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Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid

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Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid is a high-tech colour corrector that works to blur the appearance of imperfections and enhance your features. The fluid is available in five shades: green to reduce redness, yellow to correct dullness, peach to mask circles and spots, lavender to balance sallowness and pink to brighten dark areas.

Available in five shades.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid


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LIFE CHANGING!  I have the green colour corrector  and I will never go back to anything else. I first discovered it when I was in Mecca checking out the new MAC range and it caught my eye. I had been on the look out for a new green colour corrector as the ones I had tried before made my skin drier than usual and that the actual corrector didn’t have enough pigment to cover even the slightest redness. I swatched it in the inside of my arm and instantly fell in love, it covered as small rash as well as my freckles after I had blended it in. When I use it at home on a daily basis I use it after I prime my face with the Mac primer which really helps it stick to the face and increase pigment. I blend it in using my beauty blender then apply my foundation over the top. After applying my foundation you can’t see the redness or the green pigment from the corrector. It feels soft and lightweight on the face with the slight scent  of chemicals, but otherwise there isn’t really a scent. After using the product for the first time on my face and was blown away at how good quality it was. After using it for a few weeks I noticed a huge difference in my face and the way it looked. It looked fresh and redness free.   I think this would be perfect for someone who really struggles to try and hide their redness and needs to find a product that is worth the price. Definitely worth it if you see it in the shops, pick it up and add it to your basket:))
I first tried Urban Decay colour correct at Mecca while having a fabulous complimentary make up class. I was blown away by the difference this product made to my appearance. The result for a couple of dots of Peach under my eyes was amazing. My dark circles and bags were erased, they blurred and my eyes popped.  I looked instantly fresh and the baggy,saggy heaviness was gone. I knew they were still there but just like smoke and mirrors HEY PRESTO they were no longer noticeable it was magic :) I purchased immediately and I have been using this product ever since. I can wear this on its own or under concealer it just depends on how I look and feel on the day.  I apply sparingly as a little goes a long way and then pat it in with my ring finger. I have also used it to even out other pigmentation and age spots on my face. There are a range of correcting colours in the range and they can solve almost every complexion issue. I can see myself adding them to my beauty routine as I age. Its comforting know that there are solutions to all our little imperfections and that in itself gives me confidence that I can always look my best.
this is so perfect for making me look and feel amazing ! I call it my MAGIC BOTTLE .
I am absolutely in love with these colour correctors. They are like the best thing out there. There are  5 shades of colour correcting fluid for all kinds of imperfections on the skin. Peach shade is mostly used for darkness on the face which is usually around the mouth and eyes. Green is to reduce any redness on the face, usually that occurs in the t-zone. Lavender is for people who have sallowness (yellowy tone) on their skin. So if your sick just use the lavender shade. Yellow shade is for dullness, you might be having a bad day and need to go out, then just use this shade it will make you look awake and fresh. Pink it to brighten darker areas, if you have really bad circles around your eyes then I would recommend that you use this shade as it will not only reduce the darkness but also brighten that area. Personally I think that the peach corrector does it for me, as I don't have that dark eye circles. It leaves the area around my eyes, mouth and nose looking light and natural. It's really easy to use, I just usually get the wand and put a 2 dots on around my eyes and mouth, then just blend it with my fingers. I find this way more effective, like this you use less product, as I think the beauty blender would you too much product. That's just my opinion. I would recommend these correctors to anyone who is suffering from blemishes on their skin. People with oily skin don't worry it works really well for that skin type as well.