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VS Sassoon Hydro Smooth Fast Dry - VSD5573A is a hair dryer for coloured, hard-to-manage, moisture-stripped hair. Hydrate and replenish dull, dry hair with the Hydro Smooth Fast Dry's Advanced Plasma Conditioning Ions - the proven technology that leaves hair in better condition so that it feels healthier, glossier, smoother and frizz-free after consistent use. Ideal for creating smooth and beautiful bouncy blow dry styles.


VS Sassoon Hydro Smooth Fast Dry - VSD5573A


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Great for my hair less damaging

I adore this hairdryer, the light blue colour is so cool. The ergonomics of this hair dryer is great as it is easy to hold and not too heavy. My hair gets heat damage easily and after using this hairdryer , my hair is still healthy and not at all damaged. It dries my hair fast. Love that it comes with an attachment for curly hair as well, the time when I want to embrace my curls. It is also not so loud compared to my other hair dryer. This one is designed for coloured hair and hair that is moisture stripped. Not sure of the technology and science behind it , but as a user I am happy to report that it did not create a messy frizz or heat damage my hair. It has technology that smoothens and irons out the frizz from your hair. The cord is long and is a swivel cord so it is easy to move around and use. I am confident to use this hair dryer everyday because I can feel and see that my hair remains smooth and not damaged.
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A great lightweight hairdryer

What a underdog this was.. I currently have a Parlux and a Dyson hair dryer and received this as part of the product review and wow was I pleasantly surprised! The hair dryer is lightweight and easy to use like most hair dryers are. Comes with a diffuser for curly hair and the smoothing attachment. As it's blowing out warm air it also has a small opening at the bottom that is blowing out cold air (the 'Plasma' infusing part i assume). I found it dried my hair quickly without frizz and wasn't too loud as my previous VS Sassoon hair dryers have been. I also LOVE the colour of it. My only qualm with it (and many hair dryers) is that the rapid cooling button is at the elbow in the handle which is where i usually hold it so when i'm drying my hair so i often pushed it by accident but that's user preference i guess. A really great hair dryer, plus for that price i would 100% recommend.
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Smooth as!!!!

VS Sassoon Hydro Smooth Fast Dry - VSD5573A gets bonus points for its quiet motor and its soft blue metallic appearance but it is the powerful 2100 watts that really packs a punch. Fast can sometimes mean a hot, dry, frizzy messy but not this time; I was surprised about the quality finish. The hair dryer includes a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser for the perfect finish on straight and curly styles. I found both attachments were easy to get on and remove. What I look for in a hair dryer is that it can create a salon finish. I want minimum frizz, a smooth and a silky finish without compromising the health of my hair. This hair dryer ticks all the boxes with its ceramic technology, 2 speed, 3 heat settings and it also features a cooling button which is perfect for shutting down the cuticle, leaving it shiny, styled and smooth. Being lightweight and having a thin handle made it easy to hold and manoeuvre without the dreaded arm ache (bonus)! I could perform all of my usual flicks, tricks and sleek styles with this dryer so I was impressed. This dryer lives up to its name and is definitely great value for money.
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Professional quality at home

I am not exactly a connoisseur of hair-dryers. I previously owned a very basic hairdryer with the one control operating both heat and speed, so there was very little scope to customize the type of drying you wanted. It dried very slowly so I used it to mainly dry the excess dampness – I really did not want to have that hot air blasting my hair for that long. I have quite thick hair, inclined to be frizzy and dry at the ends, and I have it regularly coloured. I am really keen to avoid drying it further, so I tended to keep drying to a minimum and to use a heat-protecting treatment on the ends. As something of a hair-drying novice I was easily impressed by the Vidal Sassoon Fast Dry that Beauty Crew kindly sent me for trial. With separate controls for heat and speed it is super easy to adjust them to your specific needs. A quick dry on high setting? No problem. A medium heat with a cool blast at the end to set your style? Just as easy. This hairdryer is quite powerful and fast even on a medium setting, so I was able to dry my hair really quickly with no chance of over-heating my hair. The design of this dryer is supposed to create plasma ions that coat the hair and enhance hydration, so minimizing frizz. I don’t know if this actually occurs but my hair certainly dried nice and smoothly with definitely no signs of frizz. The concentrator was very easy to fit and use, as I styled my shoulder-length hair with a thin round brush. I love the cool shot button that helps to set it in place. I didn’t use the diffuser but this was also easy to attach, and perfect for making a fuller, softer look. The whole dryer is a very light and sleek design, in elegant ice-blue, easy to hold and use the controls one-handed. It was also reassuring to know that it has an automatic safety shut-off in case of overheating. A loop for hanging the dryer up would be really helpful, but unfortunately it doesn’t have one. The Vidal Sassoon Hydra Smooth Fast Dry was such a step-up from my old dryer that it has already made its way permanently into my ensuite and the old one has gone to my son, and I thank Beauty Crew for giving me a chance to try it out. It certainly costs more than my old dryer, at $99.95, but given that it offers so much more I think this is a great price.
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Quick drying without the frizz

I often don't use too may hair dryers as I find they can really dry and damage my already dry, frizzy and curly hair. I was pleasantly surprised that this VS Sassoon one uses Advanced Plasma Conditioning Ions to help smooth the hair cuticles during each to use, and to therefore help prevent frizz. This hair dryer has three heat and two speed settings so it's easy to control how hot and what intensity you want to use. The precision, pointed nozzle helps you to focus on areas you would specifically like to dry. I have found my hair is a lot quicker and easier to dry and style with this hair dryer. It definitely leaves my hair less dry and frizzy than many expensive brands, including a few salon brands I've tried in the past. There is also the option to use a diffuser attachment to add volume and definition from the roots of the hair. I think this is a great hair dryer, in particular for more dry, frizzy, curly or wavy hair types who can't use many traditional hair dryers, which are too drying or damaging. This one is quick and easy to use, and it dries my hair in less time and leaves it feeling softer and smoother, without excess frizz which is a bonus!
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Smoother, softer blow-dry

My first impression when I received the VS Sassoon Hydro Smooth Fast Dry hair dryer to trial was how lightweight the dryer is compared to my current hair dryer, and also the beautiful icy blue colour. Then, after reading the description on the box, I discovered that this dryer is designed for coloured, hard-to-manage, moisture-stripped hair. So, how does this work? My hair is salon coloured every six weeks, it can feel quite dry in between washes, and it is fine and short so it is high maintenance particularly when it comes to styling. The hairdryer has three heat settings and two speed settings to choose from. The operating instructions detail how to use the dryer for different types of hair. I decided to follow the instructions for finer, damaged hair types – low heat and low speed and then switch to medium heat as the hair dries. I now find that it works better on my hair with medium heat and low speed to start with then dropping back to low heat while styling my hair with a ceramic brush and then using the cool shot button to finish. I can see how this hair dryer locks in moisture because it dries my hair faster with less pressure and it doesn’t take me as long to style my hair so it cuts down on the length of time I need to use the dryer. I’ve also noticed that the concentrator nozzle on this hair dryer is longer and wider than on the dryer I was using so obviously more air flow speeds up the drying process. If I don’t blow dry my hair it is wavy and unruly so I blow dry it smooth and sleek to achieve the style I want. This dryer does a great job at achieving smooth, sleek hair with less frizz and flyaways and with lots of shine and bounce.
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Incredible Salon Quality Hair Dryer

I LOVE THIS HAIR DRYER. Simply put, this was a game changer to my haircare routine. I must admit I was always hesitant to use hair dryers as my initial experiences left my hair incredibly fluffy and feeling dry and brittle, turns out I was just using a bad hairdryer. The instructions on this product are clear and simple to follow, with clear recommendations on what order to use the settings in and how to "lock" the hair in with heating or cooling settings. It comes with both a focused nozzle and a diffuser. The "conditioning ion" technology are said to hydrate and replenish the hair cuticles leaving it feeling smoother and without frizz and I can testify to these results during my use of the product. I still only tend to dry my hair once or twice a week but I will continue to use this dryer and strongly recommend it to others!
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Lightweight, moisture locking hairdryer

When first reading abut this hairdryer, I was sceptical as to how something that is designed to dry hair, could do so without stripping the moisture. Currently having long and bleach blonde hair, I constantly struggle to find ways to lock the moisture in, especially in the ends. After the first use I was pleasantly surprised. I could feel the difference between this hairdryer and my previous one. As this hairdryer has a high torque fan system, it dries the hair faster with a high sped airflow, rather than using more heat. So it didn’t feel like it got as hot as my previously one, but it did dry my hair faster, which having long thick hair, was fantastic for me. Even though there is more airflow, I noticed a huge reduction in frizz and flyaways. It is nice and light, which makes it easier to use and control. It comes with two attachment heads (a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser to assist with curls). I did try both attachments (even though my hair is dead straight and I knew the diffuser wouldn’t change that), just to try the difference. Both attachments released the same amount of heat, so you don’t feel like one would dry out your hair more than the other. This hair dryer is a beautiful light sparkly blue, with sliver ascents. It would fit nicely in with any bathroom decor, and isn’t an eye sore.
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VS Sassoon Hydro Smooth Fast Dry

I didn't even know you could get a hair dry that is designed specifically for coloured, hard-to-manage, moisture-stripped hair. So when I read that I was like omg my hair is all of these things and I cannot wait to use this and see if it is any different from your everyday hair dryer. Reading all the information on the box excited me even more so I went and washed my hair immediately so that I could try out the hair dryer. The hair dryer is an icy blue colour and is super lightweight. I really like the shape of the handle and angle it's on as this makes it comfortable to hold. I've never held a hair dryer that is as light as this one or as comfortable to hold. The 2.5m cord is a swivel cord which makes using the hair dryer even easier as you don't have to adjust the cord as your moving around blow-drying different sections of your hair. It moves with you and for you which is perfect. The hair dryer is also significantly more quiet than other brands I have previously used. The hair dryer has 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings. Plus it also has a cool shot button which provides a burst of cold air. To use this function you press the cool shot button after your finished styling or drying your hair to set your style and this also helps seal the hair cuticle and adds shine. What sets this hair dryer apart from others is the Advanced Plasma Conditioning Ions. This function which is automatic allows you to achieve healthier, more hydrated, frizz free, smoother and shinier hair with consistent use. Underneath the barrel of the hair dryer where the air comes out there is a secondary hole where the Advanced Plasma Conditioning Ions come out. When the hair dryer is turned on it illuminates blue and you can feel cool air coming out. So as you are drying your hair you have warm air coming from one hole and cool air with the Advanced Plasma Conditioning Ions coming out of the second hole. In my opinion this is what makes the difference to the look and feel of the hair. This hair dryer also comes with a diffuser attachment which is great for curly hair as it literally diffuses the air flow. I would recommend using this diffuser on low heat and low speed settings to gently dry the hair. Now let's talk about my hair... My hair is below shoulder length. It's coloured, dry, damaged, coarse and really thick. Also frizz if I don't style it or add products. Also my hair is wavy/slightly curly. I really didn't think a hair dryer could make as much difference as this has to my hair. I really didn't. But this hair dryer was made for my type of hair and hair problems. I'm use to using a hair dryer with a lot of pressure. Like strong air flow. This VS Sassoon hair dryer is a more relaxed air flow but that being said it dries my hair faster but I also achieve a far better outcome with it's technology. After shampooing, Conditioning and applying a leave in treatment to my hair then simply sectioning my hair and drying it whilst brushing my hair, my hair looked like I had just had a salon blow dry. No joke. It was smooth, straight, frizz free, hydrated and easy to manage. It looks and feels happy and healthy.  After all these years of thinking that a more expensive hair dryer would do a better job and be better for my hair I have come to the realisation that this is not the case. Costing $99.95 it delivered miracle results to my hair and exceeded my expectations. My expensive hair dryer has now been packed away and I will be using my VS Sassoon Hydro Smooth Fast Dry hair dryer. It has changed my life and made my hair care so much easier and who would have thought I'd ever say this but I actually now find it fun to blow dry my hair because of the amazing results this product delivers.
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Stylish and functional

What a nice product. I was definitely in need of a good new hair-dryer and this didn't let me down. I can't help it but the look of a product is very important and this hair-dryer looks so nice. The colour looks very neat and the design was very functional. It felt nice to hold and was easy to manoeuvre when using. The setting were easy to change and when using I actually found it surprisingly quiet for a hair-dryer. It worked well to dry my hair (I tried out both the attachements) and found them both worked really well. Such a nice product and a great addition to my beauty collection.