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Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP

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Black Orchid EDP is a rich, modern yet timeless fragrance with dark accords. It features notes of black truffle, black orchid, black plum, noir gourmand accord and patchouli.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 30mL and 100mL.


Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP


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Intense! The most intense perfume I have ever worn! Bottle is so elegant. Scent strong, so you bet 'less is more' apply here as a must. I own both white and black orchid, black is heavy, while white is light.  This one has heavy scent that stays on for hours if not days on my clothing! Gives such a strange power feel, drive and elegance. I am in love with woody scents and not a floral person, so this fragrance is perfect as it has top notes of few florals and base very heavy: incense, sandalwood, patchouli, my fave vanilla and balsam. Warm, spicy, rich, super long lasting. Black magic perfume, very overpowering so be careful where you wear it! Definitely not on a meditation class or a business meeting. And remember, just tiny bit is enough!
Black Orchid is such a rich, luxe, indulgent fragrance.  It actually reminds me of a beautiful red wine - in fact, one night while I was drinking a particularly enjoyable red wine, it struck me that the flavour palette reminded me of Black Orchid!  Earthy, a bit plummy, chocolatey. and slightly woody.  This is an ideal winter warmer of a fragrance as the richness of the perfume makes me feel like I'm snuggled up next to a warm fireplace in an exclusive ski resort wearing my favourite knee high leather boots and cashmere wrap.  Pure luxury and sophistication.
I absolutely love this perfume - from the beautiful sleek and textured black and gold bottle to the gorgeous scent that develops from a lightly sweet and floral fragrance to further notes of woody amber and patchouli.  Spicy, oriental, and sweet, this is a very sexy fragrance that I use more in cooler weather; it can be a little overpowering in summer temperatures.  Long lasting and smells so opulent - I love it!
One of my favourite fragrances of all time, Tom Ford Black Orchid is my signature scent and it has been for many years. It lives up to its hype and for me, I gravitate towards it because it is something a little bit “different” and mysterious. I love that it is both timeless yet modern with a twist. I think it would be best described as a oriental, spicy floral fragrance.  Scent  It has a dark woody base combining notes of amber, vetiver and vanilla with top notes of jasmine and ylang-ylang. The scent is very opulent, dark and long lasting. It also evolves throughout the day, as the top notes shine through. If I spray it on in the morning the scent will last until night time without fail. It is more of a “night time” scent  but I enjoy it so much that I am using it as my everyday.  Packaging  The fragrance is contained in a dark sleek glass bottle which looks elegant and luxurious on your dresser. It also reflects the personality of the perfume itself.   Tips It is definitely a unique, standout scent and I constantly receive compliments and questions on what perfume I'm wearing. It might not appeal to everyone depending on your personal preferences and what fragrance families you prefer (i.e florals, woody, citrus). It is something I would try out first the next time you find yourself in the fragrance floor of a department store and wear it throughout the day to see how it sits with your tastes and body chemistry  For me personally, I'm a huge fan of Tom Ford and have found his fragrance line to be top quality and a standout amongst the overcrowded sea of perfumes.  
Oh my gosh, can this perfume be any more beautiful! I have found that this is definitely worth the price. The scent is strong and sexy. The packaging is stunning and very easy to hold. My mother also loves the fragrance which shows that it is a scent that can be suited to all ages. Every time I wear this I get compliments and it is long lasting!
Just by looking at the bottle you know it's going to be dark and decadent and Tom Ford's Black Orchid doesn't disappoint.  I decided to try it as it had so many rave reviews and purchased it online without even smelling it. I fell in love when I sprayed it the first time, it's a dark, mysterious scent but also has tones of sweetness.   It's uplifting and I feel really great when I wear it.  It is such a change from the perfumes I normally wear that are rose or have floral tones.  I get many compliments when I wear Black Orchid, it's such an unusual scent but very memorable.  It does last, late into the afternoon and  I can still smell the beautiful dark woody, floral scent.  It is well worth a try, if not test it out for a few days and see how the fragrance develops. It's a scent that is like no other. 
This perfume is amazing! It's not for the faint hearted. It is like nothing I have  ever smelled. It has a powerful opening, earthy, boozy, dark, slightly dangerous, intoxicating. The truffle note is brilliant, so thick it feels like velvet on the skin. My favourite part is the drydown to the base notes, Noir gourmand, Patchouli, Incense and Vetiver. I find it fresh, deep, mysterious and sexy. The sillage and longevity are truly epic.
A true classic! This is one of my favs & my signature scent that I always have in my collection. It is almost a unisex fragrance with its rich moody, woody, sweet scent. Whenever i wear this I get comments and stopped to ask what I am wearing. Whilst you do pay a slight premium for Tom Ford it is absolutely worth it (+ it stays on for a long time). I would highly recommend this product to someone looking for something sexy, moody and a little different!
This is a stunning fragrance, one of my all time favourites. This is a deep, woody and spicy scent that compliments me very well. I love the dark almost smokey, sexy quality it has after a few hours of wear. The initial spray is nothing compared to the scent that develops over a few hours with great sillage. Worth the investment!
This is my all time favourite. Sexy, dark, very feminine but masculine at the same time. Oriental, smells luxurious, very long lasting. For strong women. The bottle is amazing too, black with the gold rope around the deck of the bottle. I found out about this fragrance while reading Michael Jackson biography. He used to wear it. I bought it straight after I found out about it. Perfect for a confident, sensual woman. Can be worn during the day but better at night.