - Lightweight serum that absorbs quickly - Smells really nice that isn't too overbearing - Skin feels soft and smooth after application - Feels hydrating Cons - Didn't notice any difference in fine lines and large pores - Expensive (however I think it comes in 50mL and 30mL so you do have the option to purchase smaller size, but it is still expensive in my opinion)
The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate is light weight, non pore clogging serum that smells nice and soft like KFC towelettes. I have had a big problem with skin congestion in the last few months so I am over the moon that contains 99 per cent natural ingredients and is silicone and paraben free( my bumps are finally disappearing). I'm really pleased with the results, my skin feels silky soft and spot free.
I have combination skin: a oily t-zone but tend to be dry overall. So I wanted something hydrating that wouldn't clog my pores. I used this once and returned it. It has such a high amount go glycerin in it my face felt sticky and tacky even after I put moisturiser on after!! However this would incidentally actually be a really good hydrating primer....if you're willing to spend that much on something like that.