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Vera Wang Lovestruck EDP

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Vera Wang Lovestruck EDP is a youthful, sparkling floral fragrance inspired by a modern day Romeo and Juliet. It features top notes of exotic pink guava and angelica blossom; heart notes of tuberose and lotus flower; and base notes of sheer musk. 


Vera Wang Lovestruck EDP


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I absolutely love this vera wang fragrance, it’s truly divine. I received this as a gift, lucky me. First of all is the packaging, this is really striking and very pretty and feminine, pink, burgundy flowers ribbon and tulle, a mini work of art. This is great for anyone wanting to purchase a unique gift, it looks great on a dressing table. The scent is really sweet, pretty and feminine. It has notes of guava, mandarin orange, lotus, musk and tuberose. I felt it was quite musky, citrusy and fresh, I receive compliments when I wear this. The scent lasts really well, I don’t need to use a lot. I use this both for day and night as it’s suitable for both, it’s really elegant. I absolutely love this scent and would highly recommend it.
I just purchased this pretty perfume after hearing about it from my friend and I must say that I absolutely love it!  It's very Fresh, Feminine and great for Spring... and the bottle is just gorgeous.  Love it and would recommend this perfume to anyone looking for a great bargain.
This is another really nice Vera Wang fragrance.  It comes in a really big, square, over the top bottle with plastic flowers and ribbon which is unlike any other fragrance bottle I have ever seen before.  The scent is just wonderful: feminine, sophisticated and uplifting!  It is a musky, fruity scent with notes of guava, mandarin orange, tuberose and lotus.  When you first spray it it is quite fresh and fruity and as the fragrance begins to settle it starts to become a bit floral and musky with some woody scents in the background.  It's a scent that would work well for women of all ages and because it is a parfum it does last a long time.
I was pleasantly surprised by this fragrance. Initially I thought I would find it too sweet especially with the top note including pink guava, but when it settled I found the base  note of sheer musk very feminine. It comes in a beautiful Vera Wang signature bottle, which commands central presence on top of your dresser. A great size bottle for the price and I tend to find that because it's initially sweeter I don't need to use as much through out the day.
My go to everyday perfume. I got this as a gift my first time and now I can't live without it. The scent is super floral but elegant which makes it perfect for work, uni and also a night out. Vera Wang can do no wrong, following her 'princess' hit,  'princess power'and 'rock princess there's no denying that these perfumes are perfect for anyone. The whole line of perfumes are definitely all have a strong floral tone to it which can be a hit or miss for some.  Another positive is the packaging. The beautiful packaging is design to pair perfectly with the scent In the bottle and can be displayed for design after use.  Easily one of my favourite perfumes.  There is one con which is the endurance of the smell, it would be perfect if the scent stayed on for longer than it does but you will have to reapply it a few times a day
I got this as a preset for my Mum and I ended up caving and buying it for myself a few weeks later. It's not too strong which is amazing, I wear it every single day and people always compliment how nice it smells!
This bold, sweet and striking fragrance really captures the idea of 'powerful love' very well! Lovestruck is a long lasting, sweet and musky perfume inspired by the power and relentlessness of love. It has a gorgeous bottle, the cap decorated with burgundy tulle-like material and dark coloured flowers which are close to home to the scent itself. I found this perfume to be a little more musky than florally, but the floral scent is still very present. The fragrance captures a very deep woody smell as well as a couple of fruity notes, it is quite mature, but can be worn by anyone who loves a little sophistication. You could definitely wear this perfume to a formal event or even just and out about. Lovestruck is a powerful, sweet scent and is great for someone looking for something a little more on the bold side!
This perfume caught my eye recently for a very obvious reason; the insanely amazing packaging! Upon first sniff it is very floral. It's a multi leveled floral scent, in which you get different notes with each sniff. I love the added element of pink guava as this gives it a sweet citrus kick.  Once the original scent has settled into the skin, it develops into a musky floral that smells amazing.
I bought this perfume for a friend, but I fell in love with it and kept it for myself. Its an addictive fragrance. I wear it almost everyday! The bottle is elegant and classy. It is a sweet floral scent which, is a bit fruity and refreshing. It smells absolutely lovely.
A sweet, floral and feminine fragrance that exudes romance and love! The top of the perfume bottle is covered in pink tulle and flowers which make it look like a bouquet.  It has notes of Guava, Mandarin Orange, and Lotus which make it smell tropical but while still being sophisticated.  It's versatile enough for both day and night, casual occasions and more formal events.
My signature fragrance! I wear it everyday! Woody, musky, oriental but still very feminine. Two spritz is all I need for all day long lasting scent. Well worth the "investment".