TRESemmé Instant Refresh Translucent Dry Shampoo

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TRESemmé Instant Refresh Translucent Dry Shampoo is a dry shampoo for all hair types. It absorbs oil evenly and instantly cleanses hair, leaving it revitalised while reducing the need for regular washing.


TRESemmé Instant Refresh Translucent Dry Shampoo


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While I don't think Treseme's Dry Shampoo is quite to the standard as Batiste, it certainly does the job. its gentle fragrance is nice and not over powering, and the shampoo does not leave my hair looking like it is filled with talcum powder. My main gripe is that it doesn't seem to keep my hair feeling and looking clean for as long as the Batiste dry shampoos. Instead my hair usually looks like it has been over sprayed with hairspray by the end of the day.
TRESemmé Instant Refresh Translucent Dry Shampoo is a product for many uses. I love the volume and the texture that I can add to my hair by using this versatile product.  Firstly it does what it promises * A translucent instant refresh when you need it * Ruffled through your roots gives volume and texture when you want that beach girl look * Settles fly away hair when you just cant get rid of the static * Gives a fresh just washed scent to your hair  This is a great versatile time saver that everyone should have in their clutch, an an essential travel product.
I love tresemme products and have used many of them all with great results. This dry shampoo is awesome, great for in between washes and to give my hair added volume. This dry shampoo refreshes and revitalises my hair between washes leaving it looking really clean and looking great. I love that this leaves no nasty powder residue on my hair and brushes straight out. It makes a great salon blow dry last longer so is great value for money and I cant live without the body and hold it creates when doing an up do. At a price point of $11.00 I cant go wrong. Love this and highly recommend it
Treseme's Dry Shampoo is my trusty friend. In between washes, with little time and little effort - I get a refreshed look. The fragrance of this dry shampoo is lovely. It's feminine and not overpowering. I have the travel size in my handbag and when I am travelling so I can get some instant volume in my hair when I need to. I have black hair so I really ruffle my hair up afterwards so the white powder blends in and is covered up.