TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment

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TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment is a protective treatment, which is applied before blow-drying and heat styling to keep strands fixed in place as you straighten, delivering a long-lasting, smooth and frizz-resistant style. The non-damaging formula contains keratin to help hair maintain its smooth finish for up to seven days, even through washes.


TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Heat Activated Treatment


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First off, what is it? Tresemme aims to deliver keratin straight hair without the price tag, and this can be done at home without anything fancier than a hair dryer and straightener. Basically, you use all three products, then blow dry your hair, followed by straightening the hair and you've got strands that will behave themselves. Do this whole cycle seven times, and you're meant to get similar results for up to four washes without needing to go through it all. Having straight Asian hair, I didn't think this would really do much for me, so it was a pleasant surprise when I found my hair being more manageable, with a bit of bounce and body to it. I get a whiff of vanilla, magnolia and musk every time I flip the lid off the shampoo and conditioner. Sadly, the scents don't linger. All three products have a thick consistency, and are all a creamy shade. I will say that the first day after use, my hair felt like it had a bit of residue left in it, but that disappeared overnight, and I also ended up reducing the amount of treatment I was putting through my hair, which really helped, and didn't reduce the efficiency of the range. While the tresses have been tamed sufficiently by the range, the biggest difference has been with my ponytail. As a daily ponytail wearer, I have noticed less frizz, as well as less of a bump when removing my hair tie. It has also taken less time, as well as less brushing, to get rid of the kink left behind by having my hair up all day.  As my hair is quite thick and heavy, having more body as well certainly is a bonus. My tip is to use less of the treatment than recommended on the box. 8 to 10 pumps just end up being too rich. I would suggest 4 pumps, which has worked remarkably well, not to mention that this is also a case of a little going a long way! The products all retail for $10.99, and the shampoo and conditioner both come in a flip lid tube of 250 ml, and the treatment is a pump bottle of 120 ml, which can also be locked in place so that you can take it travelling with you. Overall, I've been very satisfied with these products, and I'm now tempted to try them out on someone else's hair, just to see how it would perform.
I love this product. The price is right, the fragrance light & it delivers what it promises. I've previously used products that are twice the price & haven't actually been as good as this. I'm cursed with fine, fly-away hair that's prone to frizziness but this manages to tame my hair, leaving it silky & smooth. Finally, I've got the hair that's always eluded me! I suspect it would be great for all hair types, but I can definitely recommend it for fine hair.