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Trilogy Everything Balm is a natural multitasking balm that can be used to nourish and protect skin on the face and body. The balm is enriched with rosehip, echinacea and pawpaw. It can be used to soothe dry skin, relive chapped lips, moisturise skin, and nourish cuticles. It is safe to use on babies and children.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants, Certified Organic, non- GMO, recyclable packaging, cruelty-free, and supports ethical trade practices. 


Trilogy Everything Balm


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Great multi-tasker

A great all-rounder as the name suggests. I use this primarily for by cuticles on my hands and feet, as well as on my elbows and knees. It's great to apply before using fake tan for between the fingers and toes. The only thing this doesn't work well for me is on the lips, it seems to slide right off and doesn't stay put but for everywhere else it's great. The smell is nice and natural, herby but fresh. You get a lot of product in the one pot, I ended up having to throw out the first one I ever bought as it went a little strange after about a year, so this is definately something you need to use pretty quickly. Also love the packaging!
When I first bought this pot, I would only use it on the really dry parts of my body like elbows, heels and knees. It worked a treat so I started using it everywhere throughout winter when my skin gets particularly dry and WOW! It's lovely. You don't need to slather it on so don't be intimidated by the small pot. Mine actually lasted a while. The balm is soaked into the skin so quickly too so you don't feel like blob of oil sliding your way through the day. The smell is DIVINE - not overpowering but strong enough. I would buy this balm again and again and again and again.
I love love love this balm! I keep it on my bedside and every-time i feel my lips getting dry or my hands needing an extra boost of hydration, I always turn to this! Fantastic size, great smell and easily absorbs into the skin and lips especially. Sometimes, I do feel that I have to keep applying the balm to my lips as I feel that it absorbs too quickly — BUT that's only a minor issue, compared to the other great benefits! Love it! Must have for daily needs.
The Trilogy Everything Balm is a great and effective balm on dry skin. I use it on dry cuticles, elbows and heels as those areas are constantly dry, cracks and peels. The Everything Balm is so nourishing and works extremely well on dry areas without feeling too greasy and uncomfortable. Very affordable with results, can't ask for more.
Trilogy make products that come in aesthetically beautiful packaging and look great in my make up table. This balm is perfect for using anywhere I have dry skin or want to have some more moisturising. It is very oily and immediately sinks into my skin to leave it feeling soft. It's perfect for lips and dry cuticles. I also rub a small amount between the palms of my hands and apply it after I've styled my hair to keep it looking great and to help it stay in place. It is all natural and has a light herbal scent which smells very natural and pleasing to me. Pros: It is an everything balm, use it anywhere to keep your skin soft Cons: Use it fresh, if it gets old, it starts having a funky oil smell because of the natural ingredients Recommendation: This balm would suit men and women to help maintain soft and nourished skin, it's an all rounder! 
I had just finished a tube of multi-tasking balm, so when I noticed this pretty jar in Priceline at a great price I was a happy shopper! This vibrant-coloured pot now sits on my bedside table or desk ready to moisturise dry lips or massage cuticles. It is a pale-yellow colour, similar to Vaseline, but that is the only similarity - it is definitely not very greasy, is environmentally-friendly and organic and smells wonderful. I love the rosehip smell of Trilogy products, so happy to put it anywhere on me.  And it can literally be used anywhere - heels, hands, wounds, even baby's bottoms - a real miracle product. It is actually quite firm and really needs to be scooped out and then warmed by skin contact before spreading. Thankfully a little goes a long way, otherwise this could get quite messy. I rub a fingertip full between my palms before spreading all over my hands when using as hand balm, and because of all the oils in the balm, I think this is better at night and not at the office when handling paper! A pleasure to use for "everything" - just love that scent!
This balm is absolutely beautiful. Great packaging and a little bit goes a long way. It absorbs into the skin very well and is not greasy feeling. Smells really good, and I found it was best used on my lips, any itchy little skin irritations and cuticles. Would definitely buy again.
This wonderful balm is a must-have for me especially in the cooler months. I use it on my dry lips, face, cuticles, elbows, knees, hands and feet... It really is a miracle worker and a 45ml tin is surprisingly long-lasting given that it's so concentrated. I tend to use long-wearing lipsticks which dry out my lips and this balm really does treat and heal my dry, flaky lips almost immediately. I apply a thicker layer at night and wake up with smooth, hydrated lips. It also works really well to smooth and condition dry, damaged cuticles so I always have a tin in my drawer at work to condition my hands and nails. You only need to use it sparingly as a small amount does provide enough moisture and nourishment. I only wish there was no added perfume, otherwise this product would be perfect in my opinion. I also love the beautiful packing which is great for my handbag. Highly recommended for all skin types and age groups.
This balm from Trilogy is my favourite all round product for the colder months. I love the packaging and the lovely scent and the consistency of the balm allows it to be absorbed nicely into my skin. I use this balm for all the dry patches on my face, heels, elbows, cuticles and hands. Another great natural product from Trilogy.
I loved this little pot of multitasking balm, it comes at a great price and I dont need to use a lot so it will last for ages. Love the funky tin too. This is as the name suggests, a multitasking balm, its waxy and yellow, quite thin so its easy to use and spread. I love it especially for lips, cuticles, heels and elbows, in otherwords for really dry spots. It does a great job of moisturising and hydrating and smells good too. Love the rosehip and paw paw for feeding skin. A  great product I would recommend.
This balm smells really good, as all Trilogy products do. It's a subtle scent and smells like nature. The product itself is a yellow tinted balm. It has a really thin consistency. I've tried it on my lips as I always have super dry lips. It doesn't nourish them how I would like it to unfortunately. It doesn't last long at all which I think is the problem- it doesn't stay on long enough to do anything. I've also tried it on my hands and I think it's good to moisturise cuticals but not much else. I wouldn't use it on my skin because I'm afraid it will break me out as it doesn't let your skin breath. Overall it's ok, but I expected it to be more nourishing and longer lasting.
This little pot of goodness is as magical as the name suggests. Trilogy Everything Balm feels like Vaseline with a hippy herbal Trilogy scent. I use it on my cuticles, heels, hands and elbows. A little goes a long way so apply sparingly so you don’t get it everywhere. It fixes any little dry spots that I have within a couple of days because it is so nourishing. Love it!