TRESemmé Salon Finish Freeze Hold Hairspray

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TRESemmé Salon Finish Freeze Hold Hairspray provides extra hold and control for hairstyles. The fast-drying, water-free formula keeps all hairstyles in place, and can be brushed out easily and won’t build up or flake.

Price above is for 360g. Also available in travel size.


TRESemmé Salon Finish Freeze Hold Hairspray


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This is great hair spray for when you want maximum hold! I don't use this on a daily basis as it is very strong but when I go out for a special event or do an up do this is my go to hairspray! It makes my hair stay in place all day or night long and I don't have to worry about my style falling out. Would recommend for special occasions!!
I adore this hairspray, I have used tresemme shampoo and conditioner products and knew I would be onto a winner with their hairspray. This gives a nice natural hold to hair without looking sticky or fake and it feels nice on hair. It holds all styles well and prevents fly- aways and frizz with ease. The spray brushes out really well and doesnt leave a nasty residue or sticky, dirty feel. This is a really high quality hairspray at a great price point of $7.99. It gives a professional salon finish and I love it, I would highly recommend this
TRESEMME is the best brand on the market to go for if you are after a good quality hair spray. I absolutely love this hair spray & it is ome of my go to favourites. This hairspray comes in 360grams which is a jumbo size. There is a mini size for travelling which would be more convenient for customers. Pros:  Holds hair in place for the whole day Smooths hair & tames hair (prevent frizz) Cure & prevent fly aways & mini hair from standing up Protects hair against environmental damage Affordable price for a jumbo size spray Comes in travel size for convenience Keeps hair soft & gives it a shine For best results, use with a hair comb or a hair brush  Does not have a strong hair spray smell Cons: No cons from me with this product Suitable for: Both female & male  Hairdressers For those who love to style their hair For those who are after hair sprays that would hold hair in place for long hours
This hair spray is easy to use and sprays a fine mist onto my hair which I can further brush and style before it dries. It doesn't become stiff or sticky, it keeps my hair in place without making it look like I've set my hair. It also doesn't have a typical hair spray scent, which can be strong. This hair spray easily washes out in the shower and didn't damage or dry out my hair. I recommend this hair spray for a budget friendly everyday, everyone use.
Very good hairspray. Keeps my hair in spray with just a light spray and doesn't look too shiny or fake.  As you have to use so little, a bottle will last you for a long time.  Definitely buy this again and recommend it.
My beautician used this on my wedding hairstyle and it was amazing! Not one hair out of place for the whole afternoon/evening/night. It didn't give my hair that lacklustre look either. It was still shiny and had movement. The smell of the hairspray is not offensive or too chemical smelling either. Even after sleeping on my wedding do the next morning it brushed out of my hair nicely without leaving it feeling brittle and broken or a complete birds nest. I would highly recommend it for those people looking for an extreme hold without the horrible helmet hairspray look. Fantastic!
I received a travel size for this product and it is true to its words - "freeze hold hairspray." This product is simply amazing!! You don't need to use a lot to keep your hair in place and you can get a lot of bang for your buck. This hairspray holds your hairstyle making it appear natural without the "hair sprayed look" and the wet and sticky residue. It also leaves your hair smelling great and it's easy to remove when you wash your hair. I highly recommend this!!
Great product, really don't have to use that much for great hold that lasts without being 'crunchy' or looking dirty! SO CHEAP!
When I went looking for a hairspray, it was a bit of a walk in walk out job. I didn't really read what each one would do, I just picked one up that looked as though it would hold my hair in place for longer than 30 seconds. This one is amazing!! It doesn't leave your hair looking as though you have hairspray in (you know that hard as a rock, plastic look?) I loved that I didn't have to use alot for it to do its job. I'd definitely buy again. GOOD JOB TRESEMME!!