TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Silk Proteins & Argan Oil

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TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Silk Proteins & Argan Oil delivers intense moisturisation where your hair needs it most, calming frizz and flyaways without weighing hair down. Light enough for daily use, this advanced smoothing system with argan oil cleanses and helps tame unruly hair, leaving it smooth and salon-soft.


TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Silk Proteins & Argan Oil


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Good For Fine Hair

First impressions of the TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Silk Proteins & Argan Oil is that it is a thinner consistency than I would normally buy. This gave way to ease of dispensing without wasting product. The shampoo was easy to apply and use. The container dispensed well especially considering slippery shower conditions, but the option of a pump would work nicely for the larger bottle. Nice and creamy application with a foamy lather being achieved. The shampoo has a pleasant “green apple” scent which is fresh and modern (no-one wants to smell like Nanna’s favourite floral toilet spray perfume!). The clean fragrance was not overpowering, and did not linger in my hair after drying. This is what I prefer as I don’t want my hair competing with my expensive perfume signature scent. My hair is fine and thin, short to bob length, not coloured, and my scalp and ends tend to be dry. I workout daily and I need a shampoo that keeps me clean enough so I don’t need to shampoo more that 2-4 times per week. The level of cleansing was good without stripping or over-cleansing which sometimes happens with harsher foaming concentrates. The lather rinsed well in warm or cold water. I was left with clean, but not squeaky clean hair. This product serves me well to achieve clean, balanced hair with a nice bounce. My hair was silky but not overly limp and soft which is the enemy of volume for fine hair. My scalp was not irritated and felt clean over the next few days until wash day rolled around. Dried my hair as usual and no fluffy fly aways. Just clean, smooth, manageable hair. This represents excellent value for money and with the TRESemmé brand name you are definitely getting a high quality product to rival the “designer” brands that charge exorbitant prices. TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo and Conditioner with Silk Proteins & Argan Oil is equal to any luxury brand purchases I have indulged in in the past. Plus, the value for money packaging means you are consuming less plastic which must be beneficial to the environment. Having used several times since, my initial impression review stands.
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Great, affordable option!

I found this shampoo to be a really good option on the cheaper side of the spectrum. If you’re looking for an affordable option, this may be the one for you. I have very thick hair and I usually go through quite a lot of shampoo when washing as I do the double shampoo, one conditioner. On application, I found this shampoo to spread a lot further than a lot of other products I use. Using less, and spending less on the product in general means I’ll save a lot of money on my unruly hair. I found it lathered really well, and the smell was surprisingly great! The smell lasted on my hair for days after washing. I noticed that my hair was slightly less frizzy after using this shampoo, and it didn’t leave that coarse feeling in between shampooing & conditioner like I notice with some other products. Paired with the conditioner, I’d definitely use this again.
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Lovely product but not super 'silky'

This shampoo has a beautiful scent that reminds me of getting my hair done at the salon but it isn't overpowering in any way - I get headaches easily from strong scents but no issues here. It's thick and easy to work into the hair and get a good lather. I will say that my hair wasn't as 'silky' as I was expecting after washing with it which is a little disappointing - it wasn't super fizzy or dry, but just not super smooth (for reference I have a natural wave/curl but by no means super curly or frizzy hair). My hair has plenty of volume with this product, maybe even more than usual, which can sometimes be an issue with 'smoothing' products that weight it down. I would still definitely recommend it based off the scent and bang for buck.
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TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo

I really enjoyed using TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Silk Proteins & Argan Oil. I did not need to use a lot of this product to get a really good lather. TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Silk Proteins & Argan Oil left my hair feeling squeaky clean. The shampoo's fragrance was very pleasant. TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Silk Proteins & Argan Oil paired very nicely with TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Conditioner with Silk Proteins & Argan Oil. I would recommend TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Silk Proteins & Argan Oil to anyone with dry and frizzy hair.
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Great shampoo !

I love the TRESemmé brand so I was really eager to try this. Delays in delivery (thanks to COVID) meant I had to wait a little but I tried it as soon as I got it. I have slightly dry lightened hair that gets very greasy quickly and I have a lot of post Partum regrowth at my hairline that currently stands up like I’ve been electrocuted. I always have to shampoo twice to get a good lather and get my hair truely clean, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well this shampoo lathered just with one. My post partum regrowth was sitting almost flat after only air drying, so it has really got some smoothing power !! I loved how silky and healthy my hair felt after pairing this shampoo with its matching conditioner and will be continuing to buy this myself ! I highly recommend this shampoo paired with its matching conditioner for anyone needing that smoothness or a good bit of moisture for their hair !
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Great smell but I wouldn't purchase in the future

This shampoo has a great silky texture and it smells fantastic! Once you start washing, you only need a little bit to make a great amount of foam and wash all your scalp and hair. My hair is dark, long, straight and normal and frizzy on the roots with dry split ends. It will leave your hair smelling amazing for many hours. But unfortunately it made my hair look dull, even dryer for some reason and lifeless. I was hoping for a super shiny, non frizzy, malleable and soft hair and it didn't help me achieve these results. It gave a great volume to my hair, which I liked. Please note, your hair type probably have to be very dry to use this product. Mine is normal on the roots and dry on the end. It didn't help much with the look of split ends either. I also felt like on the roots it looked more frizzy than usual. I have been using vegan, all natural shampoos and conditioners free of sulphates and parabens for a while now, and that is probably also the reason why my hair didn't adapt to this formula. I wish the bottles were fully done with a better and more sustainable material than plastic, also don’t love the design of the bottles at all. If you want your bathroom looking good You probably won’t go for these products. I honestly won't purchase this product in the future.
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Impressive supermarket shampoo

I am a first time user of TRESemmé and I am impressed!! Usually I would not purchase a supermarket shampoo or conditioner as I find them to be of poor quality but this one has surprised me. The shampoo lathered really, really well and was very sudsy (does contain SLS though) which allowed for a thorough lather and felt super clean! Shampoo was easy to rinse out and hair felt smooth an soft (when wet still) and not dry or coarse as have had with others in the past. The smell is divine and I also like the texture. All in all, I would consider buying this shampoo alongside salon quality shampoos in the future. The price point is also awesome and affordable especially if you have kids
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Smooth and Shiny

This shampoo is great quality for a very good price. My hair felt smooth and softer after even the first wash. After shampooing and using the matching conditioner I was easily able to style my hair without as many "flyaways' as usual. And my hair stayed clean, seemed shinier than normal. I felt my hair was left lightweight which made it seem like it had more body than usual, I would happily change to the TRESemmé for our family's normal daily shampoo and conditioner. Pleased to see this is available in the supermarket for ease of purchase and I would recommend to family and friends.
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Great shampoo for dry hair

I really liked this shampoo the fragrance is really nice and the packaging is good. It cleaned my hair really well without stripping it. I often find that some shampoos are too stripping for my hair and leave it feeling dry and over cleaned but this shampoo did not. It lathered up well and after use my hair felt clean but not stripped or dry. It was also very gentle on my scalp and did not irritate it which is something i can struggle with as sometimes my scalp can be a bit sensitive. I really enjoy this shampoo and i will continue to use it as a part of my daily hair washing routine.
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I have thick fine frizzy hair. This shampoo & conditioner pair left my hair feeling amazing. Blow drying my hair after washing was super quick and I wasn't left with a frizzy mess. Tresemme smooth & silky defintely left my hair more manageable. I also used this on my 10 year old daughters hair and her hair has never felt so smooth and silky. Being able to get a Shampoo & Conditioner that gives you a salon quality feel at the supermarket is a Godsend. Loved this shampoo and is one that could be used on my whole family. I would happily use this shampoo & conditioner as our everyday Shampoo & Conditioner!
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Recommended for dry scalp and hair

I have used Tressemme products many a times before and husband is a fan and a regular user. I like most of them as they give good results for my hair and are very affordable as well. I tried TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Silk Proteins & Argan Oil and I am pleased with the consistency in quality of Tressemme products. The shampoo has mild fragrance, slight thick in consistency. But it lathers really well and gave a very good cleanse to my scalp and hair. I usually shampoo twice and condition once most of times when I wash my hair and it was not overly drying. I used this with Tressemme smooth and silky conditiner.there was no difference in hairfall than before. It has a very mild fragrance after wash for a while which was pleasant and didn't bother me. Didnot use any serum afterwards as well and I was quite happy with it, only thing I would say is no difference in the look of my hair but feel was good and hair felt smooth.
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Great new product

So happy I got to try this product! I have always purchased the moisture rich version of shampoo, but am beyond happy to have tried the Smooth and silky version. So it smells great, packaging is the standard tresemmè packaging but I love the teal colouring. First use was pretty standard, I always double shampoo, great lather and quick rinse out. It smells divine! I followed with the smooth and silky conditioner and again not really blown away at this point, my hair felt nice but it always does when freshly washed and still wet. It wasn't until my hair air dried that I realised how great this product is! I live in Queensland and it is quite humid here all the time! Yet my hair dried with 0 frizz, and looked less dry then before. I will continue to use and make a final decision when I reach the end of the bottle but overall I am so far very happy with this product and would recommend to anyone but especially those with dry, frizz prone hair!
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Silky soft

This product absolutely lives up to its name and definitely not false advertising! My long locks were becoming worse for wear waiting for lockdown to end (and a long overdue haircut!) But it's already soft again and the split ends not so noticeable. In combination with the matching conditioner it's a match made in heaven and smells as good as it feels. The larger size containers are extremely convenient and make it great value for money. Not only affordable but a bargain too. I was so impressed I told my kids to try it out too. My youngest has already given it a go and is also suitability impressed. Not only would I recommend it, but I already have...
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Cheap and Cheerful haircare for the whole family

Firstly,THANK YOU Beauty Crew for allowing me to trial this product. TRESemmé is not a brand i have used a lot of...i have very dry,frizzy at times,blonde / colour treated hair that needs serious care to look and feel it's best,and i just havn't found many cheaper products that deliver what i am after,but then i tried this.The TRESemmé Smooth & Silky Shampoo with Silk Proteins & Argan Oil comes in a massive bottle that will last for months...even with the whole family using it (kudos goes to the brand for using recycled plastic),and delivers a really lovely,silky feeling suds that smells divine (slightly floral) and doesn't leave hair feeling "stripped". I particularly liked the texture of the shampoo...thick and rich,but easily rinsed out,and i also found that my colour ( done at home right now) survived the cleansing this shampoo provided (gentle,but enough to remove the few styling products i use....some of which are oils).If you have drier hair,this will feel beautiful to use (the Argan oil in this leaves a feeling of care and softness,but flyaways where noticed the next day....(i didn't expect a complete eradication,but i did feel a reduction for longer would have been good),and if you have a more balanced hair type,this may just keep your hair in that desired state.At under $10 for a huge,near 1 litre bottle,you cannot go wrong with this for your entire household to use. All in all,this shampoo is one i would use again (hubby loved it too) in my rotation of products,but i won't say it will replace my favoured brand full time just yet.
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I have always been a big fan of TRESemme. I really liked this product. It is such great quality for an affordable price. The smell was pleasant and not too overpowering. The consistency of the shampoo was lovely and soft and easy to apply throughout my knotty hair. When my hair dried it felt incredibly soft and silky like the bottle says. I am very impressed with this product. My hair is incredibly bleached and damaged and after using this, it feels nice and healthy. I will continue to use this product!

Pleasant fragrance, great product.

For a cheap shampoo, I really liked this product. Paired with the TRESemme smooth and silky Conditioner with silk proteins and again oil, it's almost a chefs kiss. Left mine and my partners hair feeling soft, silky, clean and smooth. Only thing I can fault packaging wise is that the product for the shampoo bottle was hard to squeeze out. The product was too thick for the nozzle and made you work a little to get out the shampoo from the bottle. Had a light but pleasant fragrance and even left my skin feeling soft from washing my hair in the shower. Recommend 10000000%