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VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler - VSP500A

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VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler - VSP500A is an air styler with a quiet motorised spinning brush and optimised sensor controlled airflow for easy one-hand styling. Smart hair protection technology helps reduce hair damage and dullness, while even flow technology helps guarantee powerful airflow and ionic conditioning technology to eliminate static and tame frizz. Two directional rotation also allows for ease of use and endless styling possibilities. The styler features three ceramic styling attachments, including 50mm bi-directional anti-static rotating brush (ideal for longer hair), 40mm bi-directional anti-static rotating brush (ideal for shorter hair) and a 3D styling paddle brush (ideal for smoothing with volume and natural drying).


VS Sassoon Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler - VSP500A


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I have hair used this once and am in love! It is seriously the best thing I have ever bought for my hair. I have thick chin length with a wave that goes nuts of I let it air dry. This gadget saves my arm from my hair dryer and it looks so much better after using it. All I needed to do to finish was run my GHD through my fringe and I was ready to go! Cannot recommend enough.
The Intelligent Hot Air Styler is so much fun! I am so lazy with my hair and very rarely style is properly unless I’m going out somewhere fancy. I’ve never used a product like this before and the ease of use was really pleasant, I have never achieved a blow wave at home before and always got my hair stuck in the brush but this was so easy to just roll up and down with the multi-directional mortirised barrel. I ended up with really voluminous hair that flicked out at the ends. It was super fast too, I had dried my hair to damp with the VS Digital Sensor Hair Dryer and then used the Air Styler to finish it up and with each pass through the section I was doing the hair was dry, I used the cool shot to brush through everything once I was done to set it all in place and the results have lasted all day. I am super impressed with this product, the features are amazing!  Thank you to VS Sassoon for sending this out to me for review! 
The VS Sassoon Intelligent Hot Air Styler lets you get salon quality blow dried hair in the convenience of your home without any additional cost. Its a slim wand with 2 bi-directional ceramic rotating boar brush attachments and a 3D styling control brush attachment to blow dry and style your hair.  The handle of the hot styler is a pearlescent navy blue colour accented with pale pink buttons and piping. The handle has a matte surface so it helps hold and grip the wand without it slipping or sliding around while using the styler. The motorised bi-directional ceramic rotating boar barrel comes in 40mm and 50mm. I have long hair so I use the bigger, 50mm barrel brush. The smaller, 40mm barrel brush is for people with short hair. The brushes have holes for hot air to flow precisely through the hair strands for styling the hair. The rotating barrel brush blow dries hair, adding volume and shape. The 3D styling control brush is a paddle brush for smoothing down hair for a more sleek style with volume.    I have terrible coordination when trying to blow dry my hair with a separate hair dryer and brush. With the hot styler, I find that with a little practice, I got the hang of using the styler. It doesn't pull or snag at my hair and gives me a sleeker style than a hair dryer. You just have to pull your hair a little to give it a bit of tension when you run the brush through your hair. This dries hair while styling it at the same time. I find my hair is less frizzy, more sleek looking but you can add texture with the bi-directional feature. It really does give me salon quality blow dried hair without the massive cost and I'm loving it! 
Where has this been all my life?! If you've ever struggled with the awkward hairdryer/brush juggle, you're going to want this! VS Sassoon's Intelligent Digital Sensor Hot Air Styler combines a hairdryer with three different attachments - a paddle-style brush, and two different rotating roller-style brushes, allowing you to essentially dry your hair and style it at the same time!  While the Hot Air Styler can seem a little intimidating at first, I was able to quickly get the hang of it, the paddle-style brush gives you beautiful straight locks while the rotating roller-style brushes allow you to create beautiful soft waves - it really does give you the ultimate blow-dry finish! I used this one morning before work and received quite possibly the most amazing compliment ever from a colleague: "Did you go get a blowdry before work?". If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what will! 
OMG, I've had such good hair days since using the hot air styler.  It took a while for me to get the hang of it but when I did it was so easy to use.  The more I use it the easier it has become.   Im wearing my hair down more often than tied up now because i am able to give my hair body instead of it looking flat. and straight.   I recently took it with me to a weekend away with a few friends and my GF used the larger brush attachment while I used the smaller one.  They were crazy for it.   As for the flat brush attachment, this has replaced my straightener to rid of frizz and taking me half the amount of time to use. I found my hair to be less dry and have more shine.  I didn't experience any static as I usually do. I have used less hair product therefore my hair has been washed less because it wasn't as dirty. I recommend this to everyone whether you have short or long hair.  As a busy mum you appreciate timing saving styling tools and this one is a keeper.
The three different heads on this air styler really make it value for money. I personally love the brush head, where you can blow dry your hair but with a brush attachment! This removes the need to have a separate brush to dry your hair with. I also love the small bristle brush to really give my hair a salon like bounce and wave! The attachments are very easy to use and the style has reduced my style time to half! Recommend the purchase!
Converted- who needs brushes and a hairdryer with this!?? This styler took me by surprise- I love my hairdryer, but this is just so much easier- the styler comes with 3 attachments: 1x flat paddle brush, and 2 roll brushes. The hot air blasts through the brush attachments, giving you three ways to finish your style- flat and straight; sleek and flicked; or voluminous curls. Extra bonus is the low level of heat that is used through this style so your hair isn't getting that Heat Damage, that leaves your hair feeling frizzy and dull. The roll brush attachments get locked in and you simply push the little button, allowing you to twirl the brush attachments around your hair to create curl or flick as your heart desires! The twirl button allows you to rotate the brushes in both directions, making it easy to curl the hair onto the brush one way, and simply un-curl in the other direction, all with the push of a button. Granted- I will admit, this twirling stuff takes practice, but after one 10minute session of playing around, I found it really simple! And the results are what blows me away! You honestly don't need to rely on your straightener anymore with this, because you get perfect sleek styles so easily and quickly, but without losing the volume you sometimes find drops with a straightener. I would recommend this styler for anyone loves their hair sleek, with a nice curl/flicked ends, but doesn't want to lose the volume and bounce. Really fabulous!
I’ve been using this styling tool on not only my hair but all my girlfriends as well. It’s so easy to use and leaves my hair silky and smooth and amazing to touch. I’ve tested it out on friends with wavy and curly hair and the results are incredible on all of them. It gives you the salon style blow dried look with half the effort. It’s as simple as brushing your hair and the hot air styler does all the magic. Would highly recommend to everyone!
I’m absolutely blown away by this tool! I have naturally curly hair and often find myself dreading using the hairdryer as it means lots of frizz and a need to use a straightener as well but with this tool I don’t need to worry! The brush attachment means I can achieve smooth and dry hair easily.  I’ve used this on both wet and dry hair and it works really well. I’d recommend giving fresh from the shower hair a blast with a hair dryer before using but the tool is honestly the best thing I’ve used in a long time.  I was a little worried about the heat of the tool considering it gets quite close to your heat and hair but shouldn’t have. The digital sensor keeps the heat at 70 degrees and even with my very dark hair it was perfect.  Definitely recommend this product particularly if you are looking for a sleek, frizz free style. 
I love the convenience of the Hot Air Styler! It dries and styles at the same time. The rotating brushes take a little getting used to but is so much easier on my wrists than rotating normal brushes manually. I love that there are two sizes of the rotating brushes, depending on what kind of effect you're after. I like the smaller sized one - it gives me enough volume because I don't have a lot of hair and it's pretty fine. The flat paddle brush is awesome too - sleek hair, fast and super easy to use!
This hot air styler is so handy, now I don't need to hold the brush in one hand and hairdryer in another. It is 2 in 1 and I absolutely love it, I have long hair and 50mm round brush head is perfect for me, it rotates both ways so my hair does't get stuck on the brush ( which happened with my previous styler that rotated only one way). I also know now how I can easily create volume on my crown, I just take 40mm head, curl it to the top of my head, clip it off and leave it there while I am styling the rest of my hair with 50mm! This trick really works! For lazy days I really like the paddle brush attachment, you are basically just brushing your hair with it ( I do it when my hair is 70% dry already) and thats it - Shiny hair in 10 min, looking like you have spent an hour working on it. I recommend it to everyone, no matter if you have short or long hair, you will love it as much as I do for sure.
I was blown away when I first tried the VS Sassoon Hot Air Styler (excuse the pun)! I could never successfully recreate a salon blow dry at home because it was too difficult to coordinate the brush, hair dryer and my hair with just two hands. This appliance is great because you only need to hold one thing and it brushes your hair under at the same time so you can make the ends of your hair curl under (or away from your face if you prefer). I have fine coloured hair which normally looks a bit sparse. This tool is great for adding volume at the crown and also seems to thicken the ends of my hair as well (I'm not sure why, but I'm not going to question it!). So it looked fresh and fluffy (not greasy) like day 1 hair even though I had really washed it the day before. I definitely need more practise though because it takes a bit of skill to use the tool with the rotating brush attachments in one swift movement so you don't end up with kinks in your hair. I also ended up with more flyaway hairs as some of my hairs broke as I was trying to figure out how to use it. But practise makes perfect (well I hope anyways). I look forward to mastering this product.
Great Styling Tool- Multipurpose use. Ok initially I had a hard time trying to work out the correct way to use the rotating brushes in this styling tool . I needed to coordinate holding it in my hands and at the same time holding the button which rotates the brush. Also I needed to think which direction I need to rotate the brush to get the result I am looking for. With lots of practice over the weekend I think I have mastered the best way to use this styling tool and I am in love with it already. This is a great multi purpose tool which dries your hair at the same time styles it. Love that it comes with three attachments. Absolutely love the Oval paddle brush attachment. It helps me to straighten my hair without it looking super sleek and unnatural. I use it all the time especially after work all of a sudden we decide to head out for entertainment I just use the paddle brush to smooth my hair and restyle it for the evening making it look super smooth , neat and tidy. The paddle brush does not rotate. The two round brushes rotate. As you can see the bristles in this brush are very sparse leaving space in between . This allows hot air flow as well as the plates heat to allow to dry and style your hair. I love with the rotating brush you could create volume in your hair. I use it around my crown area and use it to create volume and lift  on the hair near my forehead to give me the glamorous style. This makes my fine hair look voluminous and eliminates the flat hair look. Also great that it maintains an optimum low heat which protects your hair from getting damaged.  I love using it to create different styles as well as create those hollywood curls on my hair. It dries my hair as well as styles it at the same time. Very handy as I don't need to hold a brush in one hand and hold a hairdryer in another hand. this toll serves the purpose . It takes me less time to style my hair and also knowing the fact that it is less damaging to my hair. Absolutely love it. great gift for someone who has everything.
The hot air styler really surprises me with how effortless it is to use. I’m often lazy in doing my hair and this is absolutely perfect for that as you can start styling when the hair is still damp. The attachments are simple to put on and remove, and it styled my hair quickly and easily. I was left with chic smooth hair with minimal effort - that’s my kind of morning routine!!