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The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector is a richly moisturising hand cream for very dry skin. The heavy-duty formula contains Community Trade hemp seed oil to relieve and protect the skin and is dermatologically tested.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants.


The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector


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This product is wonderful! Helps my hands even when they are at the dryest of the dryest stage, it smells great and doesn't leave your hands feel too greasy. The best part about this hand cream though is the fact that a tiny little bit goes a long way - you really get a bang for your buck.
I have to say that when I first noticed the Hemp Hand Protector at The Body Shop I may have giggled.  I was at a Body Shop event and a kind sales assistant noticing the desert-like dryness of my hands steered me towards this product and even massaged some into my hand (because clearly I wasn't doing this enough).  Right away I thought Wowza this stuff is amazing - my hands felt lovely and soft and hydrated. But being a capricious soul and with limited finances I chose instead to buy an eyeliner which also imprinted star stamps on your face (it was Christmas don't judge).  That would possibly have been the end of the story but fate (realizing my stupidity) intervened.  Yes I opened my Christmas presents and there it was - a massive tube of Hemp hand-cream (from someone completely unaware of my previous Hemp cream encounter I might add).  So it was all meant to be it seems.  Ok enough of the back-story.  What is this cream like you ask?  Well as I said, I have the 100ml industrial-sized metal-look plastic tube.  I keep it in my bedside table and apply before I go to sleep.  The protector itself is quite thick.  It's white in colour and though not greasy it does have a sort of residue.  It absorbs into my parched skin super fast and immediately gives my hands a moisturised glow.  My hands feel really soft too.   The smell is kinda herbaceous but not unpleasant.  I guess it smells like...ummm hemp (he he).  Hemp btw is not psychoactive like its big brother in case you're wondering.   Sourced in France it's just an all round good plant and sustainable. So has it worked?  Well my hands look SO much better - I mean they really are socially acceptable now and the fates are happy.  My Chakras are aligned. All in all, this is a wonderful hand cream for anyone with dryness issues. So take those gloves off and give this a try (or the hand Gods will smack!)
The body shop help hand cream is a very thick and long lasting hand cream. So you don't need to much to see results.  It absorbs easily and but may leave a slight greasy feel depending on how much you use.  The scent is very natural and subtle. Higly recommend this product.
This is a thick, rich vitamin enhanced cream that works perfectly on super dry skin.  It absorbs quickly and a little goes a long way.  The price is reasonable and it’s great value - I got 6 months out of the small tube with daily use.  I also find it works well on feet, especially relieving dry heel cracks.  Hemp is a super sustainable product and The Body Shop sources theirs ethically, so I feel good about buying this (I’m now on my third tube and will continue to use).  The tube itself is very neat and fits in the handbag, dispensing just the right amount.  The only thing I don’t like is the scent, which is quite strong and earthy (a bit like a walk down the streets of Nimbin...), but I like the effect of this cream so much that I put up with it.  Nothing else leaves my hands so soft.
This is my holy grail hand cream. I do not know how many tubes of this I have bought over the years. This is a must for me when I've been gardening or cleaning and my hands are feeling ravaged and sore. This beautiful rich cream slathered on at night heals and smooths and the next morning my hands are plump and moisturised. I also love massaging this cream into my feet after a shower. Highly recommend for anyone!
I love this hand creme. It's such a lovely, thick and moisturising product!! The smell is not over powering and it leaves a really nice, long lasting hydration on your hands. This is definitely a staple and I love using it. The packaging is great and makes it easy to use all the product left.
Gave it the hubby after he started doing up a boat and seemed to always have dry, peeling hands from all the handiwork. Took about a week but he got in to an easy routine and the results spoke for themselves. He quite liked the smell and liked that it didn't smell floral or fruity but had a more 'natural' scent.
Great repairing hand cream. It does leave quite a residue, so I prefer to use at night time. I think the smell is a love or hate type of smell, I really like it, very earthy and natural smelling. I like the tube packaging, but the lid can be an issue - easily lost or hard to reapply after using the cream.
This is my Mums favourite hand cream, she has been using it for at least the last ten years and she is the one who got me completely hooked on this affordable but beautiful product! What I love most about this product is the scent- it is not overly sweet it is nice and earthy and it not too overpowering, which I personally like. I also love the effect this product has on my skin. I have quite dry hands and I often get dry skin around/between my fingers during the winter months. This is a rich and thick cream that is super hydrating and will help cure any winter dryness! I also find that it is the perfect texture- a perfect mix between a lightweight texture (so it doesn’t feel to Ricky and sinks in easily) however is rich enough to provide a lovely, thin layer of moisture to protect the skin.
Love this hand creme! My hand is on the very dry skin side and when I used this first time, I feel my dry skin soaked all the moisture and creaminess of the cream and made it feel softer straightaway! My hands feel softer longer and a little goes long the way, one of a very good product from The Body Shop.  Tips: use it at night before sleep if you don’t want your hands feel sticky after. This is a heavy duty hand creme but works really well for dry hand/ after you wash dishes. 
Try before you buy, scent can be polarising!  I read so many good reviews about this and having very dry hands (always washing them due to my job) I needed something to repair them.  I do love the tube packaging but really wish they would change the small screw cap to a flip-top because after I have applied to my hands they are slippery and it's hard to mess around with the little cap and screw it back on.  Another thing I didn't like was the scent, very masculine and I found it clashed with my sweet or floral perfumes (and it lingers for quite a while!).   I did like how it nourished my hands but it did feel quite rich and a little oily, so suitable for me only at night time.  I ended up buying the almond version and love that, this one I gave to my adult son and he loves it.!  Price is great and a little goes a long way so each tube will last ages.
Such a moisturising hand cream to use during winter especially for me with extreme dry skin. The cream has a rich and thick texture which spreads on my hands smoothly and works extremely well on cuticles areas. The cream absorbs onto the skin nicely without feeling sticky or greasy. Also the fragrance is so gentle and not overpowering which I love and have been using day and night.
I love this hand cream. It's got a rich herbal scent and goes on oily and creamy onto my skin. I love how absorbing it is in my skin. I use this cream in my hands and also massage into my cuticles. It keeps my skin from drying and helps maintain a rich hydration in my skin. This cream comes in a foil tube, and you unscrew the lid and squeeze some cream out. Pros: Rich and nicely greasy  Nourishing  Cons: Screw top lid can fall off and disappear  Recommendation:  This is a great hand cream for daily use. It's perfect to apply overnight and wake up with intensely soft hands. Perfect for anyone and any age. 
This hand cream is amazing. It is thick and luxurious and soaks into my skin without leaving it greasy. Only a little is needed to leave my hands soft, moisturised and protected. I use it morning and night and have definitely noticed an improvement in my hands. I think it will come in handy over winter. I love the scent - it smells quite natural and is very subtle. Reminds me of a day spa. I definitely recommend this lotion!
Beautiful hydrating hand cream without any harsh fragrance. I just love this product. The consistency is quite thick and rich so little goes long way. This is an absolute holy grail product for someone like me who ends up with dry cuticles all the time. During summer though, I find it bit too greasy for day time but still remains a key part of my nighttime routine.