TRESemmé Platinum Strength Stay Soft Leave-In Conditioner

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TRESemmé Platinum Strength Stay Soft Leave-In Conditioner is a hair treatment that strengthens hair and locks in moisture, leaving it soft, manageable and ready to be styled. The leave-in conditioner is formulated with TRESemmé’s Renewing Complex to reverse the look of hair damage and reinforce hair’s natural protective layer, restoring and smoothing the surface of hair, reducing frizz and bringing back vibrancy and shine. Hair is left strong, moisturised and healthy looking.


TRESemmé Platinum Strength Stay Soft Leave-In Conditioner


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I swim at the beach all the time, and I exercise outdoors heaps, use my hairdryer all the time etc. I love doing this, but it does wreck havoc on my hair, leaving the moisture stripped and me with lots of flyways. One of my friends recommend the TRESemmé Platinum Strength Stay Soft Leave-In Conditioner so I decided to give it a whirl. As a leave in coditioner is has a normal creamy texture and I apply it onto my hair when its damp before I blow dry it or leave my hair to air dry. You only need a small amount of this product (too much and my hair ends up feeling greasy). After I have applied this leave in conditioner, I can see the difference to my hair, its my softer, shinier and more hydrated. This helps keep my hair in a good condition in between my regular trims. I sometimes use this on my hair dry as well. When its really frizzy or flyaway I use a tiny amount of this product to smooth the flyways. It comes in a plastic bottle with pump. I would recommend this to others looking for a smoothing leave in conditioner that is price friendly. Pros: Excellent value. Smooths and hydrates hair. Quick and easy to use. Cons: Apply too much product and your hair will end up greasy.
It's a pretty decent product for the price.  I have chemically treated hair and it becomes dry and frizzy if I don't use some type of serum on it.  I have tried many and this one is highly used because it is not only light and doesn't weigh my hair down, but it actually works!  I apply a little to damp hair then style as usual and styling is made much easier.  During the week any frizzy bits are calmed and smoothed immediately when I apply a little to my dry hair.  It is a very versatile product as you can use anytime, anywhere and get reliable results - soft, manageable hair with no frizz.  Excellent value too!
This is my go to leave in conditioner at the moment. My hair was feeling really dry and straw like lately therefore I decided to use some leave in conditioner to use daily. I am glad I picked up the tresemme platinum strength stay soft leave in conditioner. The product is a white cream that absorbs right into your hair leaving it feeling soft and manageable. I don't notice any scent on this product even if there is it is really subtle and hardly noticeable.  The leave in conditioner doesn't make your hair feel  greasy or oily. I also feel that it helps to detangle your hair. My hair gets really knotty and I must have to use a product to help me detangle my hair . This product does it for me It helps to smoothly run my brush through my hair smoothly removing all the tangles . This product helps to defrizz my hair and prevent flyaways leaving a professional smart look. After a week of daily use my hair definitely feels stronger and less damage. I can feel my hair is much more softer than previously and now I can at least leave my hair open without that yucky dry hair feeling. This leave in conditioner has transformed my hair into smooth , shiny strong hair and I will definitely continue using it to improve my hair further.
I love this product as it provides manageability, soft, beautiful tresses without looking oily and dirty.