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VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hairdryer - VSP6500A is a hair dryer that features a digital sensor motor that maintains one optimal temperature of 70ºC, ensuring that hair doesn’t suffer damage to its fibre. It protects all hair types, resulting in smooth, shiny, salon-worthy hair. It combines maximum air pressure with an airflow speed of up to 108kph, producing ultra-fast drying times and high ionic airflow to give unparalleled styling results. Two pre-set airflow modes automatically adjust airflow and the temperature depending on the styling attachment selected. It comes with three styling attachments, including 4x75mm Super Fine Concentrator for expert styling results, 6x90mm Fine and Wide Concentrator for a sleek, straight finish and 130mm professional diffuser for ultimate volume and natural curls. The hair dryer features an ergonomic, sleek and lightweight design with perfect balance for optimal comfort and reduced fatigue. It comes with a 5-year warranty.


VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hairdryer - VSP6500A


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I was fortunate enough to have one of these sent out to me after having my product knowledge tested. Before I start, thank you to Conair/VS Sassoon for sending me this product for review. I used this hairdryer for the first time last night and I'm super impressed with the overall performance and results of this product! I love that the Digital Sensor ensures that the hairdryer doesn't exceed 70 degrees in temperature and that the hairdryer adjusts its airflow accordingly depending on how you are using it, I used the straightening nozzle last night and started by roughly drying my hair all over and then finished it off by blow drying. It dried all my reasonably thick, medium length hair in less than 5 minutes. It was really interesting to see the airflow adjust from low to high when using the cool shot to reseal the hair follicle after drying as well. Overall I think for the price of this hair dryer it is a great investment, I'm super impressed with the 5 year replacement warranty, to me that shows this brand stands behind the quality of their product. Highly recommend.
This is the rolls Royce of hairdryers in my opinion. I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift and I can’t speak highly enough of it. First of all it’s so lightweight to use, it truly cuts my drying time in half. I have medium length hair that is very thick and this dryer left it sleek, shiny with a professional salon finish. I know it’s a lot more expensive than other dryers but I feel it’s well worth the money for the results. The best part is this dryer won’t damage your hair as it doesn’t get that hot even though it dries hair quicker than most. It is set at a constant 70 degrees. Itcomes with three interchangeable heads for different styling, it’s lightweight, high quality, cuts frizz and is packaged beautifully, love the silky drawstring bag to keep it in. This is so luxe it makes a lovely gift. I absolutely love this dryer and really can’t fault it. I highly recommend it.
My hair is usually quite dry so I've always stayed away from using hairdryers as much as possible, fearing that the excess heat will damage and/or dry out my locks even further. As a bit of a lazy girl at heart, I also struggle with the length of time it often takes to completely dry my hair (not to mention how sore my arms get from holding up a heavy hairdryer for so long!) Enter VS Sassoon's Intelligent Digital Sensor Hairdryer, a super lightweight hairdryer that not only heats up to a much lower temperature than most other hair dryers, and does the job in half the time!  The hairdryer also comes with three attachments - a diffuser and two different concentrator attachments, so all your styling needs are covered, whether your hair is straight or curly!  
Love this hair dryer! I have long hair so it’s always a big effort to dry but this dryer cuts the time in half, it’s super quick and while it works at a low temperature the air flow is great.  My hair comes out smooth, shiny and feels weightless, with minimal frizz. The hairdryer is also pretty small so easy to store and isn’t to noisy when running. Would recommend! 
Thank you Beauty Crew and VS for selecting me to be part of this amazing event and trial team. This is my first! I honestly desperately needed hair help and this couldn't of come at a better time.  Let me just say that VS Sassoon were on point with the design and colour.  The navy blue is so elegant and classy and looks highend. From the time I started using the Intelligent Digital Sensor Hairdryer I immediately noticed my hair finish was better.  It didn't feel hot or dry with my  ends usually wispy.  I was able to dry my entire head without stopping to rest my arms as the dryer is much lighter and more ergonomic that the one I was using. I have shoulder length hair.  I have a lot of hair but its quite fine on top which is always an issue especially if I use products for frizz. It normally takes me a good 15 minutes to dry my hair and that's not including the straightening part, but I found that it was 5-10 at the most to dry my hair without it looking like a frizz ball.  My hair has more of a shine than it ever did before. I think it is a combination of innovative styling tool as well as using less hair product to control my hair.   If you are going to invest in a styling tool, this one is definitely worth the money.  I do know that my friends spend a fortune on straighteners but they will spend the minimum on a hair dryer and I did too as I did not think a hair dryer would make all the difference.  But it does. 
The VS Sassoon Intelligent Digital Hairdryer has a sleek, modern look with a navy pearlescent matte surface accented with minimal pale pink buttons and piping. The box it comes in carries a diffuser, 2 different stylers and a navy satin pouch with pink ribbon drawstrings for storing the hairdryer.  The dryer stem/handle is easy to grip and doesn't slip around while I style my hair with it. The dryer settings are easy to use and the lightweight dryer makes it easy to manoeuvre the dryer without my arms hurting. The dryers fast airflow has reduced my hair drying time and the ionic technology gives me less frizzy hair with a shinier, smoother looking hair. The intelligent sensor maintains a uniform temperature of 70 degrees and the speed setting can be changed to high or low depending on how I'm styling my hair. It also has a cold setting for a blast of cold hair to set and smooth the hair follicle for a sleeker finish. It comes with 2 concentrater attachments for straitening and styling precision and a diffuser to drying natural curls or creating texture and waves in my hair.  The product is made is Italy and comes with a limited 5 year warranty to repair or replace at the brands option with a proof of purchase. 
This is a great hair dryer. I can strongly recommend the purchase! It is quite different to everything else on the market - it is light, and does not have a temperature setting - it has a air setting! So you either select the lower or higher setting and it gives a frizz-free blow out with no effort!
Beautifully designed, with a sleek aesthetic, the VS Sassoon Intelligent Digital Sensor hairdryer is a powerful, yet protective dryer. It remains at a constant 70 degree temperature to protect the hair, which is impressive. The three styling attachments - nozzles of different shapes and sizes which offer straightening, styling and a diffuser - are easy to clip on and off. The beautifully presented kit also includes a luxurious navy satin bag, with pale pink tie ribbons, to keep it all in. With a choice of two airflow speeds, the hairdryer is quick to dry my hair and leaves it feeling sleek and soft. I definitely recommend this luxury hairdryer, and if my last VS Sassoon dryer is anything to go by - it’s over 10 years old and still going strong - this one will be with me for many years to come!
This is a serious Machine! Great Hairdryer! The best thing about this Hairdryer is how quickly it dries hair! I was blown away (no pun intended) by how fast my hair was dry using a hairdryer that heats almost 50 degrees LESS than regular hairdryers!! So much so, that I have had to wash my hair more often to really get a feel for this dryer- I literally didn't use it long enough!  The fact that this hairdryer heats at a Lower temperature also means that my hair felt fantastically soft and low on frizz.No more need for huge amounts of heat protectant because your hair isn't getting burnt to a crisp whenever its being put under the dryer! It's seriously fantastic.  Another great benefit of this dryer is its weight- or better said, lack there of! It's substantially lighter to hold than regular dryers, meaning no shoulder cramping when holding the dryer up for any period of time.  The dryer comes with 3 different attachments: 2x concentrators and a diffuser. The first concentrator is fine and wide and the second concentrator is even finer ("Ultra Fine"), both with a perfectly slanted edge to allow for sleek styling. I found these assisted in flattening my hair (bonus: no straightener required!) whilst also cutting frizz and static. The diffuser worked brilliantly at drying my roots SUPER fast without burning, as well as adding extra volume and maintaining some natural wave.  Importantly, the dryer also has a cold setting so you can set your style with a quick cold blast of air to finish off.  All round, this is a really efficient, lightweight and precise hairdryer, for anyone who wants their hair protected, sleek and subtle in a super short amount of time- Fast and Fabulous. #winning
I’m absolutely in love with this hairdryer! Not only is it lightweight, it’s also incredibly effective at drying my hair and has cut my drying time in half. The lower heat also means I don’t accidentally burn my scalp anymore and it leaves my hair feeling softer and smoother than any other hairdryer I’ve used. It also came with three different attachments - a diffuser, a head for styling and a head for straightening, making it a very versatile styling tool.
Amazing hairdryer - Five gold stars!  I’m ecstatic to have found the hairdryer of my dreams. Sleek, lightweight, with hair protect technology, it delivers results in a big way. I have long hair, very fine but lots of it, so a usual drying and styling session for me can take anywhere between 25 - 45 minutes. That’s a whole lot of arm work, hot spots and sweat. With the Sassoon Digital Hairdryer my styling time has been cut down to 5- 10 minutes... that’s right, 5-10 minutes. This hairdryer with it’s one temperature controlled setting (70 C) and a high and low speed setting is simple to use, ultra fast drying and actually reduces and tames your frizzies to produce a smooth and shiny result that looks like you’ve stepped out of a salon chair. It’s also super light and doesn’t give you dead arms afterwards (huge bonus). The packaging is luxurious - a sleek and durable cardboard box that you can store your dryer in forever if you wish, and a portable satin navy and pink drawstring bag which is just gorgeous. I mostly choose a smooth straight look for everyday. The slim and wide concentrator works perfectly at directing airflow down the hair shaft for a beautifully straight result. One of my biggest hair issues is creating volume. I wanted tousled natural waves for a dinner date with my husband so I used the ultra fine concentrator with a round brush for greater precision. The result was fantastic, it was fast and again, the arm work in creating this look was drastically reduced. My hair has honestly never looked this polished before, my husband has been complimenting me and marvelling at how silky and smooth my hair looks.  Thank you to VS Sassoon for creating a hairdryer that protects my hair and gives me such a sense of agency in my styling.  Thank you also to the Beauty Crew and VS hairstylist team for a truly wonderful event in Sydney. I was so honoured to be a part of it. 
I was incredibly lucky to be invited to the trial event in the lovely Sydney Sofitel by the amazing Beautycrew and VS Sassoon team and I have to admit that this hairdryer went above and beyond my expectations particularly after being shown first hand all the nifty gadgets and features it has. Firstly it is extremely lightweight which is just a massive bonus because my hair is very long and thick and often my hands get tired just holding the hairdryer long enough to work however this is so ultra light its just crazy. It also comes in a sleek fancy and luxe looking purple pouch for storage. Given its weight, it would be the best travel hairdryer if you needed one. it is incredibly powerful cutting down the drying time immensely. It is also set at a constant temperature of 70 degrees which experts have found to be the best in terms of drying when combined with the turbo like force coming out of it. This meant there is nearly no chance of a scalding scalp or using such heat to dry out your hair and ends. You can also control the amount of power from two settings, low and high but that doesn't affect the heat setting. It comes with three additional attachments, including a diffuser and two sized styling brushes. I have never used a diffuser but was shown how and it was just amazing in evenly distributing the heat over a large area of hair to just finish off the drying process on towel dried hair. It is best to use this with your hair upside down to really get to the scalp and help create volume. Because of the heat management, it leaves your hair much more sleek and silky than a normal hairdryer. I am all for this amazing piece of technology and it is definitely one of a kind plus you can't go past the fact that is just a gorgeously designed styler!
Overall I love this hairdryer. I was attracted to the claims it maintains a heat that is healthy for your hair and it certainly does. It doesn’t feel like my hair is being damaged from the heat and not having to choose what heat setting to use makes life easier with one less decision! The hairdryer is also super light which makes drying my thick hair a much nicer experience. My arm doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off part way through and I actually find myself completely drying my hair rather than focusing only on the front like with other hairdryers. Highly recommend this hairdryer if you’re in the market.
I'm absolutely in love with this hair dryer!! My hair is really fine and I have it bleached it every 6-7 weeks so I always had to be really careful with any kind of heat I applied. I definitely thought my old hair dryer was too hot and damaging my fine hair! The Intelligent Digital Sensor dryer is super powerful but not too hot so I'm way more comfortable drying and styling my hair with it. I love the three attachments too depending whether I need to just dry or straighten my hair. Really easy to use and comfy to hold too. I'm also learning to embrace my natural curls with the diffuser attachment after learning some awesome tips and tricks from the VS team!
I have fallen in love with this hairdryer from the first use! My hair is very long, wavy and coarse and it always takes me at least 40 min to style it. With this hairdryer it took me only 20 minutes, which was a huuuge surprise for me. It is also feather light and very gentle on my hair and scalp, I have also noticed that my hair remains clean for much longer then before even without dry shampoo (it is probably because I don't blow hot air on my scalp anymore). My hair is so shiny and smooth now that I keep checking it in every mirror. Overall thats the best hairdryer for now, even ghd is relaxing in the corner now. Highly recommend 
As someone with dry, curly I often avoid using hairdryers as they make my hair even more dry or frizzy. However this VS hairdryer is amazing and makes my hair super sleek and shiny! It has a lightweight and fairly compact design, and comes with two seperate nozzle attachments and a diffuser attachment which is my favourite. The diffuser attachment is fabulous for anyone with wavy or curly hair as it dries your hair while enhancing curls at the same time; how clever is that! I really like that this hairdryer doesn’t get too hot to damage my hair or burn my scalp, instead it provides just enough heat to gently dry my hair. There’s no frizz or burning sensation, so I’m happy to use it more often without feeling like my hair is getting damaged. It’s also not heavy or bulky like some other hairdryers I’ve tried and I think it would be great for travelling. I’m very pleased with this hairdryer and recommend it for all hair types and lengths.
I felt very privileged to be apart of this trial! I had no idea that I would be receiving two products from their Vidal Sassoon Digital Sensor range! We had a mini tutorial session about using the products. The hair dryer was exactly what I needed as I had lost mine and never had the chance to replace it.  The hairdryer looks sleek as it is a matte metallic dark blue colour with 3 attachments. One for styling, straightening and the diffuser for volume with curls. I've only used the styling and straightening attachments which is most useful for me. There are 2 options to switch in the fast mode. It dries my hair very quick and doesnt give that staticness like ones I've used before. I love that there is one set temperature that doesnt ruin your hair follicles. I have thick hair and it dries my hair within minutes! I love that this is designed not to wreck your hair. They really knew how to design this hairdryer.
This is a great hair dryer. I love that it is light weight, so my arms don't become tired holding it above my head. It only warm, not hot, so you are unlikely to burn your scalp if you dry one place for too long. Also because it is cooler, it is not as damaging to the hair as normal hair dryers. My favourite feature is that it dries my hair in half the time! There are three attachments, but I mostly use the straightening attachment as it is larger than the styling attachment, therefore dries my hair quicker. I have fine coloured hair so I don't use the diffuser attachment which is better suited to curly hair.
Fantastic Hairdryer- Blown away by results. Introduction : I have very fine long curly hair . I battle with frizz and lack of volume all the time. When I wash my hair and air dry it is like a frizz ball. I have avoided using hairdryers before because I was afraid of heat damaging my hair and in return getting dry hair. Situation: I want to tackle my frizzy hair. Have smooth hair in the mornings when I go to work as well as manageable hair that looks sleek. I also wanted some kind of volume in my hair because my hair is very fine it can look flat and boring. Action: Here comes the VS SASSOON Intelligent Digital Sensor Hairdryer which solves all the issues I was facing as mentioned above. It smooths my hair effortlessly and cuts the frizz. Also my hair looks so voluminous and red carpet ready. Initial reaction: The box it comes in is very sturdy and sleek which you can store your hairdryer in forever . When I opened the box I was delighted to see a luxurious draw blue/purple silk draw string bag to keep your hairdryer in. A lovely bonus.  The colour of the hairdryer is striking. Love the blue/purple and gold looks. The hairdryer is sleek and not bulky as my previous hairdryer. It comes with three attachments. It comes with a 5year warranty . It is Italian made and engineered. (wow). So this hairdryer is designed to protect your hair and support healthy hair. Unlike other hairdryers it is set to a lower temperature (70 deg Celsius) which is not damaging to your hair.  There is a low setting and a high setting which does not increase the temperature. These settings controls the force/airflow of the hair dryer. The high setting forces a lot of air into your hair and the temperature is set to a constant low. If you are worried about heat damaging your hair then this hairdryer is a must for you because it is set to an optimum temperature which does not damage your hair. The hairdryer is surprisingly very lightweight. No heavy lifting involved while you do your hair. Having long hair I really appreciate that feature because that means I can get my hair dry fast without needing a break in between. Now the most amazing RESULT is this hairdryer cut down my hair drying time to HALF. It is better then my old hairdryer which took around 10 minutes to dry my hair. With the VS sassoon intelligent hair dryer it took around 5 minutes .  The diffuser is a great tool to use if you have curly hair and want to define your natural curls. I had never used this attachment before so I was blown away by how effective it was. It made my curls look smooth and sleek without frizz and make them look like I spent hours at a saloon getting my hair styled.   I had friends over on the weekend and we all planned to go out to the movies afterwards . I whipped out my new Intelligent hair tools from VS Sassoon and let my friends use them to style their hair. All my friends ooohed and ahhhed over them LOL and were very impressed with the quality. One friend mentioned that she was impressed and surprised with the quality of VS Sassoon considering how budget friendly the brand is. She even thought the hairdryer performed much better then an expensive one she had. I use the two styling tools to smooth and straighten my hair. Love that I can dry my hair as well as straighten my hair at the same time.My hair looks so shiny and smooth in the end. Conclusion: I loved how it cut down frizz in my hair making it smooth and sleek. Washed and dried my hair at night, in the morning my hair was smooth and frizz free making it very easy to style my hair for the day. My hair had volume and did not fall flat as usual. ·        It is lightweight. Easy to handle and style with. ·        Comes in lovely long lasting packaging. ·        Supports healthy hair. ·        Less damaging to hair.(low Temperature setting 70 Degrees Celsius) . Optimum temparature. ·        Cuts down drying time as it is faster to dry my hair.(Has a SUPERIOR AIR FLOW) ·        Eliminates frizz. ·        Shiny and voluminous hair. ·        Friends were impressed with. P.S  Really thankful for being invited for the event to trial these products. Impressed by the companies hospitality and generosity. So impressed that the professional stylists took their time to explain to us how the products work,how to style our hair and the countless questions I asked were answered giving me lots of tips. Thankyou . Kind regards Sakina
I'm quite a fan of this hairdryer! The thing that really stood out to me with this blow dryer was that it claims to maintain a temperature of 70C, which really attracted me to this product initially, as I found my previous blow dryer gets super-hot on my head when I’m styling for 30-60minutes. When I used this blow dryer for the first time, I noticed the heat maintained itself really well, and I found I was able to continue drying at the root for volume without feeling the heat on my scalp.   The dryer also comes with three styling attachments, two of which are great for creating a straight and styled look. I initially used the 'straightening' attachment but found this to be too large for styling with my specific ceramic brush, and therefore started using the smaller 'styling' attachment instead and found this made the world of difference. Another big difference I found between this blow dryer and my previous one was the power of the motor, so much so, that I was able to cut my styling time from 30 minutes to 20 minutes the first time I used it! In summary, I would definitely recommend this blow dryer to anyone who wants a powerful blow dryer that maintains its heat and doesn't damage your hair!