Urban Decay

Urban Decay All-Nighter Eyeliner

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Urban Decay All-Nighter Eyeliner is a highly pigmented twist-up pencil eyeliner that glides over the lid smoothly to create a shiny and precise line, that dries waterproof and lasts all night long.


Urban Decay All-Nighter Eyeliner


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Honestly this eyeliner will hold up all night long without a single smudge or crease in sight! The colour is to die for, it has more of a dramatic gloss to it than other eyeliners that i have used which really stands out and gives my eyes a glowing shine to them, very pretty! I find when i use this eyeliner i only need to line my top eyeline, and my eye looks classy and ready to go.  This eyeliner is oh so convient! So no need for messy and gross sharpening because you can just twist it up when the pencil starts to get blunt, fast, quick and easy. Everything i need in an eyeliner.  I find the silky consistency of this eyeliner means the pencil just rolls onto my skin gently and without having to use force, there are never bumps, clumps or chunks in this pencil, it has such a smooth glide on feel! A great pencil to create many looks without fuss or mess, infact i hardly even have to touch up my eyes after using this pencil. It always looks perfect and sharp, never rough or smudged.  Because of the smooth consistency i advise not leaving this pencil in really hot temparatures, as it can make the pencil soft and melted, so always store it in a cool dark place! Because this pencil is waterproof it can be a pain to remove effectively, you may want to pay extra attention to your eyes when taking it off as i find little scraps may stay on even when i use a good eye makeup remover, i like to put a little vaseline or pawpaw on my eyelids and gently rub the eyeliner remnants off, it really gets all the pesky makeup scraps off that may otherwise want to stay on your eyelids all night long.  Being so tough to remove, i promise so amount of water will remove or even smudge this liner, so you really can go for a swim if need be and this eyeliner will still look terrific, glossy and precise! And if you need to cry, be my guest, there wont be a single smudge either (tried and tested lol). It's indestructible!  For eyes that shine bright and look perfect hour after hour, no matter what you face, this eyeliner is the bomb! Super easy to apply, its a top choice for everyone with a fair price tag that in my opinion is super great value. This is the all in one eyeliner that you'll ever need! 10/10 perfection. 
As someone whose theory is that make up should be applied once and once only; always perfectly in the morning, I found the urban decay all nighter eye liner to be a reliable product throughout the day. The shade of black was perfect for my eyes/ skin tone and the tip of the pencil was fine enough to control along the eyelid surface. I found that due to its high pigmentation, there was no need to go over the same area more than twice which was such a relief and the eye liner was extremely reliable as an all day product and didn't smudge or run so I was pleasantly surprised. Highly recommend for eye-rubbers like.myself!