TRESemmé Dry Defining Spray

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TRESemmé Dry Defining Spray is a hair styling spray for creating natural looking waves. The lightweight dry spray is infused with sea kelp extract to create an effortless, undone wavy look, giving hair texture and definition while controlling frizz.


TRESemmé Dry Defining Spray


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Before i tried this product i was a bit skeptical at first as i haven't liked other TRESemme products on my hair. But after the first time using this i haven't looked back. Firstly I love that it is a dry spray and it isn't sticky like a lot of other sprays. My hair is naturally wavy so it gives me the extra texture and definition as well as smoothing out the frizz. While my hair is damp i like to spray some  sea salt spray or add some mousse through my hair, making sure it goes through the ends too. I then leave it for a while till its almost dry and then spray the dry defining spray, i then like to scrunch my hair. It gives me beautiful beach waves and i get a lot of compliments about my hair. I also sometimes use it on hair when it is dry and it gives extra wave, definition and volume.  It also smell really nice which is an added bonus. I can't think of any cons with this product its that good! I would recommend this to anymore who wants natural looking waves. 
If effortless, messy-chic beach hair is what you want, then this product is for you. I only discovered this product recently and although I have dead straight hair, I found this product to be great for volume-boosting. I love that it is a dry spray and can be used with other products depending on how much volume or wave you want to create. I use is when I need to make my freshly washed hair look a bit "messy" or to give my hair a bit of volume. A few sprays of this stuff, rub it in/scrunch it into the hair, and a light spritz of hairspray and my hair is catwalk ready in less than 2 minutes! I love how this product smells however I also appreciate that it isn't overpowering.  The best part is that this is a very affordable product. I have used many similar products from some higher-end brands which cost on average 5 times more than this stuff! So when I saw how affordable this was, I wanted to give it a go but was slightly sceptical. The end result was no different to that from the exlensive brands. Fabulous product!
I have very long, fine, dead straight hair and I like to play around with it and try to style it but I have no real hair styling skills.  So I need products that pretty much do all the work for me.  I can use my imagination but I need the product to do the real magic.  This is one of those products that I have discovered I can rely on to bring me some special style for my hair.   At the front of my hair is some jaunted dead straight layers and, thankfully, I've found that this product can work with those layers!  Just a few quick squirts of the easy-to-press nozzle and a high quality fine mist comes out which lands right where I want it to.   I'm able to coerce my hair into shape easily, working with my layers to get a fantastic sexy style - and all in just a few moments!   I can achieve a style that looks up-to-the-minute all by myself and very quickly.   I love that I don't need to have curls to get a great effect with this Dry Defining Spray.  That being said, this is amazing also in curly or wavy hair too and I know this because my eldest daughter has natural curls and had a go of  this Spray to produce a lovely style on herself  too.  So a variety of hair types can use this to great effect!  This product makes my front straight layers appear to have more movement, structure and volume that holds all day until I wash it out.  The layers are defined and I love that because it gives my hair the modern fullness appearance of blow-dried hair  - even though I haven't blow dried my hair at all.   There is a light, fresh scent with an almost sweet and fruity tinge to it which I like a lot.  It's not an overpowering scent but just enough to know I've just put some styling product in my hair.  The scent soon dissipates after spraying.    After creating my 'Perfectly Undone' style with this Dry Defining Spray I like to reinforce it with a little TRESemme Ultra Brushable Hairspray which is the perfect partner product.
I was lucky enough to receive this product from beauty crew. I hadn't heard of this particular spray before but I was really excited because I have naturally wavy hair and I'm always looking for products that work well with it. This product is also so easy to use. I use it after using the sea foam from the same line, then I spray this through my hair, scrunch my hair up, add a touch of hairspray and let dry. It gives your waves that 'fresh from a beach holiday' vibe and really defines your layers. It also controls frizz really well which is a wavy haired girl's worst enemy. I really love this product because it works WITH, not against wavy hair and that is hard to find! I recommend you try this product especially if you have naturally wavy hair that tends to frizz, or even if you have layers and like that popular choppy look.
This is meant to define your waves and layers. I think it's also meant to 'undo' your glossy, perfect waves, so that they look more casual. Considering that waves are hard work for me, to keep, AT ALL, I was reluctant to get too nuts with it previously, but I do actually love this and how well it works with the brushable spray! I didn't think it made a difference when I first started using it, but I think I wasn't bold enough, and I didn't dare to brush out the curls initially. Now, I certainly don't go nuts with it, but I do brush it out enough that it's not poodle like anymore, and it drops and looks more relaxed. This just adds a little something extra to it - an extra layer, if you will!  This isn't an essential spray, but it's certainly worth trying!