Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF50 Mattifying

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Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF50 Mattifying has a mattifying, non-whitening formula that protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays to help prevent the skin from premature skin ageing. Suitable for normal to oily skin types. Always read the label. Follow directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.


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Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF50 Mattifying


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Amazing sunscreen!

This sunscreen was amazing! I have really sensitive skin and I found this sunscreen wasn't oily and didn't cause any breakouts, it also hydrated my skin. The sunscreen feels lightweight and can even be worn under makeup! I loved this product also as it was easy to apply, without mess and also didn't leave a greasy, white film on my face. I now use it as a daily part of my skincare routine and I am seeing a difference in how my skin feels, it feels hydrated and doesn't get irritated by this product!
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Ultraceuticals Ultra Hydrating SPF50

Sunscreen is a must in my skincare routine, so I was very happy to give the Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Hyrating Moisturiser SPF50 a try. The sunscreen has been formulated to not only protect from damaging UVA and UVB rays but aso hydrate the skin. This product comes in a plastic tube with 100 ml of product. I appreciate the pump top underneath the cap as it makes for a convenient delivery system. The consistency is that of a moisturiser, not thick like some of the sunscreens I have used in the past. I appreciate the lovely citrus fragrance that does a great job of masking the typical sunscreen scent. The sunscreen feels so nice on the skin. It's lightweight and hydrating without being greasy. I'm happy to report that there is no white cast. I am in my mid-40s with combination/dehydrated skin and have had no adverse reactions from this product. The Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Hyrating Moisturiser SPF50 would have to be the nicest sunscreen that I have used. It gives ample protection while providing a luxury feel.
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Perfect Sunscreen without the shine!

I love this sunscreen as a daily user, I found it ticked all my boxes. Ultraceuticals is a well trusted brand and I refuse to use anything other than 50+ on my face. I used the three finger rule to apply it in layers and found it worked well to protect my face throughout the day. It worked well under makeup and left me with no whitecast. It protected, mattyfied and provided hydration for my day. It was super lightweight and didn't leave my face shiny/oily at the end of the day. I liked this product and knowing it was protecting my face throughout the day!
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A new favourite

I recieved this as part of the VIP Beautycrew box and have been using daily for nearly a month or so. For referrence my skin type is normal-dry and I absaloutley loved using this sunscreen, it is definitely up there as one of my favourite sunscreens. It is lightweight in feel, non greasy, none of that dreaded gross white cast or greyish tinge to the skin. Absorbs into the skin rapidly and doesn't irritate the skin or have the horrid chemical scent most sunscreens tend to have (this one actually smells quite pleasant). It feels more like a lightweight, creamy moisturiser than a sunscreen. A little goes a long, long way, a couple of pumps is all that is needed to cover the entire face. A big thumbs up from me
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This sunscreen is fantastic! I love the fact that it’s “mattifying” so I can go out with just my sunscreen on and my face isn’t shiny and obvious that I have sunscreen on. I have replaced it as my daily moisturiser on the bottom of my makeup. My one negative is that I find that if you were to put primer or foundation straight on (without waiting a few minutes) it leaves my face a bit sticky throughout the day. I will usually put my sunscreen on and then do something else whilst it sets in. It also smells really nice and fresh, most sunscreens can smell quite chemically but this smells great! I highly recommend this one!!
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Awesome sunscreen

Where do I begin with this awesome sunscreen!! I’ve found it's great for my oily skin because it’s super light and absorbs well into skin and doesn’t seem to leave an oily or white residue as some sunscreens can. Therefore, my make up glides on perfectly. It has a delicious citrus scent, it is also very hydrating, and leaves you skin feeling fantastic after as it also acts as a moisturiser. Furthermore, it did not clog my pores or cause any breakouts as other sunscreens would or dry out my skin. I would definitely buy and recommend this product as I love it!
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Fantastic SPF moisturiser your skin will love

This SPF moisturiser is lightweight and absorbs well. It is also ‘mattifying’, so you don’t get that shiny oily textured looking skin like regular SPF. It also doesn’t clog or enlarge your pores like a normal SPF. It is a cream moisturiser, so it is a thicker consistency, but you expect that from a SPF. This is also very hydrating, and leaves you skin feeling fantastic after. It is lightly scented, so it doesn’t irritate your eyes. It is a ‘fresh’ citrus scent, so it is nice to apply and smell. The packaging is nice and simple. A matte white with a light green line and black writing. It is a tube with a pump head, and a flat cap so the tube can stand up by itself. I use 2 pumps to completely cover my face and neck. You also don’t have to work the product in like a normal SPF product. I love that this is a moisturiser with a SPF included, as it means I only have to apply one product. It was easy to add into my daily skincare routine, rather than having to apply a SPF every time I go outside.
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Your skin will love this!

When I first saw this product, I got so excited because it's a moisturizer with SPF50 already! At the back of my head, I don't need to put on another sunscreen because it has SPF50! I love multipurpose product. Let's start with the packaging, very simple, neat and convenient to use. It's a pump tube so you can get most out of the product by squeezing it out. Comes out at small amount so you can control how much you'll really use. Using the product, I feel I hit the jackpot with its mattifying effect. For me, moisturizers and sunscreens tend to make my skin look greasy but with this mattifying effect, I don't have to worry with greasiness at all. This feels very light on skin when applied, absorbed well and can confirm its mattifying effect. I didn't experience any skin irritations or breakouts while using this. I believe my skin loved this immediately. I would really recommend this.
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Great facial sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must but it's hard to find ones that work well with my skin. I find that most tend to be really heavy and don't absorb well into my skin. Not to mention it makes my skin feel really oily and greasy making it really hard to wear makeup over it. The Ultraceuticals moisturiser is great because not only does it keep my skin hydrated without being too thick and rich but it also contains SPF 50 so my skin is protected throughout the day. I like that its mattifying so my skin won't look like an oil slick as soon as I put it on. I also like to apply it on my neck as well. It didn't cause any irritation to my skin nor my eyes. Furthermore, it did not clog my pores or cause any breakouts. The size is quite generous and it's easy to incorporate into your skincare routine. I apply it in the morning after I have washed my face and then apply my makeup on top.
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Good protection

The Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF50 Mattifying come in a wonderful and generous size 100ml bottle with an easy pump applicator and lid ensuring no mess. When applied to the face and neck it didn’t cause any irritation and felt lightweight and pampering. I was much more confident that my skin was protected each day especially from harmful UVA and UVB rays. It provided a shine free finish when applied and was fast absorbing while offering nourishment and hydration. I would happily recommend others give it a try, a great product.