TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam

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TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam is a styling foam for creating waves with a soft finish, and is suitable for naturally straight or wavy hair. The ultra-light formula is infused with sea kelp extract that delivers air-light waves with a soft, full-bodied finish.


TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam


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What are some of the "pros" to an Aussie summer ? You know,the best things about a season that gives us 40+ degree days and "need a shower again " humidity ? Well,apart from 14 hrs a day of sunshine (workouts after 7pm with enough time to get an hour in and still see daylight),a light tan (even with a sunscreen) by default AND the "Hey,i woke up like this" sexy tousled look that a dip in the ocean gives (to even the straightest of tresses,BUT,we don't all have the time / the geographical location / the means (parking fees at Bondi..i'm looking at you) to do that every day,so what's a girl to do if you reeeally love that look ? Well,if (like me),you want those "gorgeous without trying" beach waves,have done a thousand sea salt sprays,but also want a little more hold...this new product from TRESemmé may just be your new "must have". Now i know "a mousse formula ? Hey,they were a mistake back in the 80's,why would i want that again ? ", but forget all you may (ahem,or may not) remember of those heady days,this is unlike any foam styling product you have tried. The Perfectly (Un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam is a clear,delicately scented,very light foam textured wave creator that gives all day,perfectly un-done,boho waves to even the most delicate / straight of hair without the signature "crunch" factor that foams of times past were notorious for (neither effortless nor very beach babe boho-esque at all).The "light as air" feel is enhanced with sea kelp extract that delivers light waves with a soft, full-bodied finish to take you from beach to bar...with nothing more than a pair of wet hands and a scrunch needed to revive your locks at the end of the day. So,how much is enough to use ?...well,for shorter to medium length hair, just 2 or 3 pumps and you have that boho luxe effect perfected.And you longer maned mavens ? depending on length and thickness,up to 7 or 8 pumps may be needed....BUT,at a decent 150ml size and an under $10 pricepoint,you can apply daily and still not have to worry that "this effortless,free from the ocean look is costing me a fortune",plus,as this is available from any supermarket you care to name,you can pick this up wherever your inner hippy chic takes you (oh yes,and should those travels require you to take along a backpack,this pro - looking red / black and white plastic bottle will withstand all manner of knocks and bumps). TIP:Use this with damp hair to create a natural wave beach look,OR try using your fave curling tool for a tighter curl.And,if you are already blessed with a natural wave,get ready to see those look better than you can imagine.
You can't really go wrong with this Tresamme Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Foam. It won InStyle's Best Beauty Buys in 2016 and they know what they are talking about. If you are like me and don't like to spend too much time styling your hair you will love this product. We get it in a black but still transparent bottle with the red lid. All we need to do is to shake the bottle an little and pump out some product onto our hands and distribute it evenly through damp hair. The formula of the product is just exactly like the name suggests a foam, it is not a mousse, it is a loose foam that smells lovely, like bubble gum in my opinion. What i like doing after I applied the product is to put my hair in a bun and wait for it to dry naturally. My hair is straight so I love it when it get a bit more wavy. The effect this Wave Creating foam creates on my hair is naturally wavy, bouncy and voluminous hair. My hair looks full of life, is not sad or limp. Even if I don't style my hair a bit of that foam helps to add some live to my hair. I tried it out with a curling iron too and they seem to work very well together. I must say I enjoy this hair product very much as it is easy and quick to use, and gives fantastic results, yet it is lightweight too. I highly recommend to everyone.
During the summer I have natural, wavy hair thanks to the ocean and salty air.  When the warm weather disappears I want to be able to recreate that style without having to jump into the freezing water.  The sea foam gives volume and texture to my hair for those gorgeous, summer waves I desperately crave. Recreating that look hasn't been easy but the Tresemme Sea foam has been the closest I could get to replicating it. The foam is lightweight and airy, which makes my natural waves more defined and noticeable without drying it out.  As a side note, you don't have to worry about unintentionally creating that crunchy hair look that you get when you use gel or other mousse products. For the days when I don't feel like putting too much effort into my hair while still wanting it to look presentable.  Now you can create the "I just came from the beach" hair minus the beach!
I found this product worked really well with the matching hair spray, I have really limp, thin and lifeless hair so anything that can give it a bit of oompf is a winner in my books. I really liked this product because it was so easy!!! 1 pump onto the finger tips and then scrunching it through damp hair, give it a light spray and of you go! Nice natural beachy hair :)
My hair is fine, long and dead-straight.  Though it's fine hair, I have a lot of it.  This product is easy to use in my hair:   I stroke the foam down through my hair while it's still damp.  I find it gives my hair body and hold and softness. My dead straight hair doesn't particularly like to have to hold curls but this product helps a lot.  If I've heat styled my hair, the curls stay in much, much longer and better. My hair seems to have more bounce and body too.  Two pumps of this product applied to each side of my hair is a good amount for me. After putting this through my hair I like to let it  mostly air-dry before I curl my hair.  This white foam product has a light, barely-there scent.  It's nice and subtle and fresh. I find this foam is great for making curls last longer, be bouncier and gives my hair more body.  It's fantastic value for money!
For more body and just generally for a beachy, textured look, I find the Seafoam to be your friend. Shake it up, pump it out, rub it through damp hair, blow dry, then get styling. If you're low on time like me, just blow dry it so that it's bigger and bouncier. It'll work just as well - no curls, but still pretty! Given that you get quite a handful, it's hard to finesse it so that it's only on the roots, therefore, this is best for an all over the hair look. Try not to go too wild with this, unless you really enjoy walking around with hair that's clumped together! Go easy on it, and your hair will thank you for the bounce and body!