TRESemmé Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment

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TRESemmé Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment is a hair treatment that intensely moisturises while fortifying and strengthening hair. The deep conditioning treatment is formulated with TRESemmé’s Renewing Complex to reverse the look of hair damage and reinforce hair’s natural protective layer, restoring and smoothing the surface of hair, reducing frizz and bringing back vibrancy and shine. Hair is left strong, moisturised and healthy looking.


TRESemmé Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment


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This deep conditioning treatment is a cure for dry, frizzy and damaged hair. It is affordable & easy to use. It is a good treatment for the hair if there is no time to take care of it or even constantly dyeing the hair. It will help with repairing the hair within weeks. Before using this product, i had dry, frizzy and damaged hair, after using this product the next day my hair felt like it was restored & hydrated.  One of the products i reach for when my hair is dry, frizzy or damaged. This item can be used as many times a week as possible depending on condition of hair.  Pros: Affordable price Tames frizzy hairs and fly aways Deep conditions hair ensuring it is silky and smooth Strengthens hair & gives hair a shine Protects hair from environmental and physical damage Has high level of vitamins and nutrients for the hair Restores & Repairs skin within 20-30 minutes  Gives hair a healthy glow  Cons: No cons from me on this product Suitable for: Dry, frizzy & damaged hair Both men & woman can use product People who bleach/dye their hair constantly
I found a tube of this on sale for around $3, and immediately snapped it up. Over the past few weeks I've been using it once a week & have been very pleased with how effective it is. I have long, quite fine hair that tangles easily when shampooing and needs a conditioner to work overtime to detangle & hydrate my coloured hair. This Deep Conditioning Treatment delivers everything it promises, and then some, working very well to de-knot my hair and deliver hydration where it's needed. The product is a thick white cream, with a rich, very pleasant odour. I do apply a fair bit to my hair, feeling a good, thick covering gives best results. I like to have it on for around 5 minutes before rinsing, and once it's all rinsed out, I can't believe how smooth, soft, and tangle free my hair is. It also looks so shiny once my hair is dry, and as a bonus it smells amazing too. Regular use has given me hair that really looks like I've had a trip to the salon, instead of my bathroom. Best $3 I've ever spent on my hair!
A remarkable conditioner that repairs years of damage exposed to my dry blonde hair. It has a rich and highly repairing formula that gently and thoroughly nurses my dyed blonde hair while restructuring the brittle dry split ends.  It is an amazing product producing that effective "all day" moisturised feel.   You only need a small amount of the Tresmme Platinum Strength deep conditioning treatment which is applied easily and massaged into the hair and scalp. When applied it creates a luxurious feeling to my scalp, leaving my hair beautifully soft,manageable, and powerful against further damage. I get that extra intense moisture from using the Tresmme Platinum Strength deep conditioning treatment conditioner. I recommend to use for that ultimate repair to your hair strands without the weigh down.
I have been using this product for just over 3 weeks and in that time I have notice a great improvement! Due to bleaching my hair and not doing regular treatments etc my hair is extremely coarse, ratty and dry! I found this product after 2 uses a huge difference and improvement and my hair looked like it had life! Defiantly recommend this product based on the results I have seen
I love the tresemme platinum strength treatment it soaks into my hair straight away & conditions right to the ends. The result is stronger smoother hair & softness for easy manageability. I love this product