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The Body Shop Polynesian Island Tiarè Eau De Toilette

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The Body Shop Polynesian Island Tiarè Eau De Toilette is a floral perfume inspired by the Polynesian Tiare flower. The fresh, tropical scent features top notes of bergamot and real orange essence with base notes of coconut and vanilla.


The Body Shop Polynesian Island Tiarè Eau De Toilette


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As a scent, tiaré is quite hard to is at once tropical and fresh,yet also wildly sexy and free - just like the beautiful Polynesian Islands that this flower ( found mostly on the island of Tahiti) is from. This fresh,tropical scent features: Top Notes:Bergamot,Orange Heart Notes:Tiaré,Frangipani,Ylang-ylang and finally, Base Notes:Coconut, Vanilla that add a warmth and subtlety to it...and a tropical feel that will have you believing you are about to be lei-ed by some exotic sun kissed Islander (perfect as we enter the warmer months, and a tiny consolation for those of us who may not actually get to experience aforementioned fantasy). This together makes for a "summer in a bottle" mix that you may want to start using even now...when the mercury is still a little low,this is a promise of the warmth and carefree times to come. The Body Shop has created some fantastic scents over the last few years,and this one is a Boho Chic dream come true for me (this type of tropical cocktail is me in a bottle pretty much),and they have truly raised the bar with both the fragrances themselves AND the presentation we are offered them in.This 50ml bottle is quite heavyish in weight,and made of thicker glass than we have come to know of The Body Shop,so it certainly FEELS a lot more lux than the (around) $30 it costs,and the subtle faceting of the glass only adds to that impression when gazed upon on your dressing table.It is an EDT,so whilst it is a little less long wearing than an EDP,it still has a good 4-5 hours of compliment inducing fragrance to live in (having said that,i feel this is more your daytime fragrance than something to hit a bar by the beach at night in) Oh,and if all THAT exotic mix of Tiare,coconut and frangipani doesn't have you seeing palms swaying and hearing waves crashing,then that golden yellow hued juice certainly will have you forgetting that you aren't exactly on a sun drenched beach. I am going to be living in this this summer,and spraying it EVERYWHERE...want to join me ? I recommend you try,no passport required. TIP:The Body shop has a range of products with this fragrance,so layer them to make the scent last until you want to change it.OR, why not get creative and try some similar noted Body Shop shower gels and body butters to make a scent that will be guaranteed to become yours alone ?
yum yum this little bottle smells like a tropical isalnd holiday without having to go away. It is so delicious with its notes of coconut and vanilla, so fresh, its scent of polynesian flowers is divine along with notes of fresh orange. the bottle is so lovely and looks quite expensive. At $29 you cant go wrong and the fragrance lasts really well, plus you only need to use a small amount so it lasts. A little holiday in a bottle, which I would recommend buying for its feel good factor
I really like this fragrance, it is really pretty, sweet and feminine.  It is also lovely and fresh, airy and breezy and perfect for the spring and summer seasons.  It really does capture and remind me of the warm, intoxicating, balmy weather that I just love.  It is a wonderfully dreamy fragrance.