TRESemmé Platinum Strength Shampoo

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TRESemmé Platinum Strength Shampoo is a moisturising shampoo that cleanses, fortifies and strengthens hair. The shampoo is formulated with TRESemmé’s Renewing Complex to reverse the look of hair damage and reinforce hair’s natural protective layer, restoring and smoothing the surface of hair, reducing frizz and bringing back vibrancy and shine.


TRESemmé Platinum Strength Shampoo


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I am SO impressed with this shampoo! After using it for the first time alongside the matching conditioner, my hair felt strong, moisturised, and smoother than ever. I have typically dry, split ends and after using this I felt like I was fresh out the hair salon! Not only does it smell divine - similar to the fragrance of shampoos you buy directly from the hairdressers - but after using it a couple times I can already notice a positive change in the frizz levels and breakage of my hair. TRESemme products always last me a crazy long time as well because of the generous bottle sizes, so I definitely recommend this for anyone looking to restore the poor health of their hair on a budget.
Recently, I made the impulsive decision to cut all of my hair off. To go along with my new do, I needed a new shampoo. I chose this one becauseI wanted to keep my hair at it prime. It has done an amazing job at it as well. It is very rare to find me using a conditioner, so it is awesome that this shampoo has helped me to maintain soft, moisturised hair. 10/10 RECOMMEND BUYING!!