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Vera Wang Princess EDT is an oriental floral fragrance for young women celebrating youth and femininity. It features top notes of water lily, apple, mandarin and apricot; heart notes of guava, Tiare flower, tuberose, and dark chocolate; and base notes of vanilla, amber and wood.

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Vera Wang Princess EDT


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This is a divine fragrance for a perfume junkie like myself. A beautiful feminine floral scent that evokes feelings of being a princess with its pretty heart shaped princess bottle with crown. A stunning light floral, I love the vanilla, dark chocolate, amber scent, so sweet mixed with fresh notes of apple mandarin and apricot, its youthful and summery and a lovely addition to my perfume collection as it is so unique, a little bit of fantasy and magic, whimsy and very girly. The scent actually lasts really well even though its a light fragrance and its so pretty it makes a lovely special gift, I adore this and highly recommend it
This bottle is feminine and looks beautiful anywhere in your house. I remember around 10 years ago in high school, this was the ‘it’ fragrance. But I never had it in my younger years. I received one as a gift a couple of Christmas’ ago. The crown lid is cute and there is a circle underneath that which can actually be used as a ring! Similar to how the YSL lipstick has a part that can be used as a ring. It probably isn’t for that purpose but hey, why not?   The scent is feminine, to match the design of the bottle. I honestly do love the scent but it makes my hayfever go off the charts. Even when I use two sprays, I sneeze for the whole day. If I didn’t have an allergy, I would wear this almost everyday. It’s a shame that it sits on my vanity looking pretty and full (barely used). I do recommend this to those just starting to wear perfume as the scent is subtle but if you have allergies, please try this in store before purchasing.
This is my Absolute favourite perfume!! Such a beautiful scent that starts every day off so nicely. The bottle is so beautiful with the crown on top and they haven't stopped there with the looks. It is my must have and go-to product. The scent is a light floral one that is so beautiful, especially in spring. I always get compliments on my scent when wearing it and buy it for everyone as gifts as i think everyone deserves to try it!
Beauty for me doesn't just end with perfume, fragrance is what completes my every beauty look and elevates it to a whole other level. There is nothing more powerful or personal than the memories and emotions and confidence that perfume gives you. I have tried a lot of perfumes from different brands, and some really stick with me, like Vera Wang Princess. First of all, how gorgeous and girly and feminine is that princess crown shaped bottle. One of the first things I notice about a perfume I try is the bottle, how pretty or unique it is, because I need it to look pretty and stand out on my dressing table or when pulled out of my makeup case. Next, obviously, is what it actually smells like, and whether it sticks with me, what emotion or memory it brings up for me, and if I would continue to use it every day and still adore it each time I catch a whiff of it. Vera Wang Princess managed to tick all those boxes for me, and is up there with my truly favourite perfumes. It is definitely a fragrance suited for the girliest and most feminine of women out there, with notes of vanilla, dark chocolate and apricot, and if like me, you enjoy creating pretty makeup looks, dressing up and all that girly stuff, than this is the perfume for you, and definitely get out to your local Priceline or department store and try a tester of this. Whenever I am being more girly with my makeup looks and clothes, this is the perfume I reach for. One or two sprays on my wrists and other pulse points is all I need to smell fresh, sweet, floral and vanillary all day long, and if I want the fragrance to last even better and longer, try the matching body wash and body lotion, they are both as beautiful and sweet as the perfume. Perfume is so special to me, it's the way I let out my inner girly girl out any time I want, and each perfume I own has a very special place in my heart for different reasons. Vera Wang Princess is the best sweet, girly perfume I've used and when I wear it, it makes me feel feminine, sweet, girly, and free to let out my inner princess for the day or night. That's the beautiful thing about beauty, in a princess crown shaped purple bottle, and the crown on the lid is even a wearable ring, nothing negative about this at all, the whole beautiful package.
This is my go-to perfume. Its simple and sweet yet elegant, the perfect "throw on" perfume for any occasion. I would say this perfume is more suited to teenagers / young adults, with its sweet and friendly scent. It is not over powering when first sprayed on but lingers for a while. Would repurchase again and its a great gift for those girls who love to smell softly sweet!
This perfume is basically a sweet and feminine fragrance that is suitable for everyday use or even on days out or nightsout.  2-3 sprays will last the whole day, the sweet scent built up my confidence and it drew peoples attention towards me as i walk past them.  It is definately a lovely gift for the loved ones & will bring that smile on the lovely ladies. After using this fragrance I felt satisfied because i spent my money on a good quality product. I absolutely love it ❤️
I received this as a gift over a year ago and have been using it most days since then (and the bottle still hasn't run out yet). I love the feminine floral smell the perfume has and it is a staple perfume I believe most women would love. I wasn't a fan of the crown on the top of the bottle so I took that off to make it look less childish. The smell however does not last all day. in fact it only lasts a couple of hours before it wears off. It lasts longer on clothes then on skin BUT interestingly it lasts all day if I spray it in my hair (I know its a little strange but it works).
This has been my everyday go to perfume for years and will continue to be years to come! It has a very flirty, girly fragrance that is versatile enough wear day and night. The fragrance is quite light and fruity, yet not so light that it doesn't leave a lasting impression, and I have never met a person it didn't suit. I would however have to say this fragrance may be better for a younger market, perfect for teenagers to women in their 20's. This perfume is guaranteed to score me compliments and have many women ask me what fragrance I am wearing. For the price, I think it is terrific value for money, and the bottle can last quite a long time, even with everyday use. Overall a 10/10 timeless and classic perfume, beautiful as a gift or for personal use.
This perfume comes in a heart shaped bottle. It doesn't so much have a lid as 2 rings that sit over the pump. Both rings are gold with purple stones in them. One ring is just a band and sits at the bottom. The top ring looks like a crown which is perfectly fitting as the perfume is called 'Princess". It has black easy to read writing on the bottle with 'Princess' written in a lovely elegant font. This is my favourite perfume. I has a distinctive scent that is lovely. It's not too sweet but its gentle and feminine. The scent does fade a little which I actually like. It means the scent just sits in the background without being really full on and "up your nose". I can still smell it quite a few hours after application which generally means I don't have to try to carry some of it around to reapply during the day. I have at times spritzed a little in my hair or on some clothing to prolong the smell. I didn't have any problems with it fading or marking my clothing. It also didn't damage or stain my hair which was dyed blonde at the time. I choose this for my special occasions and tend to wear it especially in summer as it is such a light, fun scent. My boyfriend loves it and even chose it for me. The bottle I have is still the first bottle I've ever had. It lasts for a really long time. While it is my go to scent I've found that if I wear it too often I can get a little desensitised to it. So I don't need to apply a lot to be able to appreciate I only wear it a few days in a row then take a break or alternate it with another perfume. I'd hate for someone to not find it pleasant in my presence and think I've gone overboard with the application. I've spent a fair bit of time experimenting with a few different applications and amounts of spray. I've found that I personally only need 2 sprays to have me smelling lovely all day. anymore than that and I find it to be too overpowering at the beginning and it doesn't fade to become a nice background scent but can sit in my nostrils and sometimes give me a headache. I wouldn't recommend it to those that find themselves sensitive to sweet, feminine fragrances or for those that get headaches or an irritated nose from certain scents. I would however recommend it to people looking for a light, fun scent. It's very affordable and easily accessible to purchase
I wore this all the time in high school and still wear it now in winter! This perfume has a gorgeous mix of floral and spicy notes that makes it a real hit. I also think the packaging looks really gorgeous and I used to love wearing the little crown as a ring haha.
This is a sweet, almost sugary sort of fragrance. I love the pretty bottle which matches the soft feminine fragrance inside. The scent lasts about 4-5 hours on me, so I reapply after that, and I don't mind. Its a beautiful fragrance that lets your presence be known, but is not over powering or artificial scented. To me, it's more of a sweet sugar scent with slight note of summer berries and a hint of citrus. I recommend this perfume for any lady who wants a sweet, happy scent to wear, which is light, but is present and is also enchanting.
I absolutely coveted this perfume in my teen years and when I finally got my first job I made sure this was one of my first purchases. While my tastes have changed it is still a really lovely scent. It is sweet and feminine and has the most gorgeous bottle. While the crown is a little too big to be worn as a ring I would still parade around my room imaging it fit properly and that it was made of gold and had real gems lol. This perfume has a lot of fond memories for me. If you have a young woman in your life, buy this for her. Chances are she will really love it
I received this perfume as a gift and I absolutely loved the beautiful fragrance. It's very sweet and feminine. I would wear this perfume everyday and for me, the scent lasted the whole day long! The packaging is beautiful and girly and would be suited for teenage girls or women alike. The best thing about this product is that the gold crown part of the perfume can be removed and worn as a ring (I found that it fitted my fingers perfectly). It's very clever marketing and one that I enjoyed the most when I had the perfume. Just don't wear the rings whilst washing your hands in water! This was a great product from Vera Wang!
Oh I love this perfume! I'm always looking for something that has the base scent of vanilla and this one has a wonderful vanilla smell with a gentle hint of floral fragrances.  It's a bright and strong aroma that only needs a few sprays of the bottle. I find the aroma stays all day even through my workout and changes a little to a more woody scent. A little goes a long way and it's not overly expensive and easy to find
This is my all time favourite perfume. It is so delicate yet not over powering. I love that I am a middle-aged woman and I don't smell like I have stolen my daughters or my mothers perfume. Originally this was purchased as a gift and I wasn't too sure about it but then someone said to me that it smelt lovely and I couldn't smell it on me. They say if you are wearing a fragrance and can not smell it yourself then it is meant for you.
This perfume is very popular, but easy to get your hands on and just as affordable! Princess has a very light musky smell with a hint of florals, and it really reminds me of an idea of a girly yet powerful women! The bottle it comes in is perfect representation of the fragrance itself, a playful and bold crown sitting upon a deeper and more mature purple. This fragrance is not delicate, but not too strong either, however it won't always last all day. It is very playful, very sweet and very lovely! I love this perfume as a go to if I can't decide what else to put on!
This is a sweet, pretty and free-spirited perfume.  It actually reminds me of fairies when I smell it!  The crown lid is bejeweled looks very much like what I imagine a fairy could wear!  The crown lid becomes a ring for me - I can actually fit it onto my ring finger perfectly!  Alas, I am no fairy but this perfume does bring my mood into a light and fantasy-like level.  I think it smells like what a fairy garden might smell like - many different flowers in full bloom and very colourful and fun.  So I think this perfume may suit the young and young-at-heart.  It sits proudly upright in it's heart-shaped bottle.  This is a romantic perfume and I think many fun-loving, romantic souls would love this!   I can smell all the fruity scents and florals and even that hint of cheeky chocolate hidden in amongst the main scents too!  Some fairies must eat chocolate I think!!
Gorgeous fragrance.  Sweet and floral, it can be worn day or night.  t does need to be topped up but I found it would last at least a good 4 hours on me.  It doesn't disappear completely after 4 hours, but it's certainly not as noticeable.   I love these and have been questing to add all the variants to my collection.
Vera Wang Princess brings out the teenage girl inside of me!  The purple heart shaped glass and golden crown lid really gives a young, fun and girly impression of the perfume.  Even the writing of the word "Princess" on the bottle is in a playful font.  The scent matches that youthful appeal with fruity, floral and gourmand notes all intertwined.  With notes of Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Apricot, it makes you almost want to take a bite! It's a summery, day scent that is targeted for younger women but can be worn by anyone. Especially those that love a sweet perfume like myself.
This was bought for me as a gift and initially I was very excited to try it as the bottle is very girly and sweet. The scent is quite light with floral notes. Unfortunately the smell is not strong enough to last all day so it's best suited as a top up spritz rather than a long lasting fragrance.