TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner

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TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner is a volume boosting conditioner that can be used prior to shampooing the hair. The pre-wash conditioner works to protect and condition fine hair without weighing it down.


TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner


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I was quite interested to try the reverse conditioning trio as it was such a unique and innovative idea. The conditioner is a thick, rich cream and smells lovely -a pretty mild floral. It feels rather odd applying this before the shampoo for sure and I never really could get used to it. I gave it a fair try though over a few weeks but it simply did not work for my hair. The conditioner was great and lefr my hair nice and soft but when I used the shampoo after this, my hair was left rather dry and unmanageable. 
I used this product before washing my hair as I was curious about a reverse regime. I have very thick hair and felt this was not suitable for my hair type, I also used the shampoo but will stick to shampooing then conditioning in future to combat frizz and leave my hair smooth and sleek as i always straighten it, I feel this product would be great for fine hair so it does not get weighed down in product, tresemme products are great, however this system was not suitable for me
I have thick, coarse, frizzy and dry hair, I would not recommend this product for people with this hair type as the end result does not leave hair sleek enough for manageable styling and the volume effect is quite minimal. The product smells nice and is priced very well, however I would stick with using other products to achieve volume.
While I like the innovative idea of this system and commend TRESemme for thinking of those who don't have perfect hair I really wasn't that impressed with the system. I found my hair was either too dry after not conditioning last or too oily trying to makeup for that with too much finishing creme. I won't be purchasing this product.
I have long, thick hair so I go through conditioner like there is no tomorrow! (Especially as I wash my hair every night)  I was excited to try this reverse method however I was also sceptical as I love the feeling of soft silky hair that my conditioner normally leaves. The smell of this conditioner was lovely and the product itself was reasonably thick. I have to admit that it left my hair feeling lovely and silky as many of my high end products do but it was a bit odd not having a clean scalp beforehand. I did find that after the shampoo it wasn't as silky but my hair did have a lot of volume. Overall I think it's a great purchase for the price point (and size) of the bottle.
I was initially very sceptical about using the conditioner before the shampoo, but it definitely worked for my hair. The product is great, it smells very fresh and luxurious yet not too overpowering. The consistency was a little runnier than usual conditioners, but it worked well with my hair. I left it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing off and applying the shampoo. My hair felt lighter and more voluminous after using both products in sequence. I loved the movement that it gave my hair!
To condition my hair first before shampoo is something I would never have thought of doing. Surprisingly I actually really liked the reverse washing system. The TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner gave my hair a super soft and silky feeling. I like that I was able to condition all of my hair including the roots because it isn't something I usually do when I condition my hair because I get oily fast but this system actually made my hair feel super soft and fresh and smelt great! I really liked this conditioner and would use it again. I liked the effect it gave my hair and loved that it was different and not your traditional way of washing - this made it more fun. I definitely had more volume, although it was hard to get used to conditioning first, it is a good product to use if you use the full 3 step system. 
Really enjoyed the reverse shampoo and conditioner concept. My hair gets very dry...especially on the ends and this first step conditioner adds some much needed moisture. I am also trying to grow my hair and with that am experiencing more knots, which I hate. It is great for detangling. I use everyday, leaving on for a few minutes before shampooing. It does not make my hair oily and heavy and I find that I can go for two/three days without getting that gross  'wish I washed today' hair feeling. Definitely would recommend for people with flat, dry hair. I will most likely keep using.
This conditioner is quite good, smells nice and leaves my hair soft. I'm not sure the reverse system is particularly revolutionary, it doesn't seem to make a huge difference apart from to confuse me! The conditioner smells nice and does work but I'm not sure I'd go to great lengths to buy it.
I was sent this conditioner to trial and do a review. Overall I think this conditioner is a great product. It was a good thickness and left my hair feeling soft which is what I like. The scent was enjoyable and reminded me of salon quality products. There was no residue build up in my hair, and I noticed a difference in the level of volume in my hair. The product was easy to rinse out. I would recommend this product, and I would buy again along with the shampoo
I preferred the process of using this conditioner first . Like the rest of the range this had a wonderful scent and didn't leave residue on the hair or scalp. This conditioner  is great for weekly use however would not reccomend if someone was worried about the quality of their hair, besides volume I didn't find this conditioner was as hydrating as I would have liked!
I found that this conditioner did make my hair very soft and tangle free. But I didn't see any of the volumising effects promised. It was maybe a bit too heavy for my fine hair, as it was quite difficult to style after use. I could see this conditioner working well for thicker hair types.
This is the most exciting prodout out of the whole 3 step system, I thought using a conditioner before shampooing would make my hair dry as it is already damaged but this left my hair silky and soft even after using the shampoo afterwards, and I usual need to wash my hair 4 - 5 times as week as it gets quite oily but after using this system I only needed to wash twice in a week, it works wonders!
This conditioner has a great smell and made my hair feel soft without weighing it down. I feel that compared to the shampoo in the same range the package size wasn't very generous, even though I acknowledge you generally use a little more shampoo than conditioner per wash. I didn't see a great improvement in my hair's volume, but as previously stated, it also didn't weigh it down. I did find the pre-conditioning concept worked for my hair, which is a short bob, however I question whether it would work for longer hair.
This conditioner is very rich and when applied to my hair made it feel very moisturised. It has a subtle scent which I like. I found that using the shampoo after the conditioner made my hair not feel as silky smooth when it was still wet but after blow drying my hair it had such a nice shine to it and actually felt nourished. It was slightly harder than usual to brush my hair after washing it but I think this is just due to the reverse washing system. I would say out of the Tresemme volume products the conditioner was my favourite and I would use it again.
I really loved this product. It was strange using the conditioner first but my hair felt so soft and smooth when using it. It really liked the smell and found it was really easy to run a comb through my hair with this product. Will keep an eye out for it in store.
Awesome detangler love love loved it A+++ The only strange thing about the reverse system was wrapping my head around conditioning my hair before shampooing. I also thought the scent was lovely and found the reverse system especially the conditioner very nourishing. I have extremely thick hair and found getting a comb through a breeze after using the reverse system.
I like the idea of a reverse system, makes sense to give volume, but I don't think it's for me. I have curly hair which is prone to frizz with over drying products & flop with high moisture products. While this gives great volume at the end result, my hair is dry, frizzy & unmanageable.
I didn’t think there was much special about this conditioner. It seemed to me like a normal conditioner. You don’t really get to see the effects it because you are washing it away with the shampoo. I love the concept of the regimen – and it works well, fantastic even.  The ends of my hair are a little dry and it doesn’t really smooth my hair and doesn’t assist with knots and tangles.  I wasn’t a fan of the fact the bottle is so much smaller then the Shampoo either. 
I don't quite understand the reverse process but I like being able to condition all of my hair including the roots which is something I've never been able to do with thin hair. This conditioner conditions very well leaving hair soft and silky with a lovely soft fragrance.