TRESemmé Beauty-Full Blow-Dry Crème

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TRESemmé Beauty-Full Blow-Dry Crème is a conditioning hairstyling product enriched with fleximax volumisers and fibre polishing actives to improve manageability, control frizz and boost volume.


TRESemmé Beauty-Full Blow-Dry Crème


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I have short hair which is high maintenance in the styling department.  It’s not as though I can whip it into a ponytail or pile it on my head, it actually has to be styled every day.  So I am always adding styling products to my stash.    What I look for in a hair styling product is shine, frizz control, heat protection and something to boost volume otherwise my hair falls flat.  Once I started using the TRESemme Beauty-Full Blow Dry Crème I realised just how much the product ticked all my boxes.    I apply the crème, after shampooing and conditioning my hair, working from roots to tip, and then I blow dry my hair.  I only need a small amount of the silky soft, white crème which has the most delightful smell.    This product is a super hair maximiser.  I can’t believe how much volume the crème adds to my hair.  It lifts and provides bounce while at the same time keeping my hair straight without any frizz.  I finish the whole process by straightening my hair.    Since I’ve been using TRESemme Beauty-Full Blow Dry Crème I’ve been able to extend the days between washes because on those days I use my hot air styler to keep my style looking good.   Top marks to TRESemme for such a great product.  
This was by far my favorite of the reverse conditioning treatment trio. The tube dispenser is quite handy and makes getting the right amount of product out easy (you only need a little!) It is a rich creamy lotion that smells absolutely divine- a beautiful feminine floral, leaves my hair quite shiny and thicker feeling, and fixes up some of the dryness leftover from the shampooing previously. 
I love tresemme products and was interested to try this reverse system, after conditioning and shampooing I applied a small amount of this blow dry creme and styled as normal. I really loved the results, my hair was easy to style, the creme feels luxurious and you only need a small amount. it left my hair with volume and no frizz, a huge plus for me as i love super sleek hair. I loved the creme did not go sticky and it had a lovely smell so that was a plus. This gives a professional result and I would buy this product again
It feels luxurious combing through the hair, and you only need a tiny bit. I have fine hair, and intrigued by the reverse system. It makes perfect sense really. I'd definitely recommend trying it to anyone that is interested - it might be the answer to fuller, bouncier hair that you're looking for!
This product is amazing!! It gives me so much extra body in my blow-dry. The texture is lovely and doesn't leave your hands sticky. The smell is also divine. For the price of the product you really get your bang for your buck. Will buy again over and over.
I absolutely love this product - it is perfect for adding volume to my hair! I have frizzy yet flat hair and I have never found a product that can actually help give me smooth yet voluminous locks. I definitely recommend using as part of the three step system, this really helps to complete the process.
I thought this product was great, I generally avoid styling products (unless sea salt spray which I let drip dry) however as it was part of the system I used. I was happy with results, my hair felt smooth and it didn't weigh my hair down. I only used a small amount, and felt like that was just enough - it also smelt nice.
The product smells nice however there is not much of it. I have thick, coarse, dry and frizzy hair, as such I found I needed to use alot of the product to cover all of my hair, in which case this product would run out quite quickly. It has a medium level hold and non-sticky texture, but compared to many other styling products on the market, this one did not do much in terms of volume at all.
I gave this product 4 stars as I really like the aspect of an after-shower product due to my frizz-prone hair. My hair is very long and fine. I tend not to over process it and so I don't often blow dry my hair however I used this product (about 20c piece size) and finger combed it through my wet hair, before wrapping up for a bit then letting down later to dry more thoroughly. Whilst I didn't find the complete reverse system a winner for my hair the creme was probably the best of the three products I tried. I found too much of this and my hair would turn so oily, too little and I would have frizzball hair the next day. I will continue to use this product after washing my hair however I won't purchase as I find there are definitely better options out there.
I have long and thick hair however I usually prefer to leave it to air dry rather than blow dry as I feel it damages the hair. I used this product after the reverse shampoo and conditioner system and I found it had a lovely scent. My hair didn't feel weighed down by product which was a very good sign, however I still had the tell-tale fly aways of a blow out. My blow dry felt as it does usually, so I can't exactly tell what the product did in terms of volume. Hair did however look lovely and shiny. For the price point I think it's a nice enough product if you are just after a little "something".
Whilst I loved the conditioner and the shampoo, I felt the blow-dry creme was not as great. It smells really nice, a lot sweeter/more floral than the shampoo/conditioner. The consistency is quite thick, almost like a gel/moisturiser. You only need to use a very small amount, but I still felt like it left my hair with a little greasy/oily residue by the end of the day. I thought it was a nice touch to the shampoo and conditioner sequence, but would only recommend it on nights out/going out, because it felt a little too heavy to use on a daily basis. Overall, great range! If I were to recommend the products, it would definitely be the shampoo and conditioner.
The TRESemmé Beauty-Full Blow-Dry Crème is the last touch to the great reverse washing system. I really enjoyed using these three products and was very interested in what the outcome would feel and look like. This product was a great creme to control the frizz and boost a little volume. It was super light and and not greasy at all. I felt that it mixed well alongside its shampoo and conditioner and did in fact give me that shine and volume my hair needed. Once applied it was a little sticky but after I had blow dried my hair, it was feeling very smooth. This product added that little oomph without feeling too heavy or oily. A great smoothing product which made it so much easier to brush out to the ends of my hair. I would recommend only using a small amount of the cream so that it does not affect the volume of the hair. Overall a good product but only to be used with the conditioner and shampoo in the same range as I feel it is more effective when used all together. Smells great! 
Last of the three step system, I find this product is great for getting rid of the fuzz and making my hair sit nicely after blow drying. It gives that extra moisture boost, which my hair greatly appreciates. I do not feel that it is overly volumnising but smells nice and feels light . It does not make my hair greasy/ overly shiny. This is perfect for everyday use and I like only a small amount is needed which means this will last longer. This leave in product is worth trying and will provide a nice touch of moisture and finish to the hair routine. I will most likely keep using the whole system and my hair does look healthier. Even better that it will not be a strain on those with a budget.
This was my favourite product in the reverse range. It smells great and did seem to leave my hair smooth but bouncy. I enjoy using the lotion before blow drying and do feel like it affects the volume of my hair. Probably the thing I would buy out of the range.
I don't usually use a specific blow dry cream, but after using this, I think I will. Even without the shampoo and conditioner, this made my hair seem more voluminous and lush. You only need a small dollop and it spreads through the hair easily. The packaging is also very convenient, because it comes in a simple, travel-friendly squeezy tube.
I used this with the shampoo and conditioner and noticed great results. I did find that it was important to blow dry my hair to get the best overall result. It did minimise the about of time I spent blow drying my hair and left my hair feeling smooth, just about frizz free and feeling light but with excellent volume. The smell was great a lasted a few days which made my hair seem cleaner. I did notice a bit there was a bit of build up but wasn't sure if I had used too much. I probably wouldn't use it every time, but for going out or styling my hair nicely, I would use this product. Overall this Tresemme line was a pleasent change from previous products, and I will be purchasing it in the future.
product left no residue on the hair which was great when trying to stretch a shampoo out over a few days. The creme was definitely lightweight like the other products in the range. Personally however I found it offered no more than a beautiful scent for the hair and minimal volume. Certainly was one product that could be skipped in the blow dry process.
I trialled this product along side the reverse system and unlike the shampoo and conditioner, I have continued to pick this product up!  It leaves my hair beautifully soft and shiny, and hydrated the ends without weighing the rest of my hair down  For the price, I would definitely recommend trying it. 
I absolutely loved this product, as most of the time my hair will usually take quite a while to dry sometimes overnight but after using this creme I was able to blow dry and style my hair quicker than I have ever been able to before, an outstanding product that will be on my repurchasing list.
Nicely scented and good value for money, however even though I blow-dried my hair after using this creme, I really didn't see any noticeable difference from a volume perspective. It didn't weigh my hair down, and made it shiny and smooth, but this was the extent of it. I also feel the application of this meant I had to wash my hair more often than usual, as my hair felt/looked dirty more quickly than usual. Overall I think the shampoo and conditioner in this three-step system are nicely suited to each other and achieve a little extra volume, but the creme doesn't really add anything but heat protection and softness.