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Urban Decay Brightening & Tightening Complexion Primer Potion

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Urban Decay Brightening & Tightening Complexion Primer Potion is a radiance-enhancing primer that delivers luminosity to skin and extends the wear of makeup. Enriched with powerful polypeptides to restore elasticity and hyaluronic filling spheres to provide a hydrating, skin-plumping effect, the lightweight complexion primer perfects and polishes the look of skin. The nourishing, oil-free formula glides on easily to create an even canvas for makeup application while minimising the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections. Perfect for mature skin, the brightening primer is also great for dull, dry and fatigued skin. The result is makeup that lasts and skin that looks and feels lifted, healthy and youthful.


Urban Decay Brightening & Tightening Complexion Primer Potion


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This Urban Decay primer not only makes my makeup look great and oil free all day long, I really think it is making my face would younger and tighter every single day! I'm super obsessed with how this creamy, divine primer smoothes my face out, like a little instant youth in a tube. I get really self conscious about my pores, but I love that this primer makes them look smaller, tighter and barely even there. No matter how huge your pores are, I promise this primer will reduce there size, rather than make them stand out and look even bigger (a big issue I face when using liquid foundation!). If you have dark spots and bags under your eyes, this product really brightens your skin. I feel fresh and vibrant, instead of tired and ill like I normally would. When applying this primer, don't be afraid to use a nice and generous squirt of it, I like to make sure I can really cover my face and jawline. The primer always feels light and fresh on my skin, never heavy. I can always trust Urban Decay to make products that are great for my skin, this primer just feels great for my skin, it doesn't block my pores and bring up new blemishes like some heavier, thicker primers tend to do for me. This primer will let your whole face breathe!  Because there is no oil added to this primer, your foundation will sit very nicely and never get too shiny. i love how long and long my makeup stays on my face after I use this product, I stay grease-free and my makeup never smudges.  For anyone worried about there ageing skin, this is honestly a must have. The primer is super nourishing on the skin, whenever my skin is feeling a bit dry and sunken, this primer provides so much hydration and leaves my skin smooth and supple, very plumped up and youthful looking. Even if I'm feel a bit dull, i always have a glow to me using this luxe product. If you have little wrinkles (or deeper ones!), I promise this primer will not emphasise them at all, but it will provide a smooth and softened look to them allowing your foundation to sit over them and never gather and crease making them look worse. I absolutely recommend this to not only mature skin, but skin that needs a little perk up or is very dry/sun damaged, although to be honest I think any skin type will just really benefit from using it. Even if your skin is on the oilier side, you will feel fresh, clean and ready for the day.  I've always felt like a great primer (like this one!!) can really improve your foundation even if it is a lower quality supermarket foundation. I admit I use a fairly cheap foundation, but by using this impressive primer my foundation feels like a top range 5 star product! So yes, this primer does not come cheap at all, but in my eyes it is a great splurge because the little tube will last ages and make your face feel ways it has never felt before! For a little over $50 this primer has last me so many months, much longer than my foundation bottle lasted, I feel like maybe a cheaper primer would've run out much faster so in the end I reckon I'm saving money! Usually I am inclined to stay away from beauty products that are a little out of my budget, but this Urban Decay primer is worth every little cent and much more, it makes me feel young, fresh and improves the quality of my makeup. An everyday essential that I believe really helps my skins texture and appearance in the long run.