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The Body Shop Oils Of Life™ Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream

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The Body Shop Oils Of Life™ Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream is a lightweight gel-cream moisturiser. It is infused with three cold-pressed precious seed oils to replenish and revitalise skin, leaving the complexion radiant and hydrated with a non-greasy finish.


The Body Shop Oils Of Life™ Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream


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This product is becoming a favorite of mine.  I have an oily skin that tends to get very dehydrated.  Because of my oil I hate the feel of anything on my skin.  This product hydrated my skin but kept it feel fresh.  My skin felt really youthful after using for a few days.  The product smells amazing.
The Body Shop is a brand i have started to come back to of late,due to the vast range of beautiful new products that have come out ...and this product was the main reason i returned. I got this as a sample when i purchased another product initially,but when i tried it out,i fell for it hard...and i use it more often than not because of that love. The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream is a lightweight gel-cream moisturiser that is the star product for me in the Oils of Life range.As it describes,it is a beautifully textured,lightweight gel / cream hybrid that nourishes even the driest of skins (thanks to the mix of lush ingredients like black cumin seed oil, camellia seed oil, and rosehip seed oil to name a few) without the weighty feel that some deeply moisturising products can have.I know,all of this means nothing if this doesn;t give results,so does it ? YEP,it sure does.After a week of using twice a day,i saw my skin look dewier,little lines seem less obvious AND my skin feel nothing short of silk (and after i did my microdermabrasion....GET OUT,my skin was fabulous).Another great plus is the completely nurtured feel you are left with after using you truly have just stepped out from a lush hippy day spa, but at the same time it is a light feel cream that works under your makeup well. I also must mention (while we're on the whole spa feel) that i LOOOOVE,love the boholuxe type scent - really earthy,deeply soothing and relaxing,and the delicate colour of the cream just adds to the whole experience - a very pale yellow cream colour that suits the scent.Now to get a little shallow and look at the packaging. The jar that houses this stunning product is a beautiful sunny yellow glass,with a gloss black top and a sexy little gold label across the front....perfect to show of on your vanity or bathroom bench,and the fact that it is 50mls means that you can take this with you on your travels. Now i know that i have been touting this as a drier skinned saviour,BUT you oilier skinned guys (yes hubby was hooked on the feel this had post shave,he loved the softness it gave his skin AND he was addicted to the sheen this gave his skin "look how shiny my skin is" he would proudly exclaim) and girls should investigate this beauty.As a night cream,you may well find this is perfect for the colder / drier months to soothe wind chapped / indoor heating induced dryness,and everyone will wonder how you lived without the pampering this gives. TIP:Are you like me and super dry / dehydrated skinned ? Mix this baby with the Oils of Life oil at night to get a new lease of life pumped into your summer weary skin.
This product has turned out to be just so perfect for my skin. My skin type is combination and this lovely gel works just perfectly for me. It gets absorbed so quickly and leaves my face smelling like the freshness after first rain. Not too heavy and not too light - just perfect. I absolutely love how my skin feels afterwards. I prefer applying it at night and every time it feels like a little touch of spa style pampering. Over the past few months that I have been using it, I can see quite a bit of difference in my skin's tone and texture. Not hydrating enough for winter but I can always layer it with a face oil or a more moisturizing serum.