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Vera Wang Be Jeweled EDP

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Vera Wang Be Jeweled EDP is an enchanting and seductive fragrance featuring top notes of red currant, pomegranate and Champagne; heart notes of passionfruit, pink honeysuckle and pink peony; and base notes pink crystal-sugar, musk and Australian sandalwood.

Price above is for 75mL. Also available in 50mL.


Vera Wang Be Jeweled EDP


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This vera wang fragrance comes in the most stunning bottle. The jewelled lilac glass container is prettty, classy and makes an awesome gift with its gorgeous gems. The scent is delicant, elegant, classy and pretty and lasts and lasts. It has notes of pretty pink peony and sugar and musk, honeysuckle and sandalwood, some of my favourite scents, its sweet but not overpowering.  Notes of red current and pomegranate keep it fresh and quite unique. I adore vera wang fragrances and this one is simply divine. I think the price is great for such an elegant fragrance and bottle so its great value. This scent is so feminine and it softens as you wear it, I have received lovely compliments when wearing this fragrance. I totally recommend it, simply gorgeous
The first thing that captured my eye about this fragrance was the bottle.  I thought it was so cute and I loved the soft, lavender colour and the jewelled look.  I have had Vera Wang perfumes before and this was another fragrance of hers that I really liked.  Besides the beautiful look of the bottle the scent was exactly what I liked.  It was fruity and sweet without losing its elegance.  When I first sprayed it I could smell the passionfruit and red currant.  It reminded me of summer and it gave me such a good feeling.  It also had notes of pomegranate which was just delicious as well as sugar for some added sweetness, pink peony and honeysuckle for some floral notes to balance the fragrance out.  It's light and fresh which makes it perfect for the spring and summer months.  I like to spritz it on my wrist, neck and hair but it's something I have to spray several times a day as the scent doesn't have much longevity.  However I am still a fan of the scent and feel that it's a great fragrance to wear as an everyday scent.
I have been a long time lover of Vera Wang’s Princess perfume.  "Be Jeweled is about attitude and a certain sense of glamour, fun, self-expression, feeling ready and spirited and happy… ready to take on the world" .......And yes I can most definitely agree that it is a scent that lives up to its description. Be Jeweled is a lilac coloured glass, crystal shape bottle adorned in colourful gems. It has a really girly, feminine smell and sweet scent. The key notes... at first I detected a sweet bergamot orange but very subtle, then more of a berry toned hint. After a period of time it softens and has a more floral midtone... still sweet but more warming and maybe slight vanilla peaking through. It iss not too overpowering so it can be worn on an every day basis. You spritz it on in the morning and can still smell it at bedtime. The fruitiness combined with sweetness makes it my idea of the perfect summer scent.