Urban Decay

Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Waterproof Precision Eye Pen

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Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Waterproof Precision Eye Pen is a waterproof liquid eyeliner that works to create a glossy and sharp black line that lasts all day long.


Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Waterproof Precision Eye Pen


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Beauty-queens rejoice... an eyeliner that glides on with perfect precision AND stays put all night? YES PLEASE! I love love love this eyeliner for several reasons: firstly, the super fine tip allows for ultra precision and helps me achieve THE perfect winged-eye (can I get an "amen"). Secondly, one word says it all: waterproof......that means you can wear it all night while dancing and still have the perfect cat-eye at 4am, but it also means it stays put when the waterworks come on during that sad movie. Seriously, the staying power is amazing, and even though it is waterproof and doesn't smudge off, it is pretty easy to remove with a oil-based makeuo remover.  Another reason I love this product is that it is a true black, and the ink seems really well pigmented. The application itself is great, after the first couple uses (it takes a bit to get the product to saturate the felt tip) it glides on easily and the tip stays firm and doesn't bend, ensuring precision every time. I use this not only for my classic winged-eyeliner look, but also as a regular eyeliner base, applying a thin line and going over it with some smudged eyeshadow. The packaging is perfect....sleek and simple, I love that it's a pen (as opposed to pencil, or pot) as it is much easier to apply. Drawbacks? NONE As always, Urban Decay doesn't disappoint with this liquid eyeliner pen. 
Urban Decay Ink for Eyes Waterproof Precision Eye Pen has an ultra-fine felt tip that feels a lot firmer than most other liquid eyeliners. The packaging is a simple black pen tube, nothing fancy but very easy to hold . While the initial use the liquid is slow to flow to the tip but after a couple of times it runs consistently. This eyeliner gives me the smoothest application across the lid, practically gliding, with no tugging, pulling or creasing. Being a pen applicator there is absolutely no mess. The ink is a deep intense black that really lasts all day, over exceeding my expectations as being 100% waterproof. I love it to create a winged eye look as the ultra fine tip makes precise, fine lines easy to achieve. It dries quickly with a slightly glossy finish so if matte is your preferred choice steer clear of this. All in all, it's another huge thumbs up for URBAN DECAY.