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The Body Shop Elixirs Of Nature Nigritella Eau De Parfum

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The Body Shop Elixirs Of Nature Nigritella Eau De Parfum is a floral oriental fragrance. It features notes of red vanilla orchid, tuberose and vanilla for a fiery, sensual scent. The fragrance is housed in a bottle crafted from sustainably recycled glass with a natural wooden cap.


The Body Shop Elixirs Of Nature Nigritella Eau De Parfum


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I absolutely adore this fragrance. Stumbled upon it while I was looking to try out something other than traditional perfumes. It's quite unique and very different from drug store fragrances. It has a touch of traditions, mystery and warmth that I just can't get enough of. Close your eyes and you will find yourself among forest elves in LOTR stories. The packing and deeper color of fluid also resonate with the same theme.
I was really impressed by this body shop perfume! It actually smelled really similar to some of the other high end brands! The main note was vanilla and it smelled so real, not that fake vanilla scent.  It was warm but it wasn't too sweet which was nice as too much sweetness reminds me of perfumes geared towards younger girls.  I like to wear a fragrance that's feminine yet sophisticated.  Nothing too out of the ordinary but one where people will ask you what you're wearing.  It does have a bit of cocoa in the fragrance which adds some richness and depth. It's not that strong but you can definitely smell it in the background.  It also has some floral notes that pairs nicely with the rest of the other notes in the fragrance.  The perfume is EDP so I generally expect these types of perfumes to last for at least several hours due to it being more concentrated.  This scent did last for several hours which I was quite happy about.  It's a scent I would recommend to everyone.  It's a vanilla based scent that's done in a very mature and timeless way.
I'm a huge fan of vanilla and any fragrance, lotion or body product that has that scent is always a winner for me.  The Body Shop Nigritella Eau De Perfume is a floral oriental fragrance that's warm and awakens your senses.  It comes a beautiful bottle made of recycled glass and a natural wooden cap which makes me happy to hear as companies that make a commitment to using environmentally friendly products shows that they care.  The vanilla scent is noticeable but not too strong or sweet.  I think once the fragrance starts to settle you really get the depth of the vanilla.  It's an Eau De Perfum which means it's more concentrated so it lasts for quite some time.  I like to spray it on my pulse points and my hair which holds onto the scent really well.
This perfume is so sexy! When I wear it I think of sumptuous summer evenings spent wearing sophisticated clothes in great company. I found the scent to be quite strong but not overpowering.  It's titled oriental orchid but to me it smells more like vanilla and musk. It's long wearing, and to me not for every day use. I keep this for special occasions. Or perhaps if I want to draw someone's eye, or their nose so to speak. Definitely sexy enough to gain someone's attention.
I received this perfume for my birthday last year from a friend, and I was quite surprised because I think buying perfumes for other people can be rather difficult! However, I have to admit it was definitely a pleasant surprise… SCENT: Upon first, well sniff, I have to say this was definitely my kind of fragrance. I would recommend this perfume to those who enjoy vanilla and floral scents- as they are definitely the top notes of this perfume. Although, the entire Elixir of Nature range is aimed at both men and women, I would recommend this perfume to those who like quite warm and feminine scents (shoutout to the Widdringtonia perfume from the range if you are after a more aromatic, unisex fragrance!) . I have noticed that the scent smells more floral when it is first applied on the skin, however after two-three hours after it is applied the vanilla scent becomes more apparent. It is described as ‘oriental’ which I do agree with as I find it is not too sweet of a scent. If you typically enjoy very sweet smells (such as Flowerbomb or the Cherry Blossom range from The Body Shop) I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for you, because although it is one of the sweetest out of The Body Shops ‘Elixir’s of Nature’ range, it is still quite musky and ‘oriental’ and feels slightly more mature. However, I do think any person of any age could wear this scent. I also feel as thought this fragrance works well during the day, as well as night, because it is such a warm scent. It is quite an interesting combination of scents, and is very different to many perfumes I have had in the past, especially at this reasonable price point! If you enjoy wearing fragrances that you won’t find everyone else wearing, this is the one for you. LASTING POWER: Another feature of this perfume that has made me enjoy using it so much, is the longevity of the scent. Initially, when you spray the perfume, it produces a rather intense (but not overwhelmingly so) scent- which I find can be achieved in only 1 (perhaps 2 if it is a long day) squirts. I place the perfume on my pulse point- wrists, neck, behind ears, and find that it lasts very well on me. Unlike other perfumes I find that when I spray it on myself in the morning, by the end of the day- around six to eight hours- I can still smell the fragrance lingering. It’s not as powerful as it was the beginning of the day but I’ve had people ask me what perfume I am wearing more than half way through the day, which is a decent effort! Also, going back to only needing a couple sprays- this also means that the perfume will last longer= better value for money.   PACKAGING: I personally enjoy the simple, glass bottle and wooden cap, however it obviously depends of personal preference. A downside for sure is that the recycled glass packaging is quite heavy meaning it is not ideal for travel and definitely not a perfume you could chuck in your bag. However, I find the mister works well and I have never had any issues with leakage. The packaging and production of the perfume is also eco-friendly if you are into that sort of thing (I actually think it’s great because not enough beauty companies take that into account!) with a recycled glass bottle and  natural wooden lid.
I am so in love with this fragrance. I have honestly worn it every day since I bought it and I'm obsessed. It has a gorgeous vanilla scent, mixed with floral undertones. Let's start with the bottle, that is absolutely gorgeous! It is a square, recycled glass bottle with a natural wooden lid, that looks absolutely stunning and would look beautiful on anyone's packaging. What I am most impressed about is the lasting power. $60 for a perfume is reasonably cheap, but this does not at all feel like a cheap perfume. The packaging feels luxe and high end, the scent smells amazing AND it will last you all day. I sprayed it at 8am this morning, it's now 5pm and I can still smell it! Safe to say I am in love.
This fragrance has a musky sweet oriental type of scent.  I received it as a sample but it's not really my taste so I can only give it three stars because I think it's pretty average.  I think this would be great for those who love a sweet, slightly spicy musky scent.    It lasts pretty well but  I prefer other The Body Shop scents much more.   The little sample was cute - it had it's own little spritzer nozzle.  I wouldn't buy it after trying it.   I love The Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom scent range which is quite different to this and it has a more of a freshness to it which this one doesn't have.