TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo

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TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo is a volumising shampoo designed to be used post-conditioner. The formula works to cleanse and restore hair, while boosting texture and volume.


TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo


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I have thick,long hair that has oily roots and quite dry and unmanageable ends from my love of changing hair colours. I found this shampoo to smell absolutely beautiful!  Such a pretty floral that leaves the hair scented for hours after use. The bottle is HUGE and great value for the price. Unfortunately the reverse hair washing simply did not work at all for my hair. Left it feeling so dry and even more harder to brush than usual. Just a tangled,knotty mess. May work better for natural hair that hasn't been damaged by dyes and heat. 
I love using Tressemme as ait leaves my hair soft and silky , like i just walked out of a glossy magazine, combingation with the conditioner and terrific , the shampoo is like i just walked through a garden bed full of  colourful flowers and love the smell of it , soft as
This product is to die for! I was a bit scared to try as I have fine hair but it gave great volume and have used ever since! The formula is amazing - so smooth  and silky on my hair. Fantastic smell and texture and keeps my hair clean for so much longer. Definitely recommend!
At first i cringed at the idea of using a conditioner before a shampoo but after trying this shampoo i won't use any other!  This product left my hard to tame thick hair feeling soft and shiny and looking full of volume!  This product range has something for everyone and the price is worth every cent!
I love tresemme products and was interested to try a reverse system, it sounded interesting. I also used the conditioner and while the products are good, I have very thick hair and I think for this hair type shampooing and then a good conditioner works better, my hair was left soft and shiny and the product smells great but it didnt leave my hair smooth and as I straighten my hair I need a product to combat frizz. This I think might work better for more fine hair as it would not weigh it down
I have very very fine thin hair and this shampoo does wonders for me. It makes my hair feel so soft yet look so full and bouncy. I love how it's a reverse system because it works so great. Would definitely reccomemd this to everyone with thin dull hair.
Thought this reverse system was worth a try, as I have very fine and flat hair. I'm glad I did! My hair felt fuller, without that 'weighed down' lank feeling. I would definitely recommend trying these if you want to amp up the volume. The price is reasonable too.
I absolutely love this shampoo. It takes me from a flat head fool to a movie star in one wash. I feel so good after using it and have so much confidence. Not to mention is smells LUSH! Thank you, Tresemme for making my dreams come true. Forever grateful. Love. xx
I really loved this conditioning shampoo from TRESemme, I often skip the conditioner when washing my hair as it weighs it down too much! This product worked a treat - and my hair had nice bounce, I would recommend this range if you are looking to add some lift to you roots.
I have thick, coarse, frizzy and dry hair, I would not recommend this product for people with this hair type as the end result does not leave hair sleek enough for manageable styling and the volume effect is quite minimal. When using the traditional method - shampoo and then conditioner - I was pleased with the product however, again, there was minimal effect on the volume of my hair and i'd rather choose other products that give a greater volumising effect. The smell of the product is nice and the conditioner is quite good if used AFTER the shampoo!
I'm pretty disappointed  this product didn't work for me I really wanted to. I love the application it felt like it cleaned my hair really well however the reverse system just did not work for my hair I found that shampooing second really dried my hair out and even trying to make up for that by adding too much finishing creme just made it oily within a day which is usually not what my hair's like. I'll probably keep using the product just to finish them but I might actually do it in the order that I'm used to as this has just been not great for my hair. I will not be repurchasing
I have very thin, flat hair that goes oily within 1 day. Was very skeptical about trying this product, however I couldn't believe how bouncy and full my hair was after using it. I will say my hair is a little drier when I use this shampoo however the volume it provides is unbeatable. Will definitely be repurchasing.
My hair is thick and long so a good shampoo and conditioner is essential for me as I wash my hair every night. I usually use higher end product so I was extremely sceptical about the reverse system however as I thought the shampoo would wash away the effects of the conditioner. Product smell was nice and fresh and  i was surprised to find that my hair and scalp felt much cleaner using the reverse system. However after drying my hair did feel dryer than normal and not as smooth (But like I said, my scalp felt so clean and refreshed!)  Overall it's a great idea and I can see how it creates volume. I would recommend this product to any one who wants to shake up their routine and try something different. It's a great price point for what it does!
I thought this was the stand out product in the range! It felt strange to be using shampoo after conditioner, but it somehow worked out really well. I felt the consistency and the foam from the shampoo removed the slickness of my conditioner, and left my hair feeling softer and lighter once it was dry. It definitely gave my hair much needed volume and movement, without weighing it down. My only concern was that my hair felt drier by the end of the day, but I guess that was trade-off for the volume that I got. Overall, it's a great product. I would definitely recommend it especially for going out, because I didn't need to use other products as much, e.g. less hairspray, less mousse to get the tousled look.
I love this shampoo! I was very excited to trial the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo on my flat hair. I don’t usually shampoo after my conditioner and did find it a little odd with the fact that I had to condition first then shampoo but I actually was very surprised at how soft and smooth it left my hair feeling. This shampoo bottle is of good value as the bottle is bigger than the conditioner bottle, which I think is great because I generally use more shampoo than conditioner. The shampoo smells nice and gives my hair a good bounce and great volume. The reverse system really does work and I would recommend trying this. Loved it! 
Like the idea of using the shampoo in reverse with the conditioner. My hair felt fresh and also had a nice scent. My hair usually tends to go flat when it gets longer, as I am growing it out I have been on the look out to find something that provides more oomph or volume. Whilst I feel this shampoo did not provide loads of volume, it did make my hair feel lighter, smoother and healthier. I have been using this daily for the last couple of weeks and have been happy with this this and would definitely be a shampoo I would buy again. Best used as part of the 3 step system.
I wasn't a huge fan or this product...I was optimistic about the  reverse system and although my hair did feel clean and volumised, I didn't feel like it was as soft as when I wash it the usual way. Probably not a product I would search out in a store.
This shampoo great to use. I found it made a significant difference to the volume of my hair and had a great smell. The reverse washing system was enjoyable to use as I was a little bit sceptical about it. I wasn't sure if it would still strip away any excess oil build up since the last time I washed my hair. But it worked well with my hair. My hair seemed smooth and felt soft. I would purchase this product and would recommend it to my friends and family as I think it is a great alternative to the standard system.
This shampoo is as good as any others in the Tresemme range, smells nice and gets the job done. Not sure on the whole reverse system though, what's the point? I don't think it did a better job that the regular way of washing your hair. Wouldn't go out if my way to purchase this product.
Loved the shampoo! The formula was lightweight and added volume to my roots. Upon use the shampoo left my hair squeaky clean for days with a shine. Using the shampoo in the second step seemed to dry my hair a little bit faster making my blow wave quicker during those mornings I was in a rush. Would definitely use again,