Voeu Charcoal Clay Mask

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Voeu Charcoal Clay Mask is a purifying and detoxifying clay mask that contains kaolin, montmorillonite and Moroccan lava clays, as well as charcoal, to help draw out and remove impurities, dirt, pollutants and excessive oil from pores. Witch hazel and aloe vera juice help to moisturise, hydrate and soothe skin.


Voeu Charcoal Clay Mask


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I love a creamy mask to take time to,relax - clay masks being myfavourite  This mask is creamy and has blobby kind of texture which is easy to apply and smells exactly like wet clay. - which goes on easily and smoothly. While most clay masks can dry and crack, this one is feels very nourishing.you will feel a tingly warm feeling after application, but this settles within minutes.A thinner layer will make it easier to remove and will dry quicker.  Like all clay masks they are messy to remove. To make it less messy, I wet down a flannel with warm water, place on my face, then wipe away  - repeat.  My skin felt refreshed but the mask had left a oil film over my face. I didn’t mind this as especially in winter, my skin is slightly dry. May not suit an oily skin.  Was happy with the result. Not the deepest detox but a refreshing pleasant experience for my skin!