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The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel

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The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel is a soap-free shower cream. The nourishing formula contains cold-pressed strawberry seed oil and Community Trade honey from Ethiopia to gently cleanse the skin and leave it feeling soft.


The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel


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Yum! Smells divine, artificial strawberry candy like sweet scent. Love. Suds well as it contains SLSs. I use it daily and still it does not dry my skin out. Just cleans the skin and leaves it naturally soft. I can easy use it when shaving as well. Shaver glides well when soaped up with this gel. The whole bathroom and living room smell of the shower gel. Have used mango, limited edit berry and them all
Smells absolutely amazing and I don't even like strawberries! I love the smell and love the vibrant colour. This wash not only smells great in the bottle, but smells great on the skin as well and lasts all day or night, I always catch hints of the smell as I go about my day.
Nice product. Great size for price. Smells amazing. The body shop is cruelty free so that’s a big plus but I’m not sure how well this actually cleans your skin. I didn’t feel like it totally did the job I was hoping for. But nonetheless made my shower smell fresh.
This is a beautiful product. I love the body shop products and this strawberry shower gel smells divine, it leaves my skin smelling like fresh strawberries, its really pretty and the scent subtly lingers. it lathers up really well and leaves my skin clean and fresh. Its budget friendly and the flip top bottle is easy to use. I love to have a bottle of this at all times on my shower shelf. Pretty bottle, pretty scent and super clean skin. Whats not to love? I would absolutely recommend this product.
Ultimately I found this body wash a bit too sweet for me, but if you are into sweet and fruity body washes than this is likely for you. The formula itself is great, producing a nice amount of lather as well as working great on a loafer or show puff.
I have grown up using The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel and it still smells as fresh and beautiful as it always has. Being soap-free it is family friendly and can be used as a shower gel or for a bubble bath. The formula is non-drying and we have never had any problems with irritation. It lathers up nicely and smells mouth-wateringly delicious  I would recommend this shower gel to all the Strawberry Hubba Bubba fans out there.
Body shop body wash does anyone need to say more,  all of them are beautiful smelling but I specially love the strawberry, smells just like a strawberry, leaves ur skin feeling fresh and nourished, lathers well on a puff and the scent lasts. Pros; great smelling a scent that’s lasts on your skin Cons; bottles bigger and pump size would be nice
The Strawberry shower gel from The Body Shop is absolutely to die for! The strawberry scent is so sweet and delicious - it's like washing myself in lazy summer days every time I use it. It provides a nice amount of lather and leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated. And smelling of sweet strawberries, which is just a nice bonus. The flip top transparent bottle makes for easy storage in my shower caddy too!
This body wash smells amazing!!! It is so fruity and fresh and is lovely to use in the shower and leaves your skin smelling just as yummy. I am not sure how good this is for your skin but I have not irritation or allergic reaction. I love all of the body shops body washes!