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VS Sassoon Steam Straight Brilliance - VSS9900A

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VS Sassoon Steam Straight Brilliance - VSS9900A is a hair straightener that delivers the power of conditioning steam technology with three times more steam (compared to VSP9500A) for long lasting, poker straight hair that glows with shine and vitality. Conditioning steam mist infuses hair with moisture while transforming all hair types, textures and conditions; from fine, damaged and colour treated to even the hardest to style thick, coarse and afro textured for straight-in-one pass results proven to last up to 24 hours.


VS Sassoon Steam Straight Brilliance - VSS9900A


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A great straightener with or without the steam

This straightener is larger than most standard straighteners, which was okay for my shoulder-length and medium density hair but is definitely something to consider before you purchase. It doesn’t produce an excessive amount of steam, which is good, but definitely leaves your hair feeling soft and silky. Love the fact that it came with a heat protecting glove. I didn’t realise at first that the detangling comb was removable, but I’m glad it is because I didn’t love using the straightener with it in - it snagged my hair occasionally and made it harder to get the straightener through my hair evenly. Overall, it’s a very high quality straightener that delivers the same results as my GHD.
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Shiny, straight hair in no time

I have very curly, frizzy hair that is difficult for any straightener - and this one achieved fantastic results, fast. It left my hair feeling soft and smooth, and perfectly straight. I found the base a bit tricky to work out, but it was worth it to use the steam. Having thick, curly hair, my immediate thought was to remove the comb. But the instructions said it would give added tension, and I left it on with no problems, it definitely helped to straighten my hair. I loved the variable settings, I started on a lower temperature and moved it higher when I found it needed a few passes to properly straighten - and it worked great, allowing me to use the lowest heat and still get fantastic results. I also love the heat resistant glove that was included. Other than working out the base, the only other comment I have is that the wide plates do help achieve results in a faster time, but make it a bit tricky to get right in close for those little frizzy hairs. That being said, it's now my go-to hair straightener, and I feel that my hair is more nourished and protected using this straightener than it is with any other I've used in the past.
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A new style of straightener

While I've never used any type of steam straightener on my hair before, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! It did leave my hair straight and soft; however didn't take away the frizz like it claims to. I found the little teeth on the hair tongs to not glide thru my hair very easy, almost made it harder to do my hair so I will have to remove them (lucky the are removable another pro!). I noticed the next day my hair was fairly straight too which I was happy with so the steam clearly makes it stay in place!
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Say goodbye to other hair straighters

I absolutely LOVED the VS Sassoon steam straight brilliance, for so many reasons. First things first - the packaging for this straighter was beautiful, it felt extremely luxurious and I was definitely here for all the matte black elements. Second, the straighter has a great range of different heat settings which allowed me to pick and choose. This was a great feature as my hair is really thick and needed to be tamed with maximum heat. Finally, the unique feature of this hair straighter has set it apart from everything else in the market and that's its steam technology - I never seen this technology in a straighter before but it was such a pleasant surprised as it tamed those fly aways and felt as if it took all the extra oils out of my hair keeping it in place for not only the 24hours but almost 3 days! Imagine not having to wash and style your hair for three days - well it happened and I'm completely in love with it.
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Smart design & well thought hair straighterner.

I've bought and used a steam straightener before. So this VS Sassoon Steam Straight Brilliance will be the second steam straightener for me to trial and compare. The straightener itself has wide straightening plates make it faster to straighten especially when I have thick hair. It really makes the whole process faster and easier. The removable de tangling comb it's great as I am able to choose to use it according to my hair needs. I love this feature as I think it helps to brush align and smoother my hair and let the straightener glide on smoothly. My biggest concern whenever using a hair straightener it's overheat and dehydrates my hair which will eventually turn dry and brittle. So the steam function makes the whole straightening process much gentle and moisturize my hair at the same time. Love the swivel power cord and the unique water refill base station. No more tangled power cable when styling hair and the reservoir automatically refills the straightener in seconds and make the whole process much easier. As my old steam straightener does not have this which makes the whole process tedious and a waste of time as I have to refill the small water reservoir whenever I finish one small section. It's a good home steam hair straightener. They have included a pipette for easy straightener refill which is good when u need to use it when traveling without lugging the base station. The only downside regarding this straightener its the weight with the cord. It's a bit heavy and big size if u want to travel light with it. Overall I love this hair straightener as its well thought and smart design. Easy to use design and it is gentle on my hair while give it a good result. The adjustable temperature it's a bonus as I can adjust the temperature depending on my hair such as when it's natural vs. colored with hair dye.
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A great tool to straighten your hair!

I have been looking for a hair straightner that would not make my hair even more dry and frizzy than what they already were! I am so glad that I got a chance to try this vs Sassoon steam straight Brilliance. I must say it is a beautiful looking piece and works great. It is user friendly, easy to use and make your hair straight in minutes with restoring moisture back in through the steam aid. The plates are so smooth and your hair just glides through it, plus the added comb makes the straightening works even better. I would definately recommend others to try this product.
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Value for money

The VS Sassoon Steam Straight Brilliance comes in very stylish packaging. The hard coving sleeve is definitely a win for me. Once you remove the sleeve you are greeted with a sleek straightener with a shiny rose gold plates with protective plastic sheets. Once you remove the straightener from it's box, you can access the refillable base station and the heat proof gloves ( a definite must have for all straighteners). The instructions were easy to read and follow, however, would have been better to have it on the box as well. When it came to filling the straightener, I found that filling the base was simple to use, but I had no idea on if the straightener was getting filled properly. I found I was getting annoyed cause I had to keep checking it for a fear of over filling. I did find that by using the steam function my hair was feeling less frizzy than without it. I would prefer a thinner tongs so I could get close to my roots as possible.
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VS Sassoon Steam Straightener product review

The device is rather large in comparison with your standard hair straightener, however once set up it is really easy to use. It definitely requires more than a once over of each section of hair, I found on my thicker hair it would take roughly 3 or 4 goes to get it to the level of straightness that I prefer, however with the wider tongs it meant that I was able to complete the straightening in a shorter time frame. Post straightening my hair feels smooth and soft and I would recommend this to other people who have easy to style hair. Not sure how great this product would be for people with curly hair.
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VS steam straightening review

This product is actually surprisingly great at straightening hair, leaving hair very soft and natural looking. Downsides however is the bulky nature of the plug in component and the filling of water/removal of water at the end of use. I found this process to be rather cumbersome and time consuming.Would not recommend for travelling or if you quickly need to touch up your hair. It is a straightener that most definitely is gentle on your hair and makes you feel better about using heat in hair as the steam and the plates leave your hair quite well protected. The straightening of the hair is relatively easy and straightens between 3 - 4 times per section of hair selected. I have quite thin medium length hair and took me a total of 15minutes to straighten all the way through all layers.
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You get what you pay for!

To start with, all hot iron products should come with a glove like this product - big win! For someone like myself that has very thick hair I didn’t find it gave the best result however when you compare using the steam or no steam, you definitely want to use the steam for the best results possible. Because of how thick and wide the tongs are I didn’t find you could get as close to the roots which still left my hair quite frizzy at the tips in comparison to other tongs. When running the tongs through my hair I didn’t find it glided through as nicely and left my hair feeling as smooth and silky as other tools have. For a heating tool in this price range I do think it gives you the results you pay for you - I would highly recommend running an oil through your hair after styling it to help keep the frizz down if that’s an issue you and also helps counter the silky feeling the tool doesn’t give you.