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Urban Decay Beauty Balm Travel Size

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Urban Decay Beauty Balm Travel Size is a pore minimising BB cream enriched with Pepha® to protect against skin damage and Vitasource™ and dGlyage® to provide anti-ageing benefits. The formula also works to blur imperfections, wrinkles and redness, leaving skin looking perfected and radiant.


Urban Decay Beauty Balm Travel Size


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Ah,travel sized products....God's answer to the question "How can i try that cult,must have product i have been lusting over,without wavering between it and my rent ?". Well dear reader,a huge array of companies have decided to answer that question,by adding a few of their cult items to a growing list of beauty editor / model / makeup artist favoured items all cute and mini sized...with a pricepoint to match,and Urban Decay has been nothing if not in touch with their customer's wants by adding this baby to that list. The UD "Naked" Skin Travel Size Beauty Balm is a perfect "trial it" sized 15ml offering,that gives you enough product to see the coverage / consistency and shade of this new range from the beloved Naked line before you extend yourself to the full sized option. When i got this,initially i thought "it looks like a light-medium peachy-beige;definitely warm-toned (so perfect for my skin tone),and almost orange-y in hue" (which it absolutely is).BUT,once blended in,it’s nearly translucent in tone....if anything, it warmed my skin up a little bit, but it doesn’t really add coverage or colour...so you will be more Naked than perhaps you realise (genius really.Almost universally flattering,BUT minimal in coverage,as i will reiterate a few times). Now,onto the texture and results:The texture is lightweight, creamy, and thin (but not runny).It didn’t feel tacky on the skin,and it was easy to blend....but I found it spread best when applied on a smaller surface area (rather than the whole face at once,as you tend to do with a usual BB cream),because it dried down quickly (so work quickly when blending). I did feel like I needed to apply a fair amount to cover my entire face in the product,not because I was trying to achieve coverage (Lordy no...i hate that entire "covered up,full coverage" feel),but more as a result of the quick-to-dry texture that just wouldn’t really spread from say, forehead to nose or chin.It kind of looks, feels, and acts more like a primer than anything else when I used it. The BB effect is there... everything is just a bit softened overall,with a nice,matte-ish feel,but,here’s no real coverage (which is OK by me..maybe not for you), so redness,spots etc don’t really get evened out or covered,but otherwise, it definitely " minimizes the look of “pores, lines,and wrinkles,” just as described . As with traditional BB creams hailing from Korea,NAKED Skin Beauty Balm also focuses on skincare properties—with anti-aging ingredients that promise to hydrate, firm, and smooth skin over time,plus it's coupled with an SPF 20,in an oil free formula (but if truth be told,this may not suit oilier skinned girls,as it is a more "drier skinned" texture). A little bonus is the fact that this is slightly mint-scented;I didn’t notice it when I wore it,but it gave a cooling / fresh feel that i loved (perfect for summer),but if scents aren't your thing in skincare,fear not..it leaves as quick as it came. The tube is a beautiful peachy toned hue,with silver lettering on it...it actually looks quite expensive really,that will fit into even the tiniest of overnight bags or carry on luggage etc. So,to sum up...do i recommend this ? Yes ! UD does Naked better than many European beach goers,and this is no exception...however,if your skin being more "birthday suit like" than you are ready for,this may be more Naked than you want to publicly display. TIP:Want to amp up the coverage a tad ? Add a drop of your usual foundation to this and blend well...a fuller coverage,with primed skin that is bespoke in hue.PERFECT.