ulta3 Nail Polish

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ulta3 Nail Polish is an award-winning, vegan nail polish with a range of shades from fluro to nude, and everything in between. ulta3 prides itself on its extensive range of nail polishes. The enamel is salon quality and long-lasting. Featuring every colour from classics to neutrals, manicure shades to this season’s vibrant hues; the collection offers a wide variety of shades.


ulta3 Nail Polish


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Great value and quality

This is easily one of favorite brands when it comes to nail polish and this colour is so cute. Something I found consistent throughout the entirety of the brand was a relatively long lasting polish. Im usually able to wear this for about four days before it begins to chip which is great for the extremely low price point. Something I encountered when using it is that it can be quite difficult to remove even when using remover though if anything that says alot about the quality of it. this range has so many colour options many of which I've tried and it's safe to say this is great for the price and in general.