TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Shampoo

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TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Shampoo is a paraben- and dye-free shampoo designed to restore healthy looking hair. The formula smoothes cuticles and strengthens strands using macadamia oil, wheat proteins and avocado. Safe for colour-treated hair.

Price above is for 390mL. Also available in 750mL.


TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Shampoo


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This shampoo has a range of ingredients which help condition the hair, and make it smell so good. When using it creates a froth quickly and is easy to rub through the hair. I like the way it feels in my hair when I wash it, and it felt super clean. However, I was disappointed as after a few nights of using it, my hair was very very dry and started to feel dirty because it was so dry. I felt that it was over cleaning my hair which added to the dryness of my hair. I would not rave about this product, although I love the other TRESeme products.
If you are looking for some affordable hair luxury then Tresemme is the way to go.   This shampoo is so lovely on not only my hair but my scalp.  My scalp can tend to get dry and itchy with some shampoos but I had none of those issues with this product.  It lathers well and smells heavenly.  A single bottle honestly lasts for ever as you only need a small amount per wash.  My hair and scalp were left feeling clean and my hair had a lovely feel and smell.  It also was left with a very healthy shine. So wonderfully priced that it wont be an issue if you have children that want to use this product either.   Im very impressed.
This shampoo has a great smell, it lathers up well and leaves hair feeling very clean. A good shampoo for everyday use. I do like this one, so give it a try.
While I like Tresemme products (their styling stuff is awesome!), I don't have the best of luck with their shampoos and conditioners, I like most of their Undone range, but my scalp got crazily itchy when I tried their shampoo and conditioner duo, making it difficult to love it. Hence, when I was given the chance to try their Botanique Damage Recovery range, I was quite cautious about it. I am happy to report, however, that my skin, and hair, have both benefited from constant use of this pair! This claims to reclaim the appearance of healthy looking hair, delivering shine, smoothness, humidity and frizz control. They contain macadamia oil, wheat protein and avocado oil, all designed to repair the damaged cuticles.  The bottles are easy to use, with a lid that pops on one side once you push down on other side, and they are also coloured differently, which means that you're less likely to pick up the conditioner thinking that it's the shampoo and vice versa. Both of them have a medium, runnier than not, consistency. The shampoo lathers up beautifully, making it feel like you're actually getting a good clean with it, while the conditioner leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth. This also smells very vaguely coconutty, but actually has more of a candy-like scent than coconut, and one that  I quite enjoy. The best part? What I love about this is the bounce and body that I'm left with, and this is with hair oil in my hair, rubbed in as it's drying. How amazing is that? I've always been a sucker for hair that has a bit of oomph, and this has delivered so well! I know that it isn't just the conditioner either, as I've been able to reproduce similar results when they have been used separately - bonus! These retail for $6.99 and $10.99 for 390 ml and 750 ml respectively and can be found at pharmacies and supermarkets.
Affordable and Nourishing! Hard to expect a lot from a $7 shampoo...but this TRESemmé Botanique Damage Recovery Shampoo really performs. Cleanses well, leaving no hair unturned without over drying! My hair has been looking healthier and bouncier since using. Its one that i'll keep in my shampoo rotation for certain. Highly recommend.
I love that this has aloe vera in it , a range of other botanical ingredients and no parabens so it feels a bit healthier to use than other shampoos in this price range.   It is a very good all-rounder shampoo that I think all the family could happily and healthily use.  I find that it leaves my hair clean and feeling fresh and ready for it's partner product - the Botanique Restore & Shine Conditioner.  It leaves my hair shiny and clean when it's dried - just as is promised on the label and I find that it does help to smooth down the hair cuticle a lot. The scent is like a mix of coconut and pineapples - quite a tropical fruity scent which is really great to use to wash my hair with! It froths up quickly and rinses easily so any age could use this and also male or female could enjoy using it.