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Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment is a natural skin brightening treatment that helps diminish dullness and restore radiance. The product consists of two components – a six per cent vitamin C powder and a hyaluronic acid concentrate – which must be combined to activate the treatment. The vitamin C powder contains potent antioxidants that help brighten skin and protect against free radical damage, while the plant-derived hyaluronic acid concentrate works to smooth and hydrate skin. Once activated, it is recommended that the product be used within two weeks for optimum performance.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants, Certified Organic, non- GMO, recyclable packaging, cruelty-free, and supports ethical trade practices. 


Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment


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Brightening and gentle

I have been using Trilogy's Vitamin C Booster Treatment for a few weeks now. I know most products can take longer to show results, but the small size of the product means it can only be used for a few weeks. Maybe you can stretch it out to a month or so if you don't use it every day, and it depends on how many drops you use. I used this almost every morning after using a toner to remove any excess oil from my face (I don't use a cleanser in the morning to prevent drying out and irritating my skin). I then apply moisturiser afterwards. I think you could also apply this mixed in with your moisturiser (so more like a traditional booster), as it is a light oil consistency. It has a citrus scent but is very faint and is not offensive. I quite like it. It applies very smoothly, and is not gritty or too oily. I applied it only to one side of my face so that I could compare the results. After about a week, I noticed this one side to be slightly brighter, and my skin tone to be smoothed out. I would definitely say I saw a positive effect on my skin. My only note is to apply sunscreen if you apply this in the mornings and then go outside. Vitamin C makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. I would also avoid acne-prone areas (for me it's around my nose and mouth), as the booster contains some oils and this may clog your pores. I applied this only to my forehead and cheeks. I would recommend this - it gave me great results. Just wish it came in a larger size, but I understand why it is a small size due to the fresh activation.
After receiving a large sample of this product and trying it out I was instantly hooked! While the brightening effects were apparent within two days the texture of my skin never felt so soft and smooth.  The vitamin C isn't released until you press down and the product falls into the liquid which you then have to gently shake in order for the ingredients to mix together. I applied two to three drops on my face at night and then let it sink it.  It did not take long at all for the serum to absorb which was great.  The next day I had already seen a small improvement in my skin, it looked much brighter and it gave my skin a nice glow.  By the second day it was obvious that the booster was working and I was so surprised how quick it worked. Vitamin C has become an important part of my skincare routine and it really makes a difference!
I was also too scared to try a vitamin C treatment in the past but I am so glad I did because it was so good for my skin. Using this booster morning and night helped to brighten my skin, minimise my pores and add more hydration. Following products including my makeup sat better on my skin and I love the fact that it’s certified organic so I know my skins getting the best ingredients added. Remember this product needs to be worn with sunscreen.
Only vitC serum so far (and have tried many!) that is cosmetically elegant. Means, feels good on the skin and does not ball up , does not sting and does not irritate my skin. So what it does do?  It comes in glass vials of  12.5mL (which is great, as after activating the serum, make sure you use it daily within first couple of weeks, before vitC becomes ...bye bye). After activating (popping powder of vitC into a liquid base, mixing in and using within 2 weeks to be freshest....vitC as water soluble in form of l-asc.acid degrades in water base with time) the serum it is light yellowish, clear and very runny. I drip couple of drops on the face directly and rub  in immediately all over (eyes, lips too, as the formula is gentle). It contains 6% vitC concentration.  My skin after using up the vial is soft and smooth every day. Serum absorbs quickly and leaves skin with the glow. Did not have any "brightening" effect, as 2 weeks are not enough to judge product as being able to do that. Will continue using another vial and see where it all goes. Love the formula as it is comfortable and it seems also hydrating. Contains sodium hyaluronate.  Ingredients Aqua (Water), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Ascorbic Acid, Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract, Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil, Rosa Canina Seed Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Parfum, Dehydroacetic Acid**, Benzyl Alcohol**, Hydroxycitronellal*, Citronellol*, Limonene* *Components of Natural Essential Oils **Preserved with Dehydroacetic Acid (and) Benzyl Alcohol
Vitamin C is great for those who want to brighten their skin which is why I had been wanting to try this product out.  It comes in a dropper format and the vitamin C powder does not mix with the serum until you press the top of the product for it to release.  This helps to keep the product fresh.  The Vitamin C booster treatment is like a serum and it just sinks right into the skin.  No stickiness, no oily residue, just hydrated skin.  After about a week of using the product I could already see a difference in my skin.  It definitely looked much brighter and less dull. My skin felt much softer and overall my skin looked healthier.
I received a rather generous sample of this from Trilogy a while back. I was so excited Trilogy had come out with a Vitamin C serum as I'm a regular user of the Trilogy range and a serum was all I was missing to complete my skin care routine. Vitamin C is a perfect addition to my skin care as it is brightening and I have pigmentation and sensitive skin. Anything that can give more radiance and youth to my skin is always a bonus . The serum comes in a little glass container with a dropper applicator. Before use you have to "pop" the vitamin c powder from the lid(by pressing the button on the lid down) so it mixes with the serum liquid in the container. I absolutely love this as it keeps the vitamin c powder fresh as can be before use. Such an innovative and fun idea. To use,I put 2 or 3 drops onto my cleansed face. It absorbs incredibly fast and is mildly scented. A fruity,floral mix. My skin did feel a little tacky after application which I wasn't a huge fan of but I proceeded to use this for the recommended time of 2 weeks regardless(had to buy a full size as my sample was for about 8 day supply). My skin was more glowy from use of this but I personally wasn't a fan of the feel of it. A nice,gentle skin brightener made from all natural ingredients. Does all it claims and would suit sensitive skin well as I had no issues with irritation from it.
Trilogy sent me a generous sample of this product and I’ve now been using it for about 3 weeks both morning (on its own under makeup) and evening (before applying rosehip oil) and I absolutely love it.  It’s really unusual, with the vitamin C powder kept separately until you press the lid and activate it. From there on, you just squeeze the dropper bottle and a few drops is all you need to get the skin glowing and dewy. I tend to prefer a very simple routine with not many products - I’m not one for multiple steps, but I actually just use this instead of a moisturiser in the morning - I just wash with water and then apply - after that, I’m good to go or apply makeup if I’m going to work or out.  My skin has never looked better--and it really has increased the glow.  I’m not even using a blush now.  Trilogy makes such beautiful products, and this one is chock full of good ingredients like aloe, daisy extract, mandarin oil, rosehip oil, and of course highly concentrated (6%) vitamin C, and nothing nasty.  The scent is fresh citrus and is quite subtle.  The little stopper bottle is so handy and delivers just the right amount.  I’ve still got a small amount left, but will definitely be repurchasing.
I was immediately drawn to the Vitamin C 'activation' feature of this serum, plus the hyaluronic acid which has been the hype for a little while now. My skin overall is pretty good, but I love going that extra bit and making I sure I use products which are beneficial and anti-ageing. I adore this booster serum. It's a fascinating product I have certainly noticed a more even complexion and hydrated skin. I applied it morning and night after cleaning and toning and before moisturiser. The instruction say to use the serum within 2 weeks as the Vitamin C becomes ineffective after this, but I still had some product left so I ended up using the rest of the serum on my décolletage and hands for some extra hydration. I took off a star s I feel this can get very pricey having to replace this every couple of weeks, so I've decided to only purchase this when my skin really needs it and use other hydrating and Vitamin C serums in-between.
This is a great product for brightening skin. I love a vitamin c skin boost and this serum makes skin look fresher, brighter and younger. It works by activating the serum by pressing down on the lid in order to release the vitamin c into the serum so the powder keeps fresh until it’s combined with the serum. I love the handy dropper as it dispenses just the right amount of product which spreads easily and sinks straight into skin. I love trilogy and this silky serum really works to make my skin look brighter and feel so smooth, it diminishes pores and fine lines and it’s super nourishing and hydrating. It has a lovely floral scent and is good value as a little goes a long way. Loved this serum and would recommend it
Tried this over a 2 week period for my combo oily skin. I’ve not had this type in my skincare routine before. I loved the packaging and the concept of pop shake and glow.  It’s a watery consistency with a subtle floral fragrance. I could really see a difference in the glow and it made a difference to my makeup application. The full size is a bit pricey so I’d be looking for a cheaper alternative.
I am a big fan of anything that contains Vitamin C as my skin needs that brightening boost. I really like Trilogy skincare and decided to purchase this new treatment which is a booster serum. The product comes in a small vial, only 12.5ml, but is quite concentrated so a little goes a long. I was drawn to the unique packaging with "fresh activation" that keeps the Vitamin C dose fresh until you open it. The process is you pop the cap, shake the product well and use the dropper enclosed to dispense the serum. The serum can apparently last for about 6 months but during this time the Vitamin C becomes ineffective, therefore it's recommended you use it everyday for 2 weeks. I have been using 2-3 drops of the serum for just over 2 weeks and am very pleased with how radiant my skin is looking and it's more hydrated. The texture is lightweight, but slightly sticky at first. I would like to continue using this product for several weeks at least to see if my pigmentation improves. My only criticism is that it's a little pricey per vial, especially if you want to use it long-term.
Vitamin C is a must in my skincare morning routine, and i was very excited to see a new affordable one enter the market. This product requires activation (you press down on the lid to release the active ingredients) before you start using it to help maintain the vitamin c potency. I quite enjoyed using this product- it's a very light weight, almost water like product that applies easily to the skin. It is a little sticky at first, but soon dries down. It layers well under the rest of my skincare and makeup, and i do think that it helped brighten my skin.
I was lucky to receive a deluxe sample of this Vitamin C treatment to try and it comes in a unique bottle where you are required to press down the lid to click open the Vitamin C powder into the serum part of the treatment. I do like that the Vitamin C powder is kept stable this way and you don't break the seal until you are ready to mix the powder with the serum and use the contents in the vial. The product has a dropper to dispense the right amount of product. The texture of the serum is lightweight, non-greasy but does feel a bit tacky initially when you apply it to your face. I use about 3 drops of this product for my whole face and neck, under my usual moisturiser. You are supposed to use each vial twice a day for 2 weeks for best results and to keep the product stable and active. So far my skin feels softer and smoother, with a bit more of a dewy glow. The only thing I dislike is the strong floral fragrance which I find can be a bit irritating for my skin. I love the original Trilogy Rosehip Oil which I have used for years and have had great results with that product, so I'm unsure I will purchase this treatment. I think this product would suit anyone who doesn't have super sensitive skin and wants a skin brightening treatment.
Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment is the one thing that was missing from my skincare routine. Pop, shake and activate was the beginning of my addiction. I applied it morning and night and I was astounded how quickly my skin began to feel silky smooth and hydrated and I wanted more. How can a product that is runny like water be so magical? I still don’t know but it is! Love this stuff!