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Voeu Micellar Wipes are purifying micellar wipes that work to gently remove makeup and cleanse skin. The alcohol-free and fragrance-free wipes contain micelles that draw out dirt and impurities, while anti-inflammatory witch hazel extract helps to heal and soothe skin.

Available in a pack of 25.


Voeu Micellar Wipes


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I use this wipes mostly in my handbag to wipe my hands, the price is so cheap and affordable. I only use it sometimes for face if I feel lazy to wash my face, or emergency in the car etc.  it’s well priced and you get what you pay for. 
I rarely use facial wipes but purchased these on a whim as needed something to clean off costume makeup. These are good budget wipes and did the job. Did leave my face feeling slightly dry as they were not too moisturising. As I did have costume make up on, I did have to use a couple of wipes to complete the job. However these are great for travelling and where's not easy access to a sink and running water!
I guess you get what you pay for, rings true with these.Great to remove  make up before a cleanse,but don't  rely on them. Left my day eye make up on,aswell as left a heavy residue on my face,as I said you get what you pay for.
These face wipes are super soft and have a lovely formula which is impregnated into them.  The 'fabric' is strong but soft to the touch.  The formula is scent-free and feels gentle to use on my skin.  Just like the packaging description promises, they can be used around the areas of eyes and lips too.  My particular skin is oily combination ageing skin with some dry areas around the eyes and mouth.  These wipes suit my skin without feeling harsh at all.  I like the way they eliminate almost all my make-up at the end of the day, leaving my skin feeling fresh and ready for my final cleanse with my regular cleanser in the shower.  These wipes make double cleansing very cost-efficient.   The size of the wipe is 19.5cm X 14cm.   The simple packaging design is a splash of deep purple and aqua on a white background.  There is a lift-up tab which sticks back down really well even down to the last wipe, keeping the wipes moist right through all the time.   They are easy to find at the Woolworths supermarkets so can be easily picked up during the weekly grocery trip. The price of these make them handy to keep for other purposes e.g. in the car glove box for emergencies while out and about especially for road trips when it's hard to sometimes find a place to clean your hands at a tap. They make a fantastic multi-purpose wipe for any occasion.  
These are a great bargain as far as wipes are concerned. I use wipes all through the day and they are especially perfect for using at the end of the day. The wipes have low scent and are a good grip to hold and to use. These wipes don't irritate or tighten my skin and didn't dry out my skin. I like using these wipes, although they didn't WoW me.
Fantastic price, nice packaging and does everything wipes should do, what an excellent product! I love wipes, I always have a pack in my desk drawer, bottom of my bag, car glovebox and my travel kit. I consider them truly essential, not just for make-up removal but to freshen up when traveling great for arm pits and hands. Micelles are amazing to make sure your skin is really really clean. Alcohol and fragrance free these wipes are perfect for sensitive skin. My skin felt fresh clean and comfortable after use and ready for my serum and moisturizer. I will never buy expensive wipes again, theres just no need these wipes do it all.
There is no downside to these if you're after a disposable product - economical, effective and widely available?  Yes please!  These are fantastic for travel, keeping in a handbag or gym bag, or even in a work drawer.  These left my skin soft and non-irritated and all make up was removed effectively.
A great budget cleansing wipes alternative.  Perfect for the handbag and travel.  They are effective and non irritating.  I like that they are scent and alcohol free which is perfect for all skin types.  It makes me question why other brands are so expensive when you can get great wipes at this price.
wow what a bargain. I cannot believe the price of these micellar wipes, I have used much more expensive wipes and got the same results so I love the fact these wipes save me heaps of money. I love a good wipe for removing makeup as they are so easy. These voeu wipes effectively remove all traces of makeup, dirt, grime and oil with ease. They leave my skin looking fresh and clean and feeling soft. The never dry my skin and never irritate as they are not scented and contain no alcohol. I love the addition of witch hazel as it is nourishing and soothing. I will absolutely buy this product again and highly recommend it. Great value.
As with ever I’ve tried in this range these wipes are so good! They are so economical and work really well at removing makeup or for just refreshing my skin after exercise or sun exposure. They are only lightly scented and don’t leave my skin dry or uncomfortable after use. For the small price I can’t recommend these wipes enough.