TRESemmé Botanique Restore & Shine Shampoo

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Free from parabens, dyes and silicones, TRESemmé’s Botanique Restore & Shine Shampoo is infused with coconut milk, coconut oil and aloe vera to gently cleanse hair while restoring smoothness and strength. Safe for colour-treated hair.

Price above is for 390mL. Also available in 750mL.


TRESemmé Botanique Restore & Shine Shampoo


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This shampoo smells amazing! It leaves my hair shiny, but not greasy, smooth and wonderfully smelling. I love Tresemme products, this one will be one of my new favorites especially throughout the wintertime. Goes great with any conditioner as well which is important because I always like to buy whichever one is on sale!
Now that my kids are a bit older (5 and 8) and those lovely baby shampoos just don't do the job on their hair anymore, I looked for supermarket alternatives that were still gentle on young scalps. I use this Tresemme Restore and Shine Shampoo on both my kids' hair. I love that it is free from parabens, dyes and silicones - which is important to know as a mum. The smell is just divine! My kids love it too! They both do swimming lessons each week and this shampoo really gives their hair a good clean and leaves it soft and manageable.
This shampoo is great value for money and leaves hair shiny and restored. As its free from silicon its better for my hair and as it is very thick I felt it lathered up and cleaned my hair beautifully. It smells divine, the coconut fragrance is beautiful, I feel like I'm on holidays as soon as I open the lid. Its a great price for so much shampoo, a really great product
I purchased the TRESemmé Botanique Restore & Shine Shampoo as soon as I opened the lid in-store and smelled the shampoo. Oh my, it smelled like a Coconut fruit cocktail! Not only does it smell delicious the shampoo is free from silicones and other nasties that most shampoos contain. My hair is very long, wavy and I have a LOT of it but I still only need to shampoo once when I use this product. My hair always feels clean and refreshed after I've used it and it lathers up really nicely, while making me feel like I've been transported to a tropical Island. The end result is shiny, clean and enchanting scented locks. Overall, I would definitely recommend this shampoo, I am in love.
Great value for money. TRESemmé’s Botanique Restore & Shine Shampoo  feels great on my wet hair… feels nourishing, creamy and has a lovely rich lather. The wonderful smell adds a calming and tropical effect to the experience . I'm happy to recommend this shampoo to anyone and is really good value.
This is a great conditioner.  It smells gorgeous, like vanilla and coconut to me.  It feels very nourishing and hydrating when applied to my hair without being too heavy and weighing it down.  It also doesn't make my hair look too greasy or oily after not washing it for a couple of days.  Really great conditioner.