TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray

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TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray is a shine spray that works to protect and shield hair against high heat damage while leaving it smooth and sleek for up to 48 hours.


TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray


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This product blows away the more expensive competition. I spray my damp hair straight out of the shower before I blow dry, straighten or curl, and my hair never gets frizzy anymore. It stays smooth and shiny. I have definitely noticed that my hair is in better condition when I use this, and I don’t get as many fly aways.
I've been using TRESemmé products for the past five years and I've  never been  disappointed with any of them. This hair spray revolutionized my hair protection game. It is all I use to keep my hair healthy and shiny. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants healthy hair with a great price tag.
This is a great price for a great product. It works as well as the more expensive heat protector sprays, and is easy to dispense. A spray is so much easier to get through your hair than a serum.  It also lasts for ages, and I use a heat protector spray for straightening every 2 days.  Highly recommend. 
I’ve repurchased this product a heap of times and it’s a really good product for the price.  I use this before using my hair straightener and blow dryer and I feel like it does a good job of preventing damage from using them. My hair always looks really smooth and shiny after I use it, and feels nice and soft. I have even on occasion used this on my hair when it’s hard to brush when wet, and it helps to get knots out (my hair is terrible for knots). One bottle lasts forever, and dispenses the products in a fine mist, which I will then brush through the hair and then use my heat tool. It smells really nice too, kinda a generic pleasant shampoo/conditioner smell.
What a great product for the price. Firstly it works. The spray nozzle is comfortable to use and delivers the mist in a wide spray sufficient to cover but not spray thin air. The smell is lovely and I love that in a hair product. I spray on after a towel dry on each layer as I blow dry then straighten. I have thick wavy hair that takes some taming and so I have found that using this heat protection works wonders for limiting the damage from the tongs. It certainly delivers on the sleek and shiny claim and my older hair remained this way for the full 48 hours. I recommend this highly as value for money and a tip, use a little as a smoother it worked for me and my sister.
I love this so much!!  I have super fine and delicate hair, so need all the protection I can get when drying and styling.  This spray is light, delicately scented and coats the hair evenly.  I've noticed my hair is in better condition since I started using it and I'm less afraid to use heat styling tools.  Great price point and delivers excellent results for the price.
I'll just grab a few more of these thanks. I always dry my hair after washing it and I find that my hair started to become really dry and frizzy and don't even get me started on the split ends. This spray does an amazing job at protecting my hair from the heat and also delivering an amazing shine to my hair after It's dried. Little tip: I like using this as a quick fix for little fly aways it seems to work. This spray smells pretty great and for $11.49 it's worth it. I love the Tresemme products and I would also recommend their shampoo and conditioners along with this heat protection spray.
I rather like this product, it is affordable and delivers what it promises. I used it on my wet hair before drying it with a hairdryer and I do feel like it protects my hair from any heat damage. My hair feels stronger as I continue using it, because my hair is dry, I also use hair oil to keep my hair healthy so I cannot attest for the smoothing and shine properties. The spray nozzle is also really good and easy to use. It distributes a fine mist all over the hair and I love the packaging because my hand tends to slip and slide after applying hair oil when using the usual press spray nozzles. The product also lasted a long time so I would say try it out when you have the chance, it is a solid, affordable and nice hair care product to have.
I love this product, it is a winner for me. It always leaves my hair soft and shiny and smelling really fresh and nice. I love how it comes in a spray bottle and not syrum so it won't go everywhere and it is evenly distributed with the spray. No matter if you are straightening or curling, this is a definite need. It protects your hair and helps it look young and flowy. It does keep your hair sleek with shine for up to 48 hours, of course in moderation of what you are doing during the day. Really love this product and will continue to use it.
My hairdresser actually recommended this too me.  I have fine, long, blonde hair, which I often straighten or curl, and a lot of my hair by the sides and front of my face have been getting shorter.  I found out this was due to it being so fine,  and due to the heat, they were just breaking off.  Since I started using this, I've noticed my hair isn't breaking as much, or when I brush, I'm not shedding as much.  I like the smell too, and of course, the price.  Now I don't straighten unless this is on first.  I just wish I had know beforehand.  Would definitely recommend.
I loved this product as it was a great price and delivered great results, I always blow dry and straighten my hair after washing so use heat styling tools all the time. This is a great spray to protect my hair from styling tools and the spray left it super soft and shiny. The spray bottle was great, very user friendly, just spray on after shampooing and style as normal. This product left my hair super smooth sleek and straight with ease and my blow dry really lasted well looking professional and really shiny. At a great price I would use this again, I often use John Freida frizz ease, but I also loved this tresemme product and would recommend it for heat protection to prevent damage