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Detoxify skin and unclog pores with The Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. With bamboo charcoal to draw out impurities, the mask is free from parabens and exfoliates skin to leave a youthful glow.


The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask


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If you want clear, bright skin this mask is for you! Being a Body Shop product, it is gentle on the skin but does the job perfectly! I've been trying a few different charcoal products trying to find one that suits and this one takes the cake! It really makes you feel something, as in it tingles your skin but there's something satisfying about that!
I had a sample sachet of this product that was included in an online order with The Body Shop so this review is based on a single use. For reference, I have combination (normal - slightly oily) skin and slight sensitivity around the nose area. I applied this mask after cleansing and drying my face. The texture was a little bit gritty, maybe it was meant for to be exfoliating as you massage and rinse off. Unfortunately, my face stung immediately after application and it wasn’t very pleasant. I persevered and rinsed off after 10 minutes without scrubbing, and noticed that my skin was red and I had to apply other soothing products. I don’t know what caused the stinging. It’s not the charcoal which I have tried before in other products. I don’t think skincare should irritate, so I won’t be trying this again. Maybe this product works for others but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with any sensitivity.
It’s like heaven in a container, oh my I love this product I first received this product as a sample and then went and brought a full size jar because I loved it that much, easy to apply, left my skin feeling amazing for days after application, I use a brush to apply it, less messy that way, I have combination skin and this product was perfect for me, it’s a definite must try if you can get your hands on a sample or call into the body shop do it you won’t regret it.
I'm always drawn to products with detox properties and this one claims to contain Himalayan charcoal... so I was quite curious about trying it out. Lucky for me, I got a sample to try with a purchase from The body shop.  A little truly goes long way - the small sample pack was more than enough for one application. This mask really smells amazing - I love tea tree oil fragrance anyway. When you apply it to clean damp face, it spreads easily, except the chunky leafy bits - which was so annoying. The oils in created a mild cooling tingling effect which I thought added a nice Spa ambiance kind of touch but might irritate someone with sensitive skin.   Like most mud masks, it dried off nicely and when removed with circular massage motion, it removed dead skin cells, leaving my face with a feeling of deep cleanse - but again the leafy bits didn't let me enjoy the experience as much. Good thing I used it in shower, because this mask does create quite a mess.  I would have definitely purchased it if it was a more smooth creamy muddy mask but for now, I'll have to pass. 
Pros: noticeably brightens and tightens skin without that 'tight' or drying feeling Cons: harsh exfoliation and messy! This is one of my favourite masks to come out in the last 5 years and I've tried my fair share of clay, charcoal and sheet masks from around the globe (my dog doesn't recognise my face without one on at home). It has made my pores appear smaller and cleaner while providing an instant glow, great before a big event. It is a very harsh exfoliant so I wouldn't use it more than once a week and I try not to aggressively scrub it off in the shower. The other downside is the seaweed pieces don't stay on very well and can fall off around the house and when applying it. Might not be suitable for dry skin unfortunately.  Will be repurchasing for sure
I bought this product a few months ago and I have seen several positive results. Even though the tub looks small, it lasts for a surprisingly long time. When applying the mask it is cold and soothing, rather than uncomfortable. After drying, I can feel my skin tightening nicely. The only problem for me is that sometimes after removing the mask, I have patches of redness, but after about half an hour later my skin is smooth and glowing.  The price is affordable and worth it. It exfoliates well and works even better with some moisturiser after use. I recommend the product for all skin types because it is effective on my sensitive skin, and I believe it would work just as well on oily or normal skin. 
This mask really does make your skin glow. I first used this product from a sample sachet given to me by a sales team member at a The Body Shop store. The consistency of the mask was creamy to apply and then firmed quickly after application. It was easy to remove with a warm face flannel. After use my skin felt really fresh and rejuvenated. I really liked the earthy mild grey colour that was easy to remove without accident, as opposed to other charcoal masks that have a midnight black colour and are difficult to remove without staining your clothes. The price point is affordable and the product is high quality. The product comes in a tub that is fuss-free. Actually, the whole product experience from application to removal was easy.
I have to say hands down this is the best face mask I have purchased for a long time.  It deliveres exactly what is says. I suffer with large pores on my cheeks and nose and after using this mask they are definitely less noticeable.  Not only that my skin feels so soft and I find it really evens my skin tone out as well.  It's like a detox for your face and if I use at night I do wake up with even glowing skin.  Have been using this product for a month now and would highly recommend to anyone with open pores and oily skin.  I think the price is very reasonable as well. I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future 
I first used this mask from a sample and then loved it so much I bought the full size. I really like using this to get rid of all the dead skin and gunk. Every single time I've used it my skin felt rejuvenated. This is good for both oily and dry skin types as my husband also uses it and you can actually see the clay absorbing to oil that is in his pores.  Although I don't use it all the time, it is the mask that I keep going back to for the following reasons: - It contains natural ingredients  - does not irritate my skin - makes my skin feel amazing after using it  - the tea bits are a great exfoliate - affordable (you get a lot of uses in the jar)  - tea bits don't fall off your face while the mask is drying  - although it is a little chunky, you can still use a flat foundation brush to apply I will definitely buy this again after I have finished the jar!
This face mask is absolutely amazing. It's a really close dupe for the cult classic Glam Glow Supermud, though I think I may like this one even more.  Because it's a charcoal mask, it's great at drawing out all the impurities in your skin. It litterally sucks all the oil out of your pores. It's also got little scrubby bits in it which give a really good exfoliation as you scrub it off.  It leaves skin feel smooth and soft, as well as looking clear and fresh. This is definitely one of my favourite masks.
The body shops Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask draws out impurities from my skin, gently exfoliates to leave my skin glowing and radiant. I can't go past the body shop products and this mask was recommended by a friend to get glowing skin. I love it. The consistency is thick and gritty, though not harsh it's a grey colour, like pale charcoal and it's easy to apply. I just applied, relaxed for 20 minutes and rinses away. It's a little hard to wash off as the little charcoal flakes stick, my tip is to use a warm face washer, it really helps. Afterwards my skin is super clean and fresh and it feels unbelievably smooth and soft. It looks brighter, radiant, more youthful, it absolutely glows, no impurities left. It unclogs pores to avoid blemishes and even smells great. The product comes with a handy spatula to keep the product hygienic which is another plus for me. I also love that it's free from parabens as I love a natural product. At $40.00 I think this product is great value, cheaper than a day spa, same results, it exfoliates, reduces oil, unclogs pores, leaves skin soft and radiant. The only downside is it's a little messy, but aren't all masks. Love this and highly recommend it.
I have tried out a lot of masks. When I first got this one, I didn't expect too much from it. BUT WHAT DO YOU KNOW IT IS A M A Z I N G! It leaves my skin feeling sooooo fresh after use, and my pores feel unclogged. My skin also feels so clean and soft after washing this off. When first applied, it may sting a little, but I didn't react to it after washing it off. It is fairly a big tub and the price is worth it.
Unless you have been living under some metaphorical rock (or just not into skincare...after all,it can happen,right ??? ),then you will know that charcoal is truly a skincare "must have" for the deepest,purist clean you can get.Of late,it seems that every company and it's competitor is bringing out a charcoal something...mask / cleanser / detox pad,to do what some have known for eons. The Body Shop has gone very spa like of late,and this Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask is just the ticket to get those pores feeling (and looking) like you have just had a vacuum go over them and make spring clean not just for your home. What i like about The Body Shop,is the whole "fair trade" ethos for their ingredients,and this offering is no locals jobs to sustain  a lifestyle that is not about a handout.So,what's in it ? Bamboo Charcoal from Himalayan foothills – Absorbs minerals, toxins, impurities and other harmful substances from skin, making it stronger and healthier. It also acts as a natural exfoliator to remove dead skin cells Community Trade Tea Tree Oil from Kenya – Known for its healing, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Also known for helping with acne and many skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, etc. Kaolin,Moroccan Lava Clay - two clay additions,to draw out impurities and detox skin. Green Tea Leaves from Japan – Contains antioxidants and is also used to treat acne. If this all sounds a little "Not for my drier,not 25 anymore" to you,then hold can be.This mask is definitely a lot thicker and grainier that other purifying/detox masks I’ve tried,and as we know,exfoliation is a major factor when anti - ageing is concerned (so if used once a week,drier skins CAN try this and not feel as if any precious sebum has been stripped from your visage).For those who WANT a little more mattifying,the addition of the Tea Tree oil and the charcoal will ensure that you get just that...but gently (yet thoroughly). The mask looks as you would imagine...muddy,raw,with obvious exfoliant particles and not for use on pale carpet,with a very pleasant,organic / earthy scent that still feels very spa -esque,housed in a very bench worthy 75ml amber - ish in hue glass jar with a beautiful aqua label containing the product name and The Body Shop logo...all very lux feeling.All very nice,but what about the all important usage and results ? When i applied this (in a thin will take forever to dry otherwise),i could immediately feel an extremely pleasant tingling sensation come over my skin...not in a "get this off,get it off NOW" at all,but rather a mild "this is truly working,and i cannot wait to see my "after" skin way...and I kind of like it.Add to that a divine cooling effect on the skin (which will have you reaching for this almost daily during the upcoming summer season),and you have a treatment that feels every bit as good as it works.After washing off the face mask (leave on for not more than 20 mins,lest you come out with a drier than you may want skin,that will react back at you by going into sebum producing overdrive),the cooling sensation still stays behind for a moment..and feels divine. My face feels soft and deeply cleansed,and i am rewarded with an added glow to my skin which is totally amazing (the clays and charcoal to thank for that) and thanks to those exfoliating additions,i also have a smoothness that just makes applying my following skincare a treat. As mentioned previously,any skin type CAN use this...just vary the number of uses per week and adjust your after care products accordingly. I also must mention that at $40,this (along with whatever skincare from The Body Shop's spa type range that suits your needs) makes for an "at home" spa experience to rival whatever you may have had at an actual salon (and this jar will last you the season easily with twice a week application).A must try for everyone in your home (women,men and teens will love it). TIP:Get the very best results possible from this by doing a little trick - when moistening to remove the mask,rather than just rinse and remove,gently massage the softened mixture into the skin to add a deep exfoliation to the process.Your skin will not only be deeply cleansed,BUT it will also be deeply smoothed by the removal of those pesky dead skin cells that prevent following products to do their best absorption.
Pros Price Exfoliates  Skin feels clean and tight (but not uncomfortable) cooling (menthol?)  Cons Aggressive exfoliation in the mask - i try not to rub it around on active open acne or sensitive areas lumpy nature of the seaweed in it means bits can fall off and make a mess Overall this is my favourite mask for my acne prone, oily skin. Having tried more expensive charcoal masks this one remains my go to before a night out because it gives me a glowing face and the smell and tingling sensation wakes me up! Would recommend to anyone who doesn't have super dry or sensitive skin
This is a really good charcoal mask! I received a few samples of this and it worked so well I bought a jar! I have combination skin that can be sensitive and this mask was fine. Initially, I experienced a tingling sensation but it didn't lead to any irritation.  The mask is nice and thick and easy to apply. Upon removing the mask, my skin is soooo soft and glowing. If I use the mask regularly, my skin is less oily and my breakouts are reduced.  One tip I would give is to always moisturise after to combat any dryness that may occur!
I have fairly normal skin that is prone to sensitivity on my Tzone area and also is on the oily side over the Tzone.  So while I need to use a good purifying masque on a regular basis, it is also a challenge finding one that doesn't irritate my skin.  Many a masque has made my skin itch or burn, but not this one. It really suits my skin to a tee. Combining the purifying benefits of Charcoal and natural exfoliation ingredients, this is a masque I am very happy to use on a regular basis now.  Got to love a 2 in 1 product that delivers everything it promises. I was a bit worried about how messy Charcoal may be, but have found it wasn't an issue. I always make sure I apply it over my bathroom sink and wash my hands thoroughly as soon as I've finished applying it.  The masque feels fantastic on my skin, and dries in a reasonable timeframe.  I have found the removal stage to not be as arduous as expected - I like to use large size cotton ovals and lots of warm water to remove every last trace. Afterwards, my skin feels super clean, fresh, and ready for my serum and moisturiser.  Using this on a regular basis has made a genuine, significant change to how my skin looks and feels.  I highly recommend this for anyone with oily, combination of normal skin types. If your skin is on the sensitive side I'd suggest a little patch test, just to be safe.  It's such a great masque, I really look forward to my weekly sessions!
I first was introduced to this product when I got a little sample package when I bought a product from the Body Shop and when I opened it was a bit course and grainy and I didn't mind the texture but the sensation of it on your face is amazing because it didn't irritate my skin but take caution because every skin type different and mine just happened to not have a reaction so you should probably read ingredients before applying. When I put it on my face it was really cooling and I could just walk around the house and wait for it to finish doing it's job without worrying about it going all over the place. The smell reminded me of a forest, like a really nature inspired aroma which was quite refreshing. Washing it off wasn't all that breezy but I didn't need to claw it off I think it was just because of the texture which made it a bit scrub like. No joke, it actually has a straight away effect because my skin looked brighter and felt baby soft. The only down side is that the sample didn't have enough for two uses (because it's only a sample I didn't expect it to) so within the week I just had to go grab myself a tub of this magic maker. Definitely a must when your having that relaxing, kick back and chill day.
I love a good charcoal face mask and this has become one of my favourites! I was really unsure about it at first by the texture, which is quite thick and clumpy. But once I applied it to my face I was immediately a fan. It is thick, so you only need a small amount to cover your whole face. If you leave it for 10 to 15 minutes it will set and you can start to see it getting deep into your pores, particularly on my nose (well I certainly noticed it getting deep into my pores around my nose....) I found I needed a lot of water and a little bit of cleanser to completely remove this face mask, however the slightly clumpy texture meant that it gave a gentle exfoliation as you remove it (bonus!)
I got samples of this product from The Parcel and unfortunately my skin itchy on the second use. The sachet sample is not enough to cover the whole face so I have to spread it thinly. My 1st use was glorious as it left my skin so soft and refreshed. However, on my 2nd use, the tingling sensation turned into itchiness right away so I have to rinse my face. I was hoping this will be a new favorite but I won't buy this product due to my reaction which is surprising since I don't have sensitive skin.
AMAZING! This face mask is like no other! The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask is one of the best mud exfoliating masks that I have every used. Not only does it smell great but it feels great too. I try to use this at least twice a week. This mask deeply cleanses my skin and makes me feel extremely fresh. I use a brush to apply. You can really feel the mud texture as you apply it onto your skin. As I apply it onto my skin it starts off thick and wet and then suddenly dries up and tightens my skin. The drying process takes about 5-10 minutes. I have combination oily skin so for me it takes about 8 minutes to dry up fully.  While the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask sits on my face it slowly dries up and turns into a hard clay mask. There is a cold tingling sensation that occurs as the mask dries but it actually feels very nice and refreshing. I personally like wearing face masks that I can feel because I know it is doing something to my skin. I love the fact that I can see that this mask visibly works. The benefit of this mask is that it exfoliates the skin skin too. The tingling sensation is to detoxify and unclog the skin which is good for releasing toxins and impurities. This mask gives me a healthy fresh glow. My skin feels extremely different after I use this mask. My pores feel more refined and skin feels detoxified. I use a hot towel to take the mask off as it can get very dry and tight on my face. It actually feels like wiping concrete off my face but the heated towel lets the mask literally melt off my skin and leaves me feeling smooth. Just make sure you moisturise your face after you take the mask off as your face does feel very dry, but once you add your moisturiser you'll feel amazing! Thanks to this Himalayan gem, my skin feels amazingly clear and I would absolutely recommend buying this beautifully packed product if you are looking for a purifying and intensive mask that gradually unclogs your pores and gives you that extra exfoliation. The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask is an amazing buy and so worth the price. Honestly one of the best products I have used. You must try this!